Responsive Website Design: One Site Fits All

Investing in a Responsive Website or an App

These are the differences between an app and a responsive website

Many website owners rush to invest in apps before they fully understand if and why they need one. They see apps as the latest trend to stay ahead and attract millennials, part of whom are their target market. They invest a lot of time and money on apps only to find out when it’s too late that those digital natives they were targeting don’t download that many apps every month. What they really need is a responsive website design Toronto.

What are apps?

In simple terms, apps are software that is designed to fulfill a specific purpose. The purpose in which the app is designed to fulfill should be impossible for your site to achieve.

Next question, do you need an app?

As mentioned earlier, you need to determine if the app is going to fulfill a purpose that a website cannot. This is the only way to determine if the app will not only be relevant but also desirable for users. For instance, apps are very ideal for brands that already have considerable recognition. For instance, if you have a huge following and need to create a reward system for your audience, an app would let them keep track of such rewards.

However, one of the main mistakes people make when building apps is duplicating the same information on their website on the app. Remember that apps should be built to serve a different purpose and if you use it as a copy of the company website in app form, It beats the point of having an app. If people want to find out more information about your brand or product, they can always visit your site. If someone just discovered your brand, they’ll probably not want an app yet. They would want to learn about the brand first and then decide whether they are interested enough to even get an app.

Does your idea fit an app?

Most people will rush to create an app with the justification that brands like Uber and Snapchat created their businesses using the same model. However, your idea must fit into one. For instance, you can’t visit the Snapchat website to upload disappearing photos or videos. Users feel the need to download the app because of this reason. Successful apps must be original and with a functionality that users feel they must have. Instead of rushing to invest in an app, work on a responsive website design.

How likely is your app to be a success?

There’s really no shortage of apps that fulfill different needs on the web. For you to come up with a new app that makes it to the top charts next to the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, you will need to invent or discover an idea that is completely new and fulfill a need that hasn’t been met. Plus, you can’t compare the average cost of creating a responsive website based on your needs versus the cost of app development. iOS apps are said to have a 3.2% retention rate 30 days after they are downloaded. This means that at the end of 30 days after downloading the app, only 3.2 % of users still have it on their phones.

Good reasons to invest in a responsive web design

Most website owners request for apps so that people can buy their products using their mobile devices. Responsive websites can serve the same exact purpose and at a more affordable cost. Remember that people search for businesses on their mobile browsers and they’re likely to land on your site and convert compared to an app where there’s usually no intention to purchase.

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