The Best SEO Company Does Not Offer Ranking Guarantees

Ranking Guarantees

Search Engine Ranking Results Cannot Be Guaranteed

The best SEO company is one that does not promise or guarantee results. This is because search engine ranking results cannot be guaranteed. There are countless companies out there, and many of them are scams.

Not only are so-called “guaranteed results” not possible, they are also harmful to your company. You will lose both money and time. Going with an honest company that makes no guarantees is ideal, even if they charge more money.

Why “Guaranteed SEO” Is Bad For You

Here are some reasons why “guaranteed SEO” is bad for you:

– Search engine rankings are simply unstable. Rankings for a specific keyword vary from one moment to the next. Mobile search results also differ from traditional search results. Experts can make educated predictions, but ultimately search engine rankings are not an exact science. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either lying or using bad tactics to try to “cheat” the system.

– SEO is something that the client has to participate in. You can’t just hire a firm to do all of the work – you must work with them and provide information about your company and goals so that they can create a custom plan for you. If you expect promises from an SEO company you are sending a message that you don’t have a lot of confidence in your website. A dishonest company will take advantage of your lack of confidence and try to milk as much money out of you as possible.

– Making promises that are not possible to keep is a sign of desperation. Any web marketing firmthat tries to offer guarantees is probably having trouble obtaining clients. They are willing to say anything to get online businesses to pay them for their services. You do not want to work with a company that is desperate.

– Another reason why SEO companies shouldn’t offer guarantees is because there is no guarantee that the client will do everything they recommend. How can they offer a guarantee upfront without even knowing anything about you or your company?

– The word “guarantee” is subjective. A dishonest company’s definition of “guaranteed results” may include worthless keywords that internet users won’t search for anyway. Even if users do search for the keywords, they may be broad and not specific enough to bring you targeted traffic.

What the Best SEO Companies DO Offer

While guarantees for specific rankings are simply not possible, a good firm can still offer other types of promises. Examples of ethical guarantees include:

– Being upfront with clients about everything they are doing to boost rankings.

– Getting work done on time in accordance with the client’s specifications.

– Being available for communication and a willingness to answer all questions.

– Providing detailed reporting to show progress.

– Using honest tactics that adhere to search engine rules.

– Giving the client advice on what they can do themselves to help increase efforts.

What you should be looking for is an SEO firm that is confident in its ability to get you solid rankings and improved ROI by doing everything the right way. Even though it’s not possible to guarantee results, the best SEO company will still work hard to increase your chances of getting a high ranking.

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