How Can You Improve Your Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

Just Jeeps, a Toronto-based Jeep parts and accessories online retailer, was seeking a way to further brand awareness in the automotive marketplace, improve search engine rankings, website convertibility and ultimately increase their website’s sales.

There are so many marketing channels available to companies today, so why is email marketing still so popular? The answer is simple: because it works. According to research from McKinsey, email marketing has an ROI of $43 for every dollar spent, which is 40 times higher than that of social media.

However, you will only attain that ROI if your email marketing campaign is amazing. Read on to learn how you can improve your email marketing to reach and convert more customers.


The success of your email marketing campaign lies in reaching the right audience. Breaking down your email list into segments based on your audience’s demographic makeup ensures the right offer makes it to the right customer.

Segmentation is an effective email marketing tool; research from MailChimp shows that segmented mail campaigns have almost a 15% higher open rate than unsegmented campaigns.

A Strong Subject Line

According to research from Convince & Convert, 33% of email recipients open their emails based on the subject line alone. Investing time in writing a strong subject line pays off with higher open rates.

Remember that you want to avoid using words that trigger spam filters. Including numbers and asking questions catch readers’ eyes. And short really is sweet – people don’t always read subject lines carefully. Shorter subject lines garner more attention.

Calling the Reader to Action

While you may have spent hours writing a marketing email (and then more time on a catchy subject line), the email isn’t worth much if it doesn’t convince the reader to take some kind of action.

Creating a button is an easy way to spur readers to take a desired action, and can be more effective than using a link. The best CTA buttons feature action words, such as “Buy Now,” or “Learn More.” Use contrasting colours for the button and the text it contains, and be certain to craft a button that readers can see clearly at the bottom of the email.

Make It Mobile

According to research conducted by Litmus, 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device. In contrast, the number of emails opened in Outlook decreased by 33%.

The best way to optimize emails for mobile devices is to use responsive design principles. Applying responsive design principles can take time, though. There are some faster ways to make sure your marketing email is mobile-friendly.

Smaller images mean the page loads faster. And when you place the CTA higher in the email, more people will click on it. Make sure the CTA button is touchscreen-friendly. Shorter subject lines and paragraphs work better for mobile emails, because they make the most of limited screen space and the reader’s equally short attention span.

Achieving high email marketing ROI shouldn’t be a pipe dream. Understand what your customers want out of your emails – the right offers, an attention-grabbing subject line, a CTA, and mobile-friendly – and you will see the results you desire.


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