10 Proven SEO Techniques For 2018

SEO Techniques

Significantly improve your search rankings

With search engine algorithms being updated every minute, it can be hard for an SEO company to know which techniques still stand the test of time. Tactics that could have given your web pages that front page result in 2017 may no longer be effective today. In fact, some can even harm your website rankings. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead and research on current SEO tactics that work. We’ve narrowed down 10 important SEO hacks that can significantly improve your search rankings.

Foster Engagement On Your Website

If your pages have stronger user engagement, Google is likely to reward you with a higher ranking. This is because search engines assume that when users spend more time on a page, it’s likely to have useful information.

Create In-Depth Content

If you have existing pages that are ranking well, focus on expanding the content. You can add updated information or extra content to make it rank for more terms. Look for pages that are already ranking and create additional content to make them appear front page for more terms.

Develop Optimized YouTube Videos

With optimized YouTube videos, you’ll get traffic from the video publishing platform as well as directly on Google. Optimize video titles and descriptions so that they appear on search.

Fast Loading Web Pages

It’s now important more than ever to focus on your site speed. Research has shown that sites that do not load within the first 3 seconds are abandoned by web users often. Use tools that will help you to improve site speed.

Topics Are More Important Than Keywords

Think about content that will foster engagement. Focus on the topics instead of the keywords. First, create content that is ideal for your target audience and then organize it into different themes to target each type of reader. You can still research on relevant keywords but make sure you use them sparingly.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very critical in ranking any website. Without backlinks there’s a very low chance that your website will rank well. What has changed over the years is the way you build your backlinks. Low quality links such as blog comments that are spammed or paid links will have no effect and could eventually harm your site.

Reporting And Analytics

In order to know whether your marketing strategies are effective or not, you must dedicate sometime for reporting and analytics. Go through the Analytics platform to understand your customers better and know what kind of pages are performing best/poorly then make necessary adjustments.

Deal With Technical Issues

Take time to deal with technical issues such as semantic markups, 404 errors and try to switch to HTTPS. Ideally, technical optimization helps you to have a solid website even before you begin creating any content.

Local SEO Is Not Dead

If you have an actual store/physical shop or establishment, you must ensure that your business is listed and you’ve done proper local SEO Toronto. Local SEO is what makes your business to rank highly for geographical searches. Go through your listings and correct issues or update information and ask your customers to review.

Guest Posting

Guest blogging is still very effective so long as you create quality content that is original and not repetitive. Offer to write a post for a popular blog or request a renowned blogger to write a post for your website. Don’t be tempted to pay for links. Remember that it’s the quality that matters rather than the quantity.

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