How To Optimize Your Web Pages To Appear As Featured Snippets

Referral Traffic From Google

Featured Snippets

Webmasters, site owners and search engine experts are finding it harder and harder to gain referral traffic from Google. The reality is that Google has made it even more difficult to get traffic from organic search results. One of the recent changes by Google is the featured snippets.

What Are Featured Snippets Anyway?

At the very top of Google’s organic search results and right after the ads, there’s a small box that appears with some content. This is what is regarded as a featured snippet. The purpose of this small box of content is to answer the user’s question instantly. When your site is featured, you gain brand exposure and have a higher chance of getting massive traffic on that page.

There are three types of featured snippets you’ve probably come across on Google search results:

  • – Paragraph snippets usually provide answers in the form of text which may or may not include an image.
  • – List snippets will give the answer in form of a list.
  • – Table snippets provide a simple table that summarizes what the user was searching for.

How To Get Featured

Research shows that more than 90% of webpages that appear on featured snippets already rank top 10 on Google SERPs. This means that if your web pages are already ranking high on certain search queries, you have a high likelihood of getting featured. However, 70 percent of sites that appear on the featured snippets are not on the first organic position.

There are certain types of search queries that often appear as featured snippets. They include:

  • – DIY processes
  • – Mathematical information
  • – Financial or health related topics
  • – Requirements

Bear in mind that search queries which involve images/videos, local or shopping content do not appear in featured snippets. Therefore, in order to be featured, start by improving your overall rankings especially for the long tail informational search queries. Your site will also be featured in the snippets if your niche is in the financial, health or DIY sector.

Proper Keyword Research Is Key

Take time to do proper keyword research and come up with phrases that users are likely to key in when looking for a product or service that you offer on your website. You can do a simple search and look at the “people also ask” section at the bottom of the SERP to get ideas on topics you should cover in your content.

On-Page SEO Toronto

There’s really no magic that will make sure your site gets featured. You just need to use the best SEO practices. On-page SEO techniques will help you to rank high for queries. The idea is to make your content crawlable and it will rank especially if it is properly optimized. When creating content, aim at answering each question concisely. Featured snippets usually cover 45 – 97 words so this should act as a guideline on how long your answers need to be in order to be featured. Most importantly, take time to create unique and quality content or hire a SEO company that will help you make the most of on-page site optimization.

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