The Relationship Between PPC And SEO

Purpose of SEO and PPC

Best Possible Results

Before you even get to the purpose of SEO and PPC, it’s important to understand how search engines work. Search engines such as Google and Bing use algorithms in order to rank websites for search terms keyed in by online users. These algorithms are designed in such a way that the user will receive the best possible results for each query. Therefore, your SEO company will try to optimize your web pages for search while making sure that you’re delivering the best content because Google wants to give its users the most relevant and quality information on the web.

Changes In Algorithms

Over the years, search engines have made significant algorithm updates in order to improve search results. Methods that were considered black hat tactics that webmasters used to gain instant rankings no longer work. Google is quick to take note of web pages that are using spammy techniques to rank high. That’s why it’s very important to stay away from negative SEO. Poor search optimization can land you in trouble. You risk having your website penalized by Google or even removed from search results. Therefore, SEO and PPC should both be done in an ethical and effective manner.

Key Factors That Affect Website Rankings

With the growth of mobile search, search engines now consider the web page responsiveness as a key ranking factor. If your website is not mobile friendly, it may not appear on top of SERPs because it’s assumed that it doesn’t give certain users a great experience. Other factors such as the page load speed also impact on site rankings. Webmasters also have to focus on the content, quality of backlinks on the site and site structure in order to maintain top rankings on Google.

Does PPC Have Any Effect On SEO?

There are certain webmasters who have linked PPC to SEO. Issues such as bounce rate are said to impact on a site’s ranking. One thing that you need to understand is that PPC and SEO are two distinct methods that are used to drive traffic to web pages. PPC ideally uses a budget to drive targeted traffic from certain keywords that you bid for. SEO, on the other hand is mainly organic so you don’t need to spend money to drive traffic to your webpages through ads. Search engine optimization requires patience and so much effort.

Suppose you are running a PPC campaign and you notice certain keywords have a high bounce rate. The best approach would be to pause the keywords and try and determine the reason for high bounce rate. If you fail to do this, you’ll get a low conversion rate and waste your budget on a keyword that is not yielding any results. Organic search results usually have a lower bounce rate.

Whether PPC has any impact on SEO Toronto is still an argument but if bounce rate is a ranking factor then you need to watch closely your PPC campaigns and understand that the click through rates can have an effect on how your site is ranked by Google.

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