Hyperlocal Marketing - What Is It?

Hyperlocal Marketing

Local Search Users

Hyperlocal marketing may sound like just another buzzword, but in reality it is a growing trend because local reviews are becoming increasingly more important to local search users. In addition, new technologies like beacons are also making a splash in the world of local SEO.

Let’s take a brief look at each of these phenomena and how they are changing the work done by SEO professionals.

Reputation Management and Local Customer Reviews

  • – First and foremost, you need to reply to all reviews whether they are positive or negative. It can be tempting to ignore negative feedback, but ignoring people will only incense them further. Instead, view each negative review as an opportunity to improve your business rather than getting defensive.
  • – If a reviewer is blatantly lying in a negative review, don’t panic – you should be able to get it taken down provided that you can prove that they were lying.
  • – Need help prompting your customers to review your business? Try sending them a customer satisfaction survey. There are ways to make it so only happy customers are solicited to write reviews, or you can leave it open and objective.
  • – Although Yelp and TripAdvisor are titans in the local search directory world, you should not forget about Angie’s List, which has a solid footing in the industry yet is oftentimes ignored.

Beacon Technology

  • – Step one: if you haven’t researched and considered the use of beacon technology, which works with Bluetooth, you are missing out.
  • – Beacon technology enables businesses to send marketing messages to the smartphones of customers/potential customers within a specific geographic area, which is delineated by proximity to the beacon.
  • – Keep in mind that because this technology runs on Bluetooth, the only people who can receive these highly targeted offers are those who have their Bluetooth enabled.
  • – Beacon technology should not be used to bombard people with a continuous stream of messages. Rather, the focus should be on sending out messages to reach consumers when and where they’re most likely to respond.

While beacon technology and the plethora of local review sites may seem intimidating at first, any business owner or SEO practitioner must recognize the growing significance of these trends and be prepared to meet them head-on if they hope to succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

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