Some SEO Agencies Limit Keywords

Why Do Some SEO Agencies Limit Keywords?

SEO Keywords and Phrases

If you’ve been shopping around and looking at the various SEO agencies, you may now have a handful of proposals which all look very different from each other. The reason of course, is that each of these companies has a different process and methods for working with their customers. It’s not bad, it just is.

Highly Relevant SEO Words and Phrases

Some SEO companies however may give you a maximum number of keywords and phrases that they are willing to optimize your site for. We can only guess that the reason for this restriction is that they are only willing to spend a limited amount of time or expertise on optimizing your website. But if an SEO agency limits you to five or ten words… even if they limit you to 50 words or phrases, your SEO will simply not be the best that it can be. Why? Because most websites belonging to small businesses can have many more keywords and phrases that their potential customers are searching. In fact, having 1000 keywords and phrases is not unusual. If an SEO agency is limiting your keywords, chances are they are omitting highly relevant words and phrases from your SEO.

A site that is always adding new content will tend to have a much better SEO ranking than a comparable site that remains static for weeks or months at a time. But if a site is always adding new content, you can barely expect that content to have the same keywords all time.

Now suppose you have an SEO agency that limits your keywords. You might think that you can simply continue to write content only using the list of “approved” keywords. And to a certain extent, you can do that because you control the content on your own site.

What you cannot control however is you off-page content. Off page SEO is an important aspect of SEO but your control over it is limited. Off page SEO includes and links to your site on blogs, online articles, social media and customer reviews. These are generally written by people outside your business and these people do not know what keywords your SEO agency may have limited you to – and more often then not, they don’t care. They aren’t thinking about your company’s SEO – they just want to let their friends and fans know about an experience that they had with your business. So they could be using hundreds of variations on keywords and phrases that your site has not been optimized for. And that means you are missing out.

In short, if an SEO agency says that they are going to limit the amount of keywords or phrases that your site can be optimized for, then they do not have your best interests in mind. Ultimately such limitations will limit your success overall in SEO and online marketing and you’ll end up missing out on potential customers and sales.

And that’s the reason why you will not see such limitations on proposals from Nova Solutions. Because we care about your online success, we do not restrict the amount of keywords and phrases that you can use.

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