How To Optimize Your Law Firm Online Presence

A high ranking on Google can give your law firm a consistent flow of clients one month after the other. But in order for you to attract that traffic, optimizing your law firm website is a must. Because people will be looking for this information for example when searching for a criminal lawyer in Toronto – Costa Law Firm . We’ll share with you 4 practical tips on how to get new clients for law firm by improving your online presence

Keyword Research

With numerous law firms in your locality, the best way to capture relevant traffic is to market your business to those in your immediate location. You can do this by targeting local keywords. There are obviously terms that are highly competitive. For instance, you cannot expect to start ranking for “Chicago law firm” immediately if you’re just starting with SEO. In fact, it can take years to rank for such a highly competitive term.

Start with locations that target clients in your immediate location. Let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer serving clients throughout Chicago but you are based in Boystown, a city in LakeView town. Though you will still target “personal injury lawyer Lakeview” and “personal injury lawyer Chicago”, when you start optimizing your law firm website, we would recommend optimizing keyword phrases such as: Boystown personal injury lawyer, Boystown law firm and personal injury attorney Boystown. There’s a high chance that you’ll capture traffic for phrases that target your immediate city or town faster than targeting the more competitive regions. For those competitive areas, have a long-term SEO plan to target them.

Is Your Law Firm Listed In Google Maps?

Secondly, find out if your law firm is listed in Google Places. These local listings are important and can drive relevant traffic to your law firm website. When someone is looking for a lawyer in your location, your listing can appear on SERP within Google Maps. This is one of the best sources of traffic you can ever get. Therefore, take time to review your local listings and ensure the right information is displayed across the board.

Offer Relevant Information

Most people who are looking to hire the services of an attorney are also looking for information. Therefore, ensure your website has relevant, updated and quality content on your area of practice. For instance, if you are a family law attorney, provide content on child support, child custody, divorce and emancipation on your website.  People are more likely to hire you if they find valuable information on your website.

Work On Your Website Design

Is your site professional, easy to use and impressive? Directing traffic to your law firm website is one thing but making sure the users convert is another. Many will land on your website after searching on Google and others after receiving a referral from people in their circles. They will want to vet you so you need to ensure you have a high-quality site with valuable information to avoid losing out on potential clients.

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