The Most Popular SEO Tools

Most Popular SEO Tools on the Market

Optimizing your Website Easier

SEO tools are programs that are designed to make the job of optimizing your website easier. After all, the better tools you have, the easier and quicker it will be to get your site optimized. And this will ultimately mean more traffic for your website and more customers for your business.

But there are so many SEO tools on the market today that you might find it difficult or confusing to decide which SEO tools are best for you. So here is our list of some popular SEO tools that we happen to like.

Majestic SEO

This toolkit of software explores websites and checks backlinks as well as provides users with detailed reports containing information about backlink history, anchor text, keywords and citation flow. The company offers packages at various price points based on customer needs and size of business.


SEOmoz Pro gives users access to the entire suite of SEOmoz software. With this set of tools, users are able to analyze keywords, check backlinks across multiple web addresses, analyse their social media followers and more. There is even a new feature called Fresh Web Explorer which allows you to track your brand’s popularity.

Raven Tools

Another popular SEO tool is Raven Tools. This tool is useful because it draws from a number of sources including Google Analytics, Google AdWords and SEMoz. Raven tools can help users with a wide range of SEO activities including campaign management, social media monitoring, link building and content management.

Advanced Web Ranking

If you are curious about where your site ranks on various keywords compared to that of your competitor, this advanced tool can help you make that analysis. This tool will even compare keywords on various search engines for you.

Additionally, Advanced Web Ranking is ideal for keyword research, link building analysis as well as social media monitoring. Reports can be customized right down to the city and you can even search keywords in other languages.


Another highly effective competitor research tool is SEMRush – a tool which can search the ranking of your competition on more than 95M keywords. In addition to SEO, SEMRush can also analyse the success of your competitors for paid advertising such as PPC.

Knowing this type of information can put you in a great position to plan your next marketing strategy.


While you may think that you already know the keywords that you need to focus on, the truth is that without an analysis of which words and phrases people are actually searching for, you may be leaving keywords (and therefore money, on the table).

Business owners are often surprised to discover that there are often several keywords that their potential customers are searching for that they hadn’t considered.

WordTracker can draw data from over 160M keywords and can provide you with up 1000 keywords from one seed as well as offering related keywords.

This tool can help you to easily determine which keywords you should be focusing on.


Ahrefs is a suite of tools best known for its backlink checker called Site Explorer. Reports can be run about a website giving details about number of backlinks, types of backlinks and anchor phrases. The live links are updated once every fifteen minutes.

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