How Healthy is Your Magento store?

Magento undoubtedly is one of the best platforms one can opt for their ecommerce business. Designed for a user friendly interface, easy installation and ability to incorporate endless add-ons and Magento plugins, it provides for a complete shopping package of an ecommerce store.

However, the overall performance of an e-store is not just restricted to the initial setup or layout, but it majorly depends upon the continuous maintenance of the hosting platform.

Apart from the imperative security features in place, a lot needs to be done to ensure a pleasant user experience from a long term perspective and in the interest of your business.

The following infographic displays some of the most obvious symptoms you may have noticed while running your Magento store but perhaps you may not have taken them seriously or measures to fix them

It is important for you to understand what causes them, so that you can concentrate on resolving and retaining the smooth functionality of your store.

Sometimes, something as basic as a software upgrade or content optimization can make a difference. Needless to say, with a couple of tweaks here and there, the user experience can be enhanced almost to its optimum level.

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