How To Get Started With Your Toronto SEO Campaign?

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If you’re running a business in Toronto, SEO strategies are very important, especially if you have a lot of competitors. You must get potential customers to visit YOUR site and contact YOU when they are doing a Google or Bing search. This does not have to be a difficult endeavor. While the search engine algorithms are highly complex, and nobody outside of Google and Bing know how they work exactly, there are still a few simple things you can do to increase your rankings.

Don’t be intimidated by the perceived challenges of SEO for your Toronto business. As long as you understand the basics, you’re off to a good start. For the more complicated aspects, an SEO company can help you.

Some of the easy things you can do to get started include:

Complicated Aspects of SEO

– Understand the two requirements that you must fulfill in order to have a chance at a high ranking: you must be seen as an expert in your industry, and you have to provide visitors with relevant information that they will find valuable when searching keywords related to your industry.

– Do on-site optimization. Make sure every page has useful, unique content that people will find helpful. It’s important that search engines recognize the purpose of each page so that they can index everything properly. The most important pages, such as the Home page, Landing page, Contact page, Products page, etc…, should feature strong headlines and compelling copy. Include keywords that describe the purpose of each page accurately, but don’t go overboard.

– Don’t forget to optimize the meta tags and title tags. While not as important as it used to be, optimizing tags is still worth doing – particularly in the early stages of your campaign. You can edit the meta-tag and title tag information through the content management system.

– Optimize the logo and images. This is something many new website owners forget to do. Don’t just name the logo “logo.jpg” or the images “image1.jpg” “photo1.jpg”. Give them a name of a specific, relevant keyword.

– Use social and local integration as part of your strategy. You will need to create a social media presence, if you haven’t yet done so. You don’t have to create profiles with every last social media site out there, but you will still need to do with at least the top three: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Don’t forget about local directories and review sites such as Yelp, either.

– Create a blog and tie it in with your website. This will help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Think about questions that your potential customers might be asking about topics in your industry, and write blog posts about them. Be sure to have Facebook “Like” buttons, Twitter “follow” and “ReTweet” buttons, etc… on every page of your blog.

– Work on link-building. Try getting your site linked from other important sites in your industry. Once again, you must create useful, compelling content that others will be interested in reading about and sharing.

This is an overview of what you must do in order to create a quality Toronto SEO campaign. Good luck!

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