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Ecommerce is your digital means to sell directly to consumers over the Internet. The objective of a robust ecommerce website is to convert and produce customers that become repeat shoppers. Every year online sales through ecommerce websites are increasing not only in the B2C in the retail space but also with notable B2B players. In North America, we are seeing double-digit growth rates between 10-15% as consumers and business become more comfortable in the medium. With all this growth, an optimized ecommerce website with a well-designed customer experience is critical to convert a significant percentage of traffic into customers. This article helps not only existing ecommerce website owners seeking to optimize their experience, but also businesses looking that are looking to open a digital storefront.

Qualified Traffic

This is likely one of the most important factors that will determine the conversation rates for an online store. Traffic from certain channels will convert better than others. In the past decade or so, consumer behavior has drastically changed and people like to make informed decisions when making purchases from online stores. It is best to have a focused strategy for either search engine traffic or traffic from social media to make sure that visitors do not arrive to your website under any false pretenses. Websites can attract visitors from many different sources and the list below covers some of the main avenues of traffic:

– Direct – Through Brand Awareness
– Search engines – Organic (SEO)
– Search engines – Paid (PPC)
– Display networks – Media Buys & Remarketing
– Social Media – Referral
– Social Media – paid campaigns (SMM)
– Referral websites
– Email Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing Channels

Traditionally organic search traffic converts the highest as search engines like Google diligently shows its customers with the most ‘relevant’ search results for the search query. A good foundation and starting point for any website especially an online store is to be well optimized for SEO and to be Google friendly so that it can obtain high organic rankings. SEO for ecommerce websites is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your online store 24hours a day, store owners will also notice that and the conversion to sales from this traffic be greater than most other channels.

The main goal when attracting visitors is to make sure they know what type of website they are about to visit. If PPC campaigns are being run for paid traffic, then the ads should have very precise wording and visuals so that qualified visitors are attracted.

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