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Web Design Mistakes

Mistakes made when designing a website

When creating a business website, there are certain mistakes that can eventually hurt your bottom line. We’ll cover the top 10 mistakes made when designing a website and how to avoid them.

Using Inconsistent Color Palettes

The colors you choose for your website should be consistent throughout. Using too many colors that don’t really blend well together can steal the site’s professional look and feel. Let the colors of your logo guide you on what palette to choose.

Using Inconsistent Typography

The last thing you want is to display an unprofessional look with multiple fonts and font sizes on your web pages. Make sure you maintain a consistent typography throughout the entire design.

Complex Navigation

Never use navigation that will make it hard for users to browse through your site. The usual horizontal menu may appear boring but it’s the best if you want people to find what they are looking for quickly. Always make sure the search box is prominently displayed at the top of each web page.

Failing To Make The Logo Clickable

The logo should always direct users to your home page. If the logo doesn’t have a link, most people will think that the site is broken and leave.

Using Too Many Images/Videos

Images and videos are great when you want to create interaction and keep people on your website for longer. But never overuse them because you’ll reduce the site loading speed. Remember that most users will quickly move away from a site with images that are taking too long to load.

Using Stock Images To Represent Your Product Or People

While stock images come in really handy when you want to enhance your website design, be careful not to look inauthentic by using photos that simply don’t look real. Hire a local photographer to take authentic pictures of your business or product and share this on your website. People are more likely to trust and buy from you when they see your own custom images.

Failing To Use Whitespace

Don’t chock website users with long text and graphics. Embrace the use of whitespace to help users to digest the information you have presented on your web pages. Too much text or graphics can be distracting.

Automated Sound/Music On Your Web Pages

It’s ok to have a video on your home page but try and avoid automated music or sound because it’s annoying and problematic. This kind of elements tend to increase your website loading time.

Failing To Ensure Cross-Browser Compatibility

You need to perform a cross-browser compatibility test before the site goes live. This helps to ensure that the website doesn’t look odd or fail to load when accessed using different browsers.

Failing To Make The Site Mobile Friendly

It’s really important to ensure that your website provides an excellent user experience on mobile devicesMaking your web pages mobile friendly should be a high priority. Your biggest fans may be using different mobile devices and web pages should automatically resize to fit their choice of device.

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