6 Product Design Principles Every Organization Can Adapt

Product Design Principles

Use in order to develop innovative products

Innovative companies rely on their product design to stand out in their respective industries. In small companies, ideas may pop up during a meeting and be shared among colleagues who communicate easily with each other. Product designers and engineers have perfected the art of coming up with groundbreaking designs. Below are 6 principles that they use in order to develop innovative products:

Irreducible Simplicity

Are there product features that you can do away with to make the product less complicated without undermining user satisfaction? To be able to figure it out, start by understanding what simple problem the product is going to solve. Review all the features and determine what problem they solve. Consider features that can be removed without sacrificing satisfaction.

Immediately Intuitive

The best product is one that is immediately intuitive. For a start, you don’t need a long instruction manual to even figure out how to operate it. It should be easy for most people to know what to do with it. The user shouldn’t have to take so much time in order to fully understand the product. Think about the different ways the product can be improved to become more effortless for the mind.

The Hidden Value

When users of your product come to discover the beauty underneath the product, they will become loyal consumers. Don’t have a product that only does what it says and offers nothing more. Look for a certain usefulness of the product that may not be immediately apparent. Customers will continue to use the product if they notice there is a hidden value that is lying below its surface.

Approachably Innovative

Sometimes using technology that is too revolutionary to design a product might end up scaring and confusing a lot of people. It is important to make sure the technology is approachable. Make sure the product works simply and intuitively. Think about the one thing that is different about your product that would make other people like it. Talk to people about the product. Do people understand it when you explain it to them? You also need to develop a few elements in the product that customers can be familiar with.

Choose Colors Wisely

When going for colors for your product, think about the emotions they convey. Every color comes with a certain type of emotion that is likely to affect how users interact with the product. Consider other elements of the product such as the curves, textures, lines and dimensions. Think about the product purpose and make sure it is in line with the colors and form you choose.

A Methodology That You Can Replicate

In order to produce a line of great products, you need to develop a methodology for developing a product. This is one area that Apple has emerged successful. Determine the source of the idea – it’s better if the idea came from a team of people as opposed to just one person. Figure out if the product will continue to satisfy a need a few years from now. Can it be used by different generations?

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