How Do I Increase Clicks With Online Banner Advertising?

Online Banner Advertising

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Everybody is aware that click-through rates of internet banner ads have gone down by a significant amount over the past ten or fifteen years. People have become tired of ads and refuse to click on them – if they even notice them at all. This doesn’t mean that online banner advertising is obsolete. It still serves a purpose if you know how to create an ad that will actually get noticed.

One of the biggest reasons why most internet users don’t bother clicking on banner ads is because they see them as a form of spam. So many of them look the same and are designed with the same poor elements that they do almost appear to be spam.

Is there a way you can create a banner ad that people will actually take notice of and NOT confuse it as spam?

Some good online banner advertising techniques include:

– Keep them as simple and “natural” looking as possible. Viewers are going to only glance over your banner for a second, so don’t blind them with bright colours or overwhelm them with too much clutter. They will not even bother reading the message, let alone click on the banner.

– Make them the ideal size and shape. The 336×280 large rectangle ads tend to be the most successful, according to Google AdSense. You can test out other sizes as well to see if any of them receive any clicks. There is the 300×250 medium rectangle ad, 300×600 half page ad, 728×90 leaderboard ad, and the 320×100 large mobile banner.

– Initiate a call to action on the ad, just don’t use the word “click”.  A call to action could be a phrase such as “learn more”, “download guide”, or “register here”. Include your company logo somewhere on the ad, but do not make it too large. It should be noticeable, but not as dominant as the call to action.

– Include the value proposition. This is the part of the ad that showcases the product or service your company offers with some type of special offer. It should be designed so that it is the very first thing viewers notice when they look at the ad.

– The text should be easy to read. Consider the size, font, colour, etc. Don’t use any fancy fonts, thin fonts, or decorative fonts. The copy should not be in all caps.

– Be sure to target your market. The banner should be attached to relevant keywords so that it is displayed to the right type of internet user who may be interested in your product or service.

– Start a remarketing campaign and create banner ads exclusively for people who have already visited your site or your social media page. Create different ads for specific types of users, such as an ad showcasing a certain product that visitors looked at but did not buy when they were at your site. The remarketing service you choose will “follow” visitors even after they leave your site.

Even if you do everything right, you still might not see success with online banner advertising right away. This is why it is important to do testing with different ads and then use the one that receives the highest click-through rate.

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