Search Engine Optimization For Small Business

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

SEO Over Online Media Channels

What Do I Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization for Small Business?

In many ways, search engine optimization is more important for small business than it is for big business. After all, most people already know the big guys right? So as a small business, you need to be diligent about sending quality search engine optimized messages out over your various online media channels.

So here are a few tips for search engine optimization that every small business can implement right now.

Make a Google+ Business Page and use it!

Now you may be thinking, that you know people who use Facebook and you know people who use Twitter, but who in the world uses Google+? Well, the answer is that Google uses it! And spending a few minutes on it each day posting relevant links and messages containing keywords that relate to your business will help you to improve your Google SEO.

Google+ Local Listing

Did you know that 97% of consumers look for local businesses online? A Google+ Local page lets potential customers connect with your physical business location. Be sure to include all the pertinent details such as address, telephone number and business hours and remember to update these if they change.

Optimize Your Social Media

You may already be familiar with how important it is to optimize your website for SEO. But what many businesses may underestimate is the importance of optimizing your social media sites for SEO as well. When you set up your Facebook and Twitter profiles, be sure to include keywords in the About section and don’t forget to fill out your physical location and business hours as well.

When setting up your Facebook account, make sure you include “category”. This is easy to overlook but it is actually one of the most important things for mobile Facebook search.

Once your profiles are set up, you don’t have to simply forget about SEO either. Be sure to include some relevant keywords in most (if not all) of your posts. And if you use your business name in your posts, it will help for search engines to associate your business name with the keywords that you are including.

Make Your Content Sharable

When you post an article or blog to your website, it is also a good opportunity for you to build links to your site by making your content sharable. Using like, tweet, share or +1 buttons is a quick way to build links and improve your SEO.

The only catch here is that you have to create content that your readers find interesting and actually want to share. Fortunately however this is not always as much work as it may seem. Content that engages your customers can be as simple as an interesting piece of trivia or a news announcement.

Remember, as a small business, search engine optimization is vital to your online success. And while certain strategies and tactics are best left to SEO experts, there are some techniques that you can and should be doing right now to boost your search engine rankings.

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