Don't Fall For SEO Canada Firm Rankings - Here Is What To Look For

Don’t Fall for SEO Canada Firm Rankings

Excel Companies at SEO in Canada

When it comes to SEO, Canada is filled with many firms that are all claiming to be the “best”. You have probably come across a certain “top SEO list” in the news in recent months, ranking 30 companies across the country. Unfortunately, this list does not mean anything, since they accepted money from the firms who wanted to enter the competition.

This isn’t to say that all 30 companies aren’t any good, only that the rankings don’t convey much meaning and that there might be other companies out there that work harder and provide better services.

There are other lists out there as well, and most of them are not as objective as they should be or do enough research.

Client Dedication

Companies that truly excel at SEO in Canada aren’t always getting the recognition they deserve. This is because they do not have time to enter such competitions, since they are dedicating it all to their clients. The gems in the industry are often hidden.

So, how do you find them? How do you know which firm to put your trust in?

You will need to choose a company that:

– Does NOT guarantee a top spot.The top spot is never guaranteed. Even if you do everything right, and your SEO firm does everything right, you still may never see that top spot. Some industries are just too competitive. What an ideal company does, however, is guarantee that they will do everything possible to get you the highest ranking possible.

– Does NOT guarantee instant resultsYou can’t expect miracles when it comes to SEO. If any company tries to tell you they can provide you with instant results, they aren’t being truthful. And if they do really provide instant results, they are probably doing something that goes against Google’s rules. This will get your site banned. While you shouldn’t expect instant results, you should still see some results in a reasonable timeframe (within a couple of months). Drop a company if you are not seeing any improvements whatsoever in your rankings within a period of two or three months.

– Is able to provide you with proof of their knowledge and experienceIf you ask to see results from previous campaigns they have worked on, they should be able to show them to you. You need to know that the company really does have the ability to improve its clients’ search engine rankings.

– Has experience in the geographical areas you want to optimize your brand for. Since local SEO is so important these days, you should work with a firm that has knowledge of Toronto as well as other cities if you have offices in multiple locations. If you want to reach out to a global market, the firm should have international experience as well.

– Offers good, customer-specific communicationIf you are consulting with SEO providers, how do they sound when they communicate with you? Do they seem to just give you a generic message, or do they talk to you as an individual? An ideal company will always be there to respond whenever you have any questions. They should be able to give you answers that are relevant to YOUR needs.

Don’t just take a ranking list’s word on the “best” SEO Canada firms. Do research on firms on your own and work with the one that comes off as the most genuine. It might not even have to be a large firm – sometimes smaller is better.

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