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Local marketing is now a big factor in the ecommerce industry. Businesses know that they should blogging, and they know they should be boosting their local visibility, but most businesses don’t realize that they can do them both at the same time. Blog search engine optimization is a viable strategy for local internet marketing.

Benefits of Blogging for Local SEO

If you haven’t yet started a blog, you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t difficult at all. Platforms such as WordPress are very easy to use. You can create your first post within minutes of setting up an account. While you should post on a regular basis, you should not do it too often. Don’t post on your blog for the sake of posting. Your posts should contain information that people in your area would be interested in reading about.

There are many reasons why this strategy will benefit your company:

  • – If done correctly, it attracts visitors that may be interested in interacting with you. Google local algorithms can detect user interaction signals on your blog.
  • – It helps you to rank in regular search engine results, blog search results, and local search results. This leads to more opportunities for exposure.
  • – Your blog will provide a solid foundation for developing and establishing your social media presence. It’s an excellent way to feed content onto Google Plus, Facebook Twitter, etc.
  • – Through the blog, you can report local news, post about upcoming events in your area, etc. People will begin to view you as an expert in your area. This is great for branding.

Try to make your blog useful for not only yourself, but for your community. People will get bored if you keep posting typical “how-to” articles relating to your industry. For local SEO purposes, you must turn your blog as a virtual hub for locals to hang out at.

Posting Ideas

So, you’ve got your blog set up, now what do you post? To help with your local SEO efforts, here are some ideas:

  • – Post local events. You can keep everyone updated with future events and write reviews about past events. Every city has concerts, parades, celebrations, charity events, school events, etc. There should be enough going on for you to write about on a regular basis.
  • – Go a step further and right guides about events. Is there a big event coming up that will bring in tourists? Write about the best places to eat, where to stay at, what to expect, etc.
  • – Reach out and try to interview local figures. Take advantage of any professional connections you might have and interview interesting people in your city.
  • – Keep everybody updated about local news. You don’t have to have a degree in journalism to write news posts. Not only can you share news, you can share your opinions about them as well.
  • – What local businesses do you support? What are your favorite restaurants? Write reviews on your blog. The businesses you write about might return the favor and write about your company.

When you create the blog, integrate it as part of your current website, as either a sub-domain or part of a dedicated subdirectory. Also, do your keyword research. Select the right keywords for your posts and include names of the locations you wish to optimize for. Blog search engine marketing is definitely something you should be doing if you want to reach out to local consumers.

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