How SEO Marketing Compares To The Entertainment Industry?

SEO Marketing & The Entertainment Industry

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Once you really think about, SEO marketing is a lot like the entertainment industry – particularly in the areas of sports and fashion. For instance, no matter how much a team practices, there is still no guarantee that they will win, just as there is never any guarantee that your website will be number one. Some teams have better odds than others, just as some websites have a better chance of ranking higher. Still, there are people who cheer for the underdog, both in sports and in SEO.

SEO Marketing Compared To The Entertainment Industry

Here are some other ways that SEO marketing can be compared to the entertainment industry.

– Appearance is extremely important. Think of how celebrities are scrutinized for every outfit that they wear, right down to the tiniest accessory. An ugly or cheap looking outfit reflects negatively on not only that celebrity, but the designer as well. The same can be said for a website. An ugly or cheap looking website reflects negatively on a business. You will want your site to have a creative, unique look that will draw consumers in.

– While there are no guarantees, nothing is impossible. Sometimes the underdog really does win, and sometimes a small business really does outrank a larger corporation in the search engines. Sometimes all it takes is a combination of a clever tactics and luck.

– Recklessness leads to bad results. While you do want to think outside the box, you don’t want to be reckless. A reckless play will cause a player to be penalized, and a reckless SEO tactic will cause a website to be penalized, if not outright banned. Cheating will never get you anywhere.

– Slacking will never get you anywhere, either. Would models ever be able to get work if they let themselves go and never exercised? Will an athlete be in top condition if he/she slacks and doesn’t practice? If you slack with SEO marketing, your site will get nowhere. You’ll never get any traffic, let alone conversions. You always have to keep up with updates. SEO is an ongoing process.

– Nothing goes away forever. Every musician who has ever “retired” has made a comeback – they never stop forever. Search engine optimization trends come and go all the time; sometimes, old trends that everyone thought were long gone pop up in bits and pieces. Just because a design or piece of content on your website is considered “old” does not mean you should get rid of it forever. You can revamp it a bit or give it another purpose, but you don’t have to delete it.

– You can’t start a business one day and have a #1 website the next day, any more than somebody could move to Hollywood one day and get a starring role in a major film the very next day. While nothing is impossible, you still need to do some work and get yourself established. You might very well outrank a major website one of these days, but you still have to do some research and work to get to that point.

SEO marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn the basics and know your limitations. Work with web marketing experts who will help you come up with a custom plan.

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