SEO Trends for Website Optimization in 2021

SEO Trends for Website Optimization in 2021

This post shares the trends for SEO for 2021 and presents conjectures of what could happen through 2022 and beyond. So, you would like to be on top of these changes to ensure things are under your control.

Since we do not know in full the ranking factors of Google (which they do not intend to reveal), SEO will always remain half data-driven, half-speculative.

No matter what, it is to everyone’s benefit to keep track of the changes being implemented and the trends that result from those changes.

Here’s how it looks so far.

Video SEO

Are you into video SEO? Know these key concepts for YouTube video optimization.

  • Key Moments
  • Clip Markup
  • Seek Markup

The Key Moments function in Google search is the latest upgrade for video SEO. The feature works as an identifier that spots key anchor points on a video. The moments are then included as links on Google search result pages.

All you do is include timestamps to create chapters on your videos within Google Search. Then include keywords for those timestamps. That strategy can make your videos rank higher on search result pages.

People’s search intent is changing, and businesses ought to keep up with these changes. Website owners need to pay attention to user queries, which can guide them in creating content. Only those who understand what searchers are searching for can dominate the competition.

Clip Markup

You can also use the clip markup feature by using a web page to provide information on clips of your videos. These clips are then shown directly in search results, making it easy for your users to go to particular segments of your videos.

Seek Markup

There is also the seek markup feature defined as: a way to inform Google about the URL structure of the moments in your videos.

Here is an example: starts 25 seconds into a video.

It is a way to tell Google how your URL works so that the engine can link your users to different points of your videos.

Understand MUM (Multitask United Model)

Google is launching MUM, and the goal of such a launch is to improve search results. This step is the third step in the series of changes Google implemented to understand better search queries. First, it was RankBrain, followed by the launch of BERT in 2019.

MUM is to launch soon, and the understanding among stakeholders is that it will include several aspects in its analysis, including entities, context, sentiments, and user intent.

To get ready for MUM, modify your content with these recommendations:

  • Structured data – Google is getting data from its Knowledge Graph database. Such a database accesses information from markups taken from each website. So, use structured data.
  • Keyword – Avoid keyword stuffing. Google is putting a higher premium on content that addresses users’ pain points.
  • Long-form posts – It is the best way to provide large chunks of information for users without making them waste their time.

At best, what you can do is provide simple and readable content. Using jargon too much may confuse MUM and make it decide that your pages are irrelevant.

Passage Indexing

Passage indexing is a feature that allows Google to pull sections from pages into search results. It does this function even if the page does not considerably cover the main topic.

Say your topic is affiliate marketing, and your post presents different sections for affiliate marketing strategies, affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing networks. Chances are your post will not rank well for affiliate marketing strategies, as you dedicated a small portion of the post for it.

With passage indexing, Google pulls out segments of your content and ranks them individually. For instance, the section affiliate marketing strategies might get a high ranking for this keyword, even if the entire post is not optimized for it.

So, how do you take advantage of passage indexing? First, use long-form content because it allows the use of many keywords. Second, use on-page optimization, such as optimizing your anchor text and using appropriate headers.

However, do not compromise on providing relevant content when you keyword optimize your posts.

Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals analyzes user experience via three factors: Cumulative Layout Shift, First Input Delay, and Large Contentful Paint. Google announced in December 2020 that the new feature has an impact only on mobile searches.

In addition to that, Google informed website owners that if AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is activated for their sites, they do not have to worry about compliance. AMP-activated sites are Core Web Vitals compliant.

Moreover, the change will not affect search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Google affirms that relevant content is still the factor that it mainly considers.

However, for many businesses out there, a big part of their audience consists of mobile users, to which they must provide a seamless user experience per Core Web Vitals requirement.

For them, the metrics to focus on are:

  • Visual stability – refers to the steadiness of the page while it loads
  • Interactivity – measures the time from when an action takes place to the time when the page executes it
  • Loading speed – refers to the loading time of the main content of the page

User Search Intent

People’s search intent is changing, and businesses ought to keep up with these changes. Website owners need to pay attention to user queries, which can guide them in creating content. Only those who understand what searchers are searching for can dominate the competition.

Besides knowing what users are searching for, website owners should also note the type of content people prefer consuming (articles, videos, etc.) and provide such materials accordingly.

Along with that, the users’ on-site journey can also provide valuable data on intent. Within your site, visitors use particular keywords to search for the information they are trying to access. Use that information to guide you in building your content.

Also, missing out on searchers’ intent is one of the most grievous mistakes you can commit. Why?

That is because it means that you cannot deliver the content that your audience is looking for. That, in turn, means you will not stand a chance to get to the top of SERPs.

Customer Analytics

SEO in 2021 highlights behavioral analytics. Thus, it is not the year for keywords as they will take the backseat in favor of customer analytics. Concerning this, there is a need to focus on customer engagement and conversions. Revenue generation also rules for SEO in 2021.

What does this mean to businesses? It means that you need to keep track of customers, how they act on your site, and what you can do to improve engagement and conversions.

The pandemic that the world is now going through is a case in point. During turbulent times, such as this pandemic, consumer behavior drastically changes. Businesses need to keep track of these changes continuously rather than focus on keywords alone.

Concerning customer analytics, some of the things you need to focus on include:

  • Audience data and segmentation
  • Internal linking
  • User-centered metrics
  • Dwell time
  • Bounce rate and click-through rate
  • Site architecture
  • Information architectur

Successful SEO is not tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.

 – Phil Frost-

Brand Optimization

Consumers and businesses you are targeting want to know details about you and your business before they engage. They want to know you as an individual, the value of the product/service that you offer, and the audience that you serve.

How does branding work for SEO? The more customers engage with your brand online, the better your website will rank. Likewise, online engagement impacts your brand authority.

Online activities that can impact your brand include:

  • Social media engagement
  • Blog publishing that shows your expertise in the field
  • Guest posting on authority sites
  • Speaking at webinars
  • Having your online footprint just everywhere

Personalized knowledge graphs will also dominate the SEO environment in 2021. Google knows many things about you, including your social media, email, and posting activities. Increasing your digital presence can influence the search engine to feature you more the way you want to be featured.

Local marketing can also help drive brand optimization as well. For this part, you need to be active in your locality:

  • Local chamber membership and participation
  • Sponsoring a local team
  • Displaying banners at events
  • Contributing to the local publication
  • Giving interviews on local radio

In time, the fruit of your local efforts will translate into online and website engagements that can further improve your SERP rankings.

Mobile SEO

The entire industry is increasingly gearing up for mobile responsiveness through 2021 and beyond.

First is the concept of user-friendly website design, and regarding this, you want to make sure that your pages load fast.

If you can work with a website optimization agency to ensure fast page loading, by all means, do it.

Google is particular with bounce rates. One reason why websites suffer from low ranking is that they do not load fast. Because of that, their visitors leave them looking for a better website that allows fast access and loading.

Here’s the data:

  • Mobile searches constitute over 50% of searches on
  • For many businesses, the majority of their traffic consists of mobile users.
  • Websites that are not mobile-friendly lose visitors five times as fast.

It is easy to see why Google is putting its best efforts into the mobile experience.

Assess, Adapt and Execute

Changes in the market are happening fast. As such, you need to be flexible while still using basic skills and knowledge.

One, you need to stay relevant. Two, you need to be at the top of the mind of your audience. Both of these can be achieved by thinking out of the box and using strategic SEO.

Experts recommend an approach focused not only on consumer behavior but also on the market where consumers operate.

For instance, take a consultative approach. Such an approach considers particular aspects, such as the psychological and sociological parameters of market demands.

Use all the tools and platforms at your disposal. Anything that can provide business intelligence is worth your while in 2021 and through the years that will follow.


In 2020, app developers successfully automated many tasks in SEO. We expect this trend to continue in 2021 and beyond.

We also expect a rise in AI-generated content. If that pushes through, search engines will have difficulty separating spam from legit.

Human-in-the-loop automation is also in the works. In the future, website owners can use strategies to avoid penalties while they provide high-value content to users.

Content automation is one of the biggest trends to watch. If this trend continues, you can look forward to a time when much of SEO tasks are automated where your team can focus on other strategies for improving site performance.

SERP Layout and Functionality

Another recent change added in Google Search is Google Passage Ranking. This feature allows Google to rank passages of posts and drive users to those passages.

Also, with this addition, you can use one long page to include the general topic and the subtopics all in one plate. And they have implemented the same for video content.

So, make sure you help Google identify and rank your passages because that is a sure hit for SEO in 2021. Further, make your passages highly readable and contain text that is easy for natural language processing. If you succeed, you can influence Google to find and lift information from your pages and deliver it in front of your audience.

SEO Scalability

To be ahead in the competition, leverage scalability into your SEO.

Here are ways to do that:

  • List all your tasks and workflows. Identify tasks that can be automated. Are there tasks that can be better handled using a tool?
  • Use a system that can alert you to changes to elements like your URL, keyword rankings, and page content.

Establish SOPs for tasks that cannot be automated. Doing so will help your team avoid wasting time wondering aboout the best approach to perform these tasks each time.


Significant changes are happening in SEO. The best response to that is to adapt to the changes. Google may not tell us about the best formula, at least not at this time.

However, there are tips for SEO success. For instance, there is keyword stuffing. It lowers a website’s SERP rankings. On the other hand, creating fresh and valuable content has a positive effect. It improves one’s SERP position significantly.

Content automation is an exciting idea to consider. So, watch out for that and how Google will outsmart such a black hat SEO strategy.

Nonetheless, for now, we have provided above an outline of areas to work on to skyrocket your SEO performance. You can work on those to outperform your competitors.

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SEO in Toronto 2021

SEO in Toronto 2021

If you already own a business or have your own website you’ve probably heard of the term SEO as an optimal digital marketing tool. SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization has been a leading component in creating your websites online presence organically for years now and will continue to be a great tool for online marketing in 2021.

Our Nova Solutions Toronto digital marketing experts have adapted to the changes of SEO through the years and have been able to use this tool online to greatly promote the presence of websites organically. SEO is not only responsible for increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic but it also enhances your online exposure through search engine optimization. Through decades of experience in the digital marketing world, our Toronto agency has been able to learn all about the ins and outs of SEO and how truly important it is for your website. Our team at Nova Solutions wants to share our insights with you and elaborate on how our Search Engine Optimization skills can bring your website rankings to the next level. We are going to share with you all of the details on our SEO strategies beginning with explaining how SEO can help your online presence, how SEO works in the online world and explain the different forms of SEO that can be applied through non-paid search engine results. Search Engine Optimization is known to bring great success to your presence online but that’s only if your website is optimized correctly.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the online practice to increase your brands exposure. SEO increases your online traffic by organic search engine results meaning searches done by users online. Understanding Search Engine Optimization can sometimes be challenging for most as it’s a task that constantly needs to be updated in order to promote and keep up with your websites rankings. While starting a new business and creating your website online, it’s important to understand what most people are searching through their search engines. Search Engine Optimization works as a connection- you create optimized content on your website and once users search that topic into Google’s search engine, you will be matched directly with those keywords. 

Why is research important prior to optimizing your website? The main reason for doing the research before adding optimized content to your site is that you will have a better understanding of what users are searching for.  Doing your research prior to starting SEO is crucial if you’re looking to draw in traffic flow. Knowing the answers to questions that may be looked up on the search engine about the product or services you offer will allow you to optimize your content according to those results. For example, creating content such as: pictures, videos, articles, blogs, and website pages that reflect words that would be commonly searched regarding the topic your offering is the first step to getting on the right path with SEO.

At Nova Solutions we understand the importance of research as it is a key component to your success. Learning about your audience is key. In the guide that we are offering we will teach you the importance of understanding your audience but also learning how to stand out from other brands who are also offering the same products as you. Having a team to look for these types of details online is the best way to make yourself stand out from the rest and make your website rank the highest online. When it comes to doing research about your competitors it’s important to remember that most websites are already ranking with SEO which means that you will need to optimize your content appropriately. If you’re finding that a company in your area offers the same services as you, your agency’s job is to ensure that we can utilize those key words and build your presence through SEO in order to meet and exceed their rankings online. When it comes to ranking online it’s important to remember that optimizing your content takes time and rankings won’t come right away as it’s a goal you’re working towards reaching but in this guide we will explain just how and when you can expect results.

How SEO helps your website traffic?

Search Engine Optimization is known to be a complex topic that involves many details. Having the right digital marketing agency that offers all of the SEO components is key to success. SEO works in many ways and requires a lot of attention online but in order to rank you need to ensure to incorporate original content, focus keyword diversity, on-page components, off-page diversity, local SEO, pay per click and social media marketing strategies for search engine optimization.

While you’re ultimately looking to incorporate SEO search engine optimization to organically increase positions which will promote higher traffic results, it’s important to pay attention to the details. Our team members have developed SEO plans and resources to ensure that with the proper use of these tools we can increase visibility and higher conversions for your website. With our unique approach, our team is able to customize an optimization campaign that is strictly around your business while implementing long tail keywords, Geo-Targeting, social media driven traffic and your website’s structure. Developing a SEO strategy and implementing it online can be a lengthy process but with our established marketing firm you can expect real results.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

Now that we understand what Search Engine Optimization is, it’s time to dive into the importance of SEO for marketing. SEO has been a fundamental part of digital marketing because it is the main engine source that allows users to find your website through searches. Every year new businesses are created and impact the online presence but with the help of SEO you are able to maintain your ranking and presence through updated website content.

SEO provides greater visibility for your website and if done correctly should ultimately increase your online rankings in search results and essentially more than your competitors. Search engine optimization does evolve over the years, but having a team of experts maintain your website’s SEO will ensure that your rankings will not drop too low. Over the past few years SEO has been optimizing content online and has created an easy platform for users to search and find exactly what they are looking for. Incorporating keywords through your website pages and content will enable that search directly to you, making your website one of the firsts to appear for the user. As the top leading marketing agency in Toronto, we are experienced in knowing when it’s time to update your content and knowing exactly what will help you maintain your online presence through the proper channels.

What goes into SEO?

To better understand the meaning of Search Engine Optimization, our team of experts have broken it down into a few essential parts. SEO is a very complex portion of your online presence and ensuring that it’s done correctly will only better your online rankings. Here are the 3 key factors of search engines that we found relate to SEO:

  • Quality of traffic to your website. Having accurate information and keywords is highly beneficial to ensuring that your visitors are finding what they are looking for. Essentially, if you optimize your website correctly the user who searched up a topic through the search engine should be led directly to what they are looking for. Attracting visitors that are genuinely interested in the services that you offer will only better your rankings and generate new potential leads.
  • Quantity of traffic to your website. Once you’ve implemented your SEO strategy to your website and optimized your content accordingly you should slowly be seeing a huge increase in your website traffic. This means that the content that you’ve optimized on your site will automatically come up when someone looks up those keywords in the search engine meaning that those keywords were optimized properly.
  • Organic Search results. The benefit to optimizing your website properly is that non-paid traffic is created directly through that search engine. Of course ads make up a significant portion of your website traffic but having organic traffic is always a great tool to utilize as you don’t actually pay for it since it’s generated directly through those searches.

What Is On-Page SEO?

Understanding the meaning of SEO and learning how to implement it into your website is key but learning about the different types of SEO will allow you to have a diverse approach to your search engine optimization. On-site optimization includes restructuring your website code in order for the search engine to read it better and faster. As your agency some of the things that will be altered and tested are the websites titles, imagines, captions, textual content, videos, tags, coding, meta tags and CSS files. The reason why we test all of these topics is to ensure that we can find the right balance of coding and create structural changes that are needed in order to rank better in the search engines. To put it into other words, simply having a website that is a search engine friendly website is going to greatly improve your rankings and grow your website’s traffic. Our SEO experts are highly experienced in on-site SEO for your website and implement the best strategies.

When it comes to On-page SEO what comes next is organizing your pages. Our Toronto agency, and web design team highly recommends that the structure of your website be assessed and fixed accordingly. The best way to do a structural assessment is to take into account how easy it is for your users to find your most important pages. The pages that are usually the most important would be your home, primary and your secondary web pages. Making those accessible on each page of your website is extremely important for the overall architecture of your website. In other words, adding direct links to other pages of your website will not only make the visitor aware of those pages but will promote them to click on that link and will be redirected to another more important page that is on your website. On-site SEO is one of the many important factors to explore and update as you are creating a properly functioning SEO optimized website and this may sometimes be difficult to overcome but with our SEO team we are sure to be taking the time to properly go over all of these details to promote optimal results.

What Is Off-page SEO?

Now that we’ve gone over on-site SEO with you, it’s time to explore what off-site SEO can do for your website. To simply put it, off-site optimization involves sending traffic to your website from other website addresses. This form of traffic comes from a source called backlinks; backlinks are links that will automatically bring you “back” to your website. Ultimately search engines will see the number of backlinks as an extremely important factor for your rankings. As the search engines would see all of the backlinks to your website it shows that your website is more important and this will increase your traffic simply from the backlinks themselves as well as already having the traffic from the search engines.

Why is SEO important?

We understand that paid advertising, social media and most other online platforms can generate traffic to your website but with SEO you create organic search results that cover more digital real estate. SEO is a great non-paid tool to take advantage of to create more traffic to your website but of course it’s understanding how to properly implement it.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization if it’s set up correctly it can overtime turn into a “snowball” effect. To put it into simple terms, if you create a solid piece of content and incorporate that into your website, that piece of content will continue to rank highly for those right keywords. This is one of the many reasons why creating and developing an SEO strategy is key to successful results. From the research that we have done regarding your SEO strategy, we are able to create optimized content with specialized keywords that will only generate more traffic in the future.

As SEO continuously evolves through the years and search engines only tend to get smarter and better, it’s important to remember that optimizing your site will only deliver better information to those search engines. Continuously updating your website content will not only allow the information to stay up-to-date with your services but it will also allow you to update those keywords that have been left alone for too long that are also not ranking anymore. Keywords are the priority when it comes to ensuring your website is optimized but doing the proper research prior to updating those words is always necessary.

You may ultimately think that Search Engine Optimization is a hard task to build up but it’s one of the best and most effective tools to use to increase your website traffic organically. Doing the proper research about your websites competitors and your audience will allow you to develop the best strategy to optimize your site properly and draw in those users.

Is SEO Worth it?

There are many forms of online marketing that are commonly used and implemented nowadays like paid ads, PPC Pay-Per-Click, Video and picture content, and much more. SEO Search Engine Optimization has great benefits when it comes to organic traffic. “Organic Search Results’ ‘ essentially means that you are promoting your website’s traffic by non-paid marketing. Of course when it comes to optimizing your website you do need to go through the proper channels and research process to ensure that you are indeed optimizing it the right way. We’re often asked is SEO worth it? The answer is always yes!

SEO has become one of the leading digital marketing tools to use to improve your online traffic. Although Search Engine Optimization has greatly changed over the past few years it has always had great benefits to your website’s traffic and creating potential leads. Some of the many benefits of SEO are; SEO targets quality organic traffic, gets your website more clicks than PPC Pay-Per-Click, requires on-going website optimization to stay up to date with your content and keywords, reporting and analysis of the content and the best part is that it’s done organically which means you don’t need to pay for SEO for it to promote more traffic to your website.

Our Toronto SEO experts at Nova Solutions have not only learned about the most effective ways to implement Search Engine Optimization but we have an extensive research guideline that we use in order to fully understand the market you’re in and how we can use our SEO tools to your website’s benefit to generate new leads. Having a constant team ensuring that your website is optimized at all times is key to ensure that your website will continue to rank for those specific keywords.

Another reason why SEO works effectively is that it requires on-going optimization. On-going optimization is crucial in order to keep up with your SEO online. This works in many different ways such as updating your website content to ensure it targets specific keywords, adding or editing your previous content so that searches can find you more easily or simply to keep your website up-to-date with the new SEO changes that could have been made. Having a team that is always maintaining your website to ensure that you’re ranking highly is a very important part to having a successful running website. Consistency is key!

In sum, SEO search engine optimization is one of the leading foundations in the digital marketing world. While it does take some time to fully understand how SEO works it will always be the best digital marketing tool that has been extremely beneficial for years now. In order to have a successful website that generates organic traffic it’s important to understand the ins and outs of SEO. Having a proper team to work on your Search Engine Optimization is highly recommended as our team is aware and always staying up-to-date with any changes to ensure we can provide the best strategies to boost your online presence. As we have learned, SEO works in many different ways but the main priority is learning about what your website users want and what they are initially searching for. By using that knowledge from your initial research it will not only allow you to understand what people are searching for in your realm of expertise or services but once that user is searching up specific keywords it will directly connect them to your content rather than one of your competitors in the surrounding area.

Our dedicated Toronto SEO team has had a proven successful track record when it comes to optimizing websites perfectly with Search Engine Optimization. Aside from our exceptional marketing services that we offer, our team has been able to adapt and learn all of the new updates as Search Engine Optimization has changed over the past few years. As we know SEO has changed and will continue to change but with our team we’re always on-top of it. From the initial research phase all the way to creating optimized content for your website, our ultimate goal is to generate more organic traffic and establish a great online presence across Google, Bing and other search engines. With the help of our professional experts, you can expect real Search Engine Optimization results in no time!

We hope that with these SEO tools, you were able to get a better understanding of how SEO works and how great the results can be if your website has been optimized properly. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about how Search Engine Optimization can greatly improve your online presence or you’re simply looking for a SEO-friendly website to generate organically-made traffic – our team is the one for you!

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What are the main stages of a website design?

What are the main stages of a website design?

As a Toronto Digital Marketing company creating a website design is one of our most important tasks in order to get your website noticed online and generate traffic. The design phase is the ultimate first step to complete your site and get it launched online for viewers to see. As this is the very first stage in the process, it’s extremely important to follow these steps so that it’s done correctly and to ensure that all of your expectations and demands are met. We’ve listed three of our key steps that we always use in order to complete the design process all while including the clients perspective.

Sitemap and Guidelines

At the beginning stages we always want to map out and provide a full structure of the website. Most of the time it will include how the pages will be laid out, the navigation of the overall website design, which pages you want as the focus on your website, the most logical and user-friendly design for users to be able to access and manage through the pages on your website and the overall focus of your business.

We often take this time to come up with the best strategy for the design while implementing our clients perspective as well as the potential leads that will visit the website. It’s important to note that building the strategy should revolve around the users experience from the moment they arrive to the main page of your website and the users journey throughout.

Screen Blueprint

In the Blueprint stage, we focus on providing and building each individual page of the site. This allows us to build the structure from the ground up such as where the header, text, and images will be located on that specific page. At this stage of the website design process we focus on the structure and not specifically the design as we need to ensure the pages correlate to each other and provide a flow to one another.

Website Design

The final step is to include the website design into each of the pages that we had mapped out. This is the step that brings the entire website together starting with the main page and moving on to the others. The website design stage is set up to incorporate the brand colors, content, and to ensure that it has the brand’s look and feel to all of the pages that we have built in the previous stages.

When building a brand new website from the ground up it requires many steps and revisions in order to perfect the website design and ensure we are including all of our clients’ perspectives to meet and exceed their expectations. These steps ensure that the design is done properly without overlooking any small detail or factor. Are you looking at rebranding or redesigning your website? Get in touch with us today to find out how our team can help you build and launch a beautiful new website!

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Top 7 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

Top 7 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to organically attract users to your online platforms as long as you’re setting it up correctly. SEO is constantly changing and advancing which is why it’s important to stay on top of the latest updates. Here are seven of the new top trends for SEO in 2021.

Content That Fulfills the Google Principle Will Rank Higher

Content quality is critical for having great success in your rankings. To ensure that you have the highest quality content for your website it’s important to remember a few aspects. Toronto SEO company Nova Solutions are fluent in creating a buyers persona will help you figure out what sort of content that your clients value the most. To map out the consumer journey you can conduct a search intent research that will provide you with useful information to create content for your website that fits the format that viewers will prefer.

Featured Snippets Will Become More Prominent

Featured snippets came out in 2017 and ever since then it has been one of the most popular shortcuts that Google released. Having a featured snippet is a great way to get your website on the first page of results on Google. Featured snippets show a short amount of information but enough to draw potential leads in if the content is engaging to the viewers.

Predictive Search Set to Improve

Content is ranked on Google based on algorithms that inspect content quality and users’ interest online. Although Google has not specified precise factors it seems that location and browsing history, app usage, and search history are all relevant.

An Effective SEO Strategy Will Need to Include Videos

Youtube has over 1 billion users and it’s an effective tool for your SEO strategy. Creating a video on this platform provides additional content for your users and can also promote more engagement from those viewers. It’s important to remember that your video should also be optimized with your video channel name and the description. The description should be clear and not be over cluttered with keywords but provide a user-friendly outline of what your channel is about. Keywords are crucial in this case and looking up the videos topic in the search field will bring up suggested keywords that will ultimately draw more viewers in.

Image Optimization Plays a Larger Role in Search

Visual image search has been evolving over the years to one day allowing users to look up images on Google to purchase products or to search up information. Google has always insisted on having proper markings and having your images optimized so when this new visual search launches images can be properly searched online. If the images on your website are not optimized yet, it’s a good time to start this process. Make sure to use relevant high-quality images and labeling the file name to match the content on the corresponding pages.

More Importance Placed on Semantically Related Keywords

Primary keywords used to be the main focus for SEO professionals but now we know that secondary keywords are just as important. Semantic search and intent optimization will be used greatly in the future as Google isn’t just looking at a few words anymore they’re analyzing query context. Ensuring that you have relatable primary and secondary keywords is a tool that will greatly enhance the traffic to your site.

Data and Analytics Should Be A Priority to Stay Ahead in Your Rankings

Data and Analytics lets you better understand buyers, visualize campaigns and create targeted messages to your users and can also help you verify specific information. There are many SEO industry tools out there but using data science to identify these pages will help you stay on top of these important details and address problems right away. This method lets you also see where you’re succeeding and which area that needs improvement in your website presence.


SEO continues to evolve over the years and implementing these specific trends in your daily SEO for your website will ensure that all of your content on your website is optimized to overcome any changes made by Google in the near future. Having the right SEO tools and staying ahead of new trends will only benefit your website in the long run.

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SEO During Covid-19

SEO During Covid-19

The coronavirus has greatly increased internet usage in 2020 and continues to increase exponentially in 2021. This has caused some businesses to receive a lot more search traffic online and others not as much. This means that search engine optimization can look different depending on the industry you’re in.

For businesses that are relevant or even essential to visitors, there has been an increase in traffic during these times. For this reason SEO is an extremely important factor for your website to stand out online and be picked over your competitors in search results.

There has been some misinformation regarding SEO during Covid-19 and many facts remain that state the importance of SEO. Here are a few of the facts we wanted to highlight about SEO during Covid-19.

Fact #1: Evergreen content is key

Writing about trending topics when they are related to your business is a given but these pages that you introduce to your site will decline in traffic over time. Since higher authority websites will take over the first page results, your pages are also less likely to rank in the first place. To continue receiving a positive amount of traffic to your website over time it’s important to have content written on evergreen topics regarding your business.

Fact #2: SEO traffic to your website

Search engine optimization is not simply to increase your websites traffic with users but to have greater visibility online to draw in qualified traffic. The information you decide to focus on will have a dramatic impact on the amount of visitors who are finding their way to your website. Having SEO in place will help you find highly interested visitors who can potentially turn into leads in the future.

Fact #3: Search is becoming more important

Traffic to some websites from search engines may be fluctuating at this time but that doesn’t mean that traffic from search engines is going down as well. Some generations of consumers are now using voice assistants or mobile devices to search certain things online. Search will continue to remain a crucial part of SEO and it’s important to adapt and also optimize your website to the advancing search platforms that are available.

Although SEO has been fluctuating since the beginning of the coronavirus, it is far from useless to implement for online businesses right now. As we know that search engine optimization during these times can be difficult it’s important to be aware and educated on how to advance your website’s SEO.

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How Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does SEO Take?


As a first time client or first time launching a new website you may ask yourself “how long does SEO take?”. There is never a simple answer to give to a question like this. Search engine optimization has drastically changed over time and often people have an understanding of SEO that doesn’t necessarily exist anymore.

Search engine optimization is one of the more complex aspects of your online presence and it’s important to take your time when it comes to creating a domain name and content for your website. Keywords and content play a huge role in SEO and knowing your audience is the best place to start.

In your first month you should be looking into research and discovery for your brand. By doing this necessary research before starting SEO, you are finding the right keywords and creating a strategy for your website.

There is no telling how long your research and discovery can take and in some cases it can last much longer than a month. Once you’ve finally found the best strategy for the website, the technical portion of Toronto SEO begins. Depending whether you’re creating a brand new website or revamping an existing one it’s important to remember that you need to optimize your content to provide a high-quality experience for your users. By optimizing your content and your website for Google’s algorithm you’re ensuring that the proper keywords will be found once a user searches them up on their search engine.

Continuing to create new content as you go and re-optimizing as Google’s algorithm changes is key. As we all know, SEO evolves every year and as a web designer it’s important to remain aware of these changes for yourself and your clients.

Our SEO Toronto Nova Solution Agency would estimate that it could take from 4-6 months to create a full SEO strategy for your website and that is typically the ideal timeline but as we mentioned, you shouldn’t put a timeline on a very important aspect that has the most effectiveness on your website. To have the most success in your SEO it’s important to remember that these key factors and elements need to be implemented in order to have continuous traffic to your website. However, if you have the right SEO budget for your website and have an experienced marketing team to take on this task, you should be able to see an increase over the following months after the website has launched and it should draw in potential new leads from there on!

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How will SEO change in 2021?

How will SEO change in 2021?

There are thousands of changes made to Google’s algorithm each year that will have an impact on SEO. Staying updated while also being aware of these changes will significantly help you stay in the right direction when it comes to SEO. Out of the many changes that will occur we’ve found four things that will change with SEO in 2021 and we wanted to share these with you.

Rankings Will Fluctuate

One thing that you need to know about SEO search engine optimization is that your rankings will always fluctuate since many factors go into SEO rankings. Using a user-first approach to your search engine optimization techniques should lead to a rising of your rankings throughout the year. Since your Google traffic will fluctuate over time it’s important to get used to this as you see an increase of traffic to your site. Although it will change as time goes, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean your content is not great quality but rather that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing.

Good User Experience Is Everything

Having a good user experience is now a crucial part of SEO. Going into 2021 more users have been conducting their searches on a mobile device. For this reason, it’s important to have your website optimized for mobile environments to ensure the user is having a great experience while also experiencing the highest quality on their mobile device. Optimization is not only about having speed on your page or the highest quality content but it’s overall based on offering the best user experience.

Content-Length Will Not Matter

Content in 2021 is all about having straight-forward information and to avoid all of the fluff that usually creates a lot of clutter on your site. Producing the highest quality content while remaining at a low keyword density is the best way to keep your users from getting overwhelmed on your website. Having the content as short as possible will help the users search as quickly as possible and receive the information they need.

Voice Search

And lastly, voice search has been slowly playing a huge role in mobile users. As we head into 2021 new companies are releasing ways to search up topics through voice search allowing users to access information directly by the sound of their voice. Users will continue to use voice searches which will take over more of our daily search engine queries.

Although Google goes through a great amount of algorithm changes each year and SEO is continuously changing on its own, it’s important to ensure that you stay on top of new changes that are being made. As rankings fluctuate time and time again, you just need to change the way you apply your SEO with a Toronto SEO Agency and be patient when it comes to seeing real results.

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Top 7 Google Ranking Factors in 2021

Top 7 Google Ranking Factors in 2021

SEO is the most dynamic field in digital marketing which continues to evolve every year. That being said, it’s important to keep up with new trends and changes in Google’s Search ranking algorithms. We have highlighted and broken down our top seven Google ranking factors of 2021:

Content Quality

Content quality is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when you’re optimizing your website. The content that’s shown should have real value to your website and should also incorporate engaging information. As we do notice that more comprehensive content usually achieves the highest rankings it’s also important to note that quality is better than quantity- focus on the value of the content rather than the amount of words provided on the page.


Google’s Freshness Algorithm originally came out in 2010 and has had a huge impact over the past few years. Refreshing old content that is outdated and that is not ranking anymore will not only improve the look of your site’s content but it will also help get those rankings up on Google.

Mobile First

Google announced in 2016 that they are releasing a mobile-first indexing which means that search rankings will be affected if your website is not compatible nor optimized. Web designers need to update all website content to provide a high-quality user experience. On top of optimizing the website’s content it’s important to remember that Google’s mobile-first search has changed and allows users to get local results that better target their specific location. Although this mobile-first approach has changed we recommend optimizing your website to allow for these searches to produce more traffic for your site.

Page Speed

Page speed is extremely important when it comes to mobile-first indexing from Google. If your page has a slow loading speed it will have less chance to rank at top results. The main goal for Google when it comes to page speed is to provide the best and most convenient experience for users.

Brand Power and Social Signals

Searches that are branded will provide great success to Google’s search algorithm. These branded searches create a lot of traffic online and the more likely they are to be recognized by the Google algorithm. That said, adding social signals from social media platforms will also draw in more search rankings. Organic traffic is not just made with a great online presence but sites that incorporate brand power and social signals through their SEO channels can achieve a great amount of visibility online.

Domain Power

Domain power has drastically changed over time as more websites are created online. The more exact-match domains will not be as visible online as they used to be. This being said, domains still have influence and it’s important to remember that exact-match domains can still draw in a lot of users, incorporating a keyword in your domain name gives you a higher chance of driving traffic to your site from Google’s search engine.

User Experience

Finally user experience is the last top Google ranking factor of 2021. The more Google’s algorithm advances and changes overtime, it will always have one purpose and that is to have the best user experience online. As web designers it’s important to remain aware of these changes made by Google and to optimize as the algorithms changes, to ensure your online presence and functionality of your website creates the best user experience.

The year 2020 was a big year for changes in search engine optimization marketing strategies. As Toronto SEO Agency, we can account for a large part of your traffic it’s important to always stay on top of these factors in order to maintain and be successful in your online presence.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2021

Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2021

Are you looking for new leading trends in web design to give your website a refreshed look this year? In the web design industry, trends change and adapt to new society norms every year. At Nova Solutions we strive to keep up-to-date with these new trends and want to share with you a few of our top 10 favourites that can have a grand impact on your website’s design in 2021.

Light Colors

Firstly, using light colors has a huge impact on the appearance and visibility of your website. It’s often preferred to use lighter colors rather than using darker colors. The sharpness of the screen as well as the clarity can cause the colors to overpower and even be potentially stressful to the human eye. Adding those light colours to your web design will encourage users and visitors to stay and engage on your website page longer.

Negative Colors

Web designers have been implementing vibrant and bold colours as a way to draw more attention to the website design as well as to attract a younger audience by implementing those types of colour palettes. It’s been a very popular and effective way of keeping viewers engaged for years now and continues to be a leading trend in web design.

Black & White Illustrations With Textures

Black and white hand drawn designs have been in the journalism and web design industry for years now and over time these illustrations have had a great impact on web design. This trend that was once hand drawn by illustrators and cartoonists has made a huge comeback in web design in 2021 and adds a timeless and modern look to your website.

Creative and Atypical Product Photos

Using 3D designs and simulations adds a visual technique for keeping users on your site for longer. This trend remains one of the most popular ways to add more visual designs and content but in a more drastic way without being overpowering to your website visitors.

Collage Art

Collage art has been in web designs for decades now and continues to be the best and most effective way to showcase all of your content in one place without overpowering the look of your site. Adding solid colours, patterns and illustrations to your web design will not only upgrade the overall look but will also make it more inviting for users.

Seamless Surrealism

A popular trend of 2021 is adding a surrealist style to your already existing content and web graphics. Seamless Surrealism adds a new perspective and view on a product that is already existing but makes visitors see it in a completely different light. Using this trend will not only benefit the item that you’re showcasing but it will add a story behind the design which is particularly popular in 2021.

Playful Typography Effects and Animations

Using playful typography effects and animations on your website not only enhances the design but also draws in and keeps users interested and entertained while visiting your website. Creating a design that’s structured on shapes and different fonts is one of the easiest ways to complete your web design template and make your website stand out online.

Elegant Serif Fonts

Font styles for web designers have been changing and progressing over the years and it’s very important to stay ahead of new designs to keep your website looking up-to-date and refreshed. This is one of the easiest ways to update your website and keeps users in touch with the modern yearly trends.

Black Outline

Web designers have come to love using a black font or black outline in their designs. This technique has a very sleek way of adding definition and always has a very powerful impact on the engagement of users on your website.

Hover Gallery Menu

Lastly, one of the underlying elements of web design is the hover gallery menu. This very simple design technique adds an organized and simplistic look to your website that all users will appreciate every time they visit your website.

Web design trends change every year and as a designer it’s very important to stay on-top of these trends to make your website look approachable and engaging for your users. We love to share our top design trends yearly and learn new ways to upgrade any website look.

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The 4 Key Elements of Landing Pages

The 4 Key Elements of Landing Pages

We all know the importance of perfecting a landing page design to draw potential visitors in to turn them into new leads. We have come up with four different key elements of a landing page to successfully create a design that will help visitors to navigate through this page to inquire about your services.

No matter how you decide to organize your landing page it’s important to remember that this is the first page a visitor will see. We have broken them down into four key elements to ensure you have all a successful landing page!

The headers and Hero Banners

When a visitor clicks on your ads they are already making the decision of following through and accessing your website. The first thing they will see on your landing page is the header or the Hero Banner which is the most valuable real estate on your landing page. To have an effective banner you need to make sure that it has the following:


➤It should clearly show your branding and logo,

➤It should have a clean and captivating design to draw in the visitor,

➤And finally a headline or title that enhances and creates curiosity to your visitors.


As the header is one of the first things a visitor will see once it opens up on the landing page it’s important to add all of the necessary content. This provides the customer with enough information before they’ll take action to move forward through your website. Having clear and strategic information on the landing page promotes the visitors to continue through your website and also clarifies all of the services that you provide upfront.

The Layout

The layout itself reflects a lot on the effectiveness of your landing page. It’s important to be strategic while implementing information and designs on your landing page. The landing page should remain uncluttered and have an inviting design for visitors.


And finally for our fourth key element we have the landing page footers. Most landing pages do include footers noting any additional information you want to have on the landing page for example this could be legal information, links to pages such as social accounts or contact information and much more. We found that if you convert the landing page to implement all of these key elements the visitor should already be drawn in after reading the initial header.

Including these four key elements on a landing page will create successful engagement and curiosity for your visitors while promoting more traffic from the landing page to convert into potential customers!

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