Ecommerce Conversion & Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Attaining Higher Sales

Landing pages have always been constantly used for targeted campaigns and are a very powerful tool for attaining higher sales if utilized properly. It is best to set the visitors expectations before reaching the landing page depending on the originating traffic source, weather it is from social media or paid search from a search engine. The stronger the lead-in to the e-store, higher conversations are to be expected. A recent trend of long landing pages has proven to be very effective especially for SAAS ecommerce sales. Longer landing pages offer visitors a lot of information all at one place to help accelerate their decision of purchasing. The key to success with this strategy is to have content that is relevant, well written and effectively executed so that visitors are engaged and enticed to purchase the product and service being offered on the website.

Establish Credibility

With various online stores popping up everyday visitors are often confused about the legitimacy about most unknown store brands. This is a leading reason why users will cross-shop on different sites and will ultimately make their purchasing decision on sites like Amazon or Ebay. As Internet fraud is on the rise, special attention needs to be diverted towards building a reputation for your store and products. As quality traffic is attained, the goal of the home page is to convey visitors that you are a legitimate business by utilizing the following

– State number of years in business
– Display testimonials of customers prominently
– Use professional association logo’s
– Include address for your business instead of just contact form
– Offer help and ask customers to call you
– Use extra security and convey to visitors that your store processes safe transactions
– Display logos of SSL and other 3rd party security providers whose services are used

Optimization of the Cart Page

The cart page typically causes the greatest conversation leaks and it is very important to ensure that cart abandonment is reduced drastically. The purchase path is critical; a broken experience here will cost the sale. The most proven methods for optimizing the shopping cart are:

– Efficient checkout process with short quick steps
– Focus on providing exact shipping details so that visitor has full picture
– Multiple options to create account and use of Facebook Connect
– Keep things simple and focused on the product
– Avoid up selling on checkout page, it confuses the buyers
– Clear ‘Proceed’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons to encourage action
– Mobile optimized page for efficient checkout
– Provide customers with options to modify and edit their cart
– Provide multiple methods for payment
– Offer piece of mind for financial transactions and use logos of merchants
– Integrate security and let customers know that their information is safe

Product Page

This is one of the most important pages to show case the product. We liken this to merchandizing; efficient merchandizing in physical stores help retailers from high to low end segments convert products better. The same principle applies to ecommerce shopping, most of the time the product page gets neglected and it leads to visitors leaving the website or going to a website that displays its products more effectively. The goal is to provide visitors with the most complete information about the item or service that they are about to buy. Most stores neglect the content on the product descriptions and use the same content for the short and long descriptions with just one or two images of the item. The more detailed information is offered the more likely the visitor will me convinced about the product to make his or her purchase.

Structure of the Website

Optimized Online E-commerce

The most effective ecommerce websites offer their users multiple options to find products and have a very well thought out menu structure at the top and sides of the page. The goal is to help users find the item(s) they are looking for based on categories, brands, and applications or uses. The most effective stores such as Amazon follow a hierarchy under each parent menu category offering customers lots of selection that is focused around their need. The most optimal online store will quickly lead the visitor to the exact item that he or she is looking for but will also show/give other options based on brands, price and peer reviews. As shoppers we like to look at our options and make sure, especially online, that we are making the right decision or buying the correct item. And stores that help facilitate consumer behavior within the navigation, structure and information of their website tend to be the winners of optimized online ecommerce stores.

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