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Citation Tracker

Managing Local Directory Listings

The growing importance of local directory listings to SEO success cannot be underestimated. The experts agree: 55% of them rate “accurate” local search citations as being “critical” to a site’s ranking.

But how are you supposed to find all of your local listings and manage them? Doing so can take forever and be quite difficult.


Luckily, has invented a handy tool called CitationTracker to help businesses manage their local directory listings. More than 15,000 SEO professionals and agencies are already taking advantage of BrightLocal’s 7 different local search tools, including CitationTracker.

So what makes CitationTracker so great? It does a fantastic job of solving five of the most difficult problems business owners and SEO professionals encounter in terms of dealing with their local directory listings.

Problem #1: Finding and Eradicating Duplicate Listings

CitationTracker identifies these listings, which may share the same name, address, and phone number as your business, but are unrelated to you or your business, and helps you get rid of them if necessary.

Problem #2: Keeping Track of Citation Campaigns

No longer will you have to utilize software like Google Docs or Microsoft Excel to keep track of your citations. Instead, you can assign a happy face or a sad face to each listing in the CitationTracker system to categorize what you need to do with it. You can also make notes on there. In addition, you will be able to keep track of when your submitted listings move from “Pending” to “Active.”

Problem #3: Identifying Existing Citations

CitationTracker also excels at trawling the web for places where your business’s information is located online, showing you a Domain Authority score, and giving you a BrightLocal “Citation Value” score for each directory so you can prioritize the most important ones.

Problem #4: Filling Out a Detailed NAP Audit

NAP, as you may recall, is your business’s name, address, and phone number. CitationTracker will go over the 50 most significant local directory sites, including Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, and more. If there are any discrepancies regarding your NAP information, the CitationTracker tool will point them out so you can address them.

Problem #5: Locating High-Value Citation Opportunities

You will likely need to add new directory listings to bolster your local search rankings. But how will you know which directory sites are most important? CitationTracker will take a look at your biggest competitors with the strongest online presence and make a list for you of the places where they appear but you don’t. The intelligence provided by CitationTracker will help you form a plan of attack to improve your local directory listings and therefore your local search presence.

So is there anything CitationTracker cannot do? It won’t actually edit any of your listings for you. But if that’s something you ned help with, BrightLocal has a solution for that too, a tool called CitationBurst that makes it easy for you to fix your current listings and make new ones.

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