What About Other Pay Per Click Advertising – Bing – Yahoo!, Facebook etc?

Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook

Other Pay Per Click Advertising

While Google AdWords is clearly the most widely used of the PPC tools it is certainly not the only tool out there. At some point, you may want to look at others as well.

Microsoft’s Bing (powered by Yahoo!) market share of the search engine market, though not as impressive as Googles has continued to grow each year and accounts for 3.6 billion searches each month. If you are not looking at Bing, you are probably leaving money on the table when it comes to your Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

PPC Ad Revenue

Using a similar keyword strategy in Bing, will help to increase your PPC ad revenue, and as Microsoft is continuing to develop better ad technology this effective is likely to accelerate over time. Add to this the fact that despite Bing having a loyal following, it is neglected by many marketers and it is easy to see how including Bing in your PPC campaign can give you a leg up on your competition.

Another advantage of Bing is its great support. Rather than automated replies, you can get help, if required from real human beings. And although traffic on Bing ads will undoubtedly be lower than on Google AdWords, so will the price.


Facebook is the most widely used website in North America today, so it makes sense to consider how this site can be used in your PPC marketing strategy. Facebook PPC ads can be targeted to a very specific audience because of the sheer amount of personal information that people enter on their Facebook profiles. With Facebook PPC, you can target age, gender, marital status, occupation, likes and interests and more.

A unique feature for Facebook PPC is its estimator tool which tends to be much more accurate than other PPC estimator tools because of how easy it is for Facebook to target its audience.

The drawback to Facebook PPC however, is that conversion rate tends to be lower. This is because when people are visiting Facebook, they are not necessarily in buying mode but rather in socializing mode.

In addition to waging your Pay Per Click advertising campaign on Facebook, you can also use other social networks such as Twitter. Sponsored Tweets is the advertising platform used by Twitter.

Popular PPC Sites

If you’ve already explored the more popular PPC sites, you may want to take a look at a few others as well. AdRoll uses the Facebook Exchange (FBX) to remarket to users after they have visited your site.

BuySellAds is a large network through which you can purchase banner ads on relevant websites.

7Search is one of the original paid advertising networks. Traffic can be bought relatively cheaply, however traffic is often of a lower quality as well.

There is also an array of other alternatives including Infolinks, Kontextua, DNTX.com, Ad Landmark, Adsmonster and more. Clearly however, if you have a limited budget, it is best to start with the more common tools.

Like Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook as well as others allow you to set your daily budget, target your audience and provide excellent reporting tools so that you can track your success.

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