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Do I Need to Make Sure My Pages are Easy for Search Engines to Find on My Site?

It doesn’t matter where your pages reside on your server. Years ago there was a myth that all files should be in the root directory on a server and not buried deep within a site. This is somewhat true but not a rule set in stone.

Search Engine Crawlers

This is because search engine crawlers rate your pages on how easy they are to get to. They use the logic of how a site should work. If your About Page is buried deep within your site then a search engine deems it less important than your Contact Page that is one click away from your home page. They are simply weighing the importance of your pages based on how accessible you make them. The easier it is to find a page the higher it will be in search engine results.

Pages that that have their own links on the homepage are considered to be in your site’s main navigation. These are the pages that will naturally be given priority over others within rankings. When you put a page in the main navigation you are telling your customers and the search engines that it is one of the most important pages on your site.

It’s not necessarily that a search engine will be unable to find other pages on your site. They are sophisticated enough to find every piece of your site that is live on the web. The crawlers are simply judging your site on importance and accessibility.

To make your website SEO friendly you should strategically organize your navigation. If you have multiple pages that can’t all be individually listed on your home page then you need to have categories and subcategories. These will be connected to main pages and will help organize your site. When your pages are categorized, it not only helps search engine crawlers but it also helps your customers and readers. As much as you don’t want crawlers getting exhausted as they navigate your site, you also don’t want your customers to get lost in a jungle of links either.

Make sure every page has its own link whether it is a main navigation link, a category link or a sub category link. Keep your directories and folders organized. Pages that add the most value to your site should be given higher priority in your navigation. Don’t hesitate to build multiple directories as this does not take away from the value of other pages. Simply give them their own priority within their own navigation to show search engine crawlers that they are valuable pages as well.

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