What Are Some Tips for Having a Great Online Store Website Design?

Good Online Store Website Design

Holding Visitors’ Attention

When selling products and/or services online, it’s not enough to set up an ecommerce site and then hope for the best. You need to get people to buy from you, and in order to do that, you have to create a site that visitors won’t want to leave after just a few seconds. Good online store website design is one way to hold visitors’ attention. If the design is poor, most people won’t bother to stay on the site long enough to even see what you have to offer.

There are many things you can do for having a great website design for your store. Even after you get it up and running, there is always room for improvement.

Here are some ideas on what you should and should not do with your online store website design.

– You should have a nice, clean layout that does not look cluttered or overly flashy. There should be a good balance between images and text; don’t go overboard with text either. Too much text will turn a visitor away because they want to shop, not read. Too many images will turn a visitor away not only because they make the layout look messy, but also because they will bog a browser down and your site will not load quickly enough. The aim is to get them to buy from you, not to crash their browser.

– You obviously can’t put images of every product on the main page (unless of course, you only have two or three products!). It’s ideal that you feature your most popular products. You might also want to include images of current promotional items displayed as well.

– Use bread crumbs. These are effective tools that allow users to easily navigate through your store. Think of bread crumbs as a type of GPS for an internet store. They show the user the path they took to reach a certain page, and link multiple pages in a relevant way. Implement the bread crumbs in a way that allows for a logical sequence of steps to be presented.

– Use a simple system of filters to allow potential buyers to view the products they’re interested in by their choice of parameter, be it size, color, price, current deals, etc. Make it easy to find what they’re looking for.

– Make sure that the search bar is in plain sight on every single page. The search function should be intuitive and fast at delivering results. Whether the user enters a basic term or a specific product, the search function should provide relevant results. You might also want to implement auto suggestions and auto correction to make it easier to find products they’re interested in – even if they misspell something.

– In addition to the search function, a mega-menu should be added to every page. This huge fly-out menu contains categories and subcategories displayed in an organized manner. Organization is essential when it comes to online store website design.

– Use basic colors. The design should be easy on the eyes. The top internet stores have white backgrounds with black font for the regular text and blue font for the links.

– Have all of the payment options displayed on every page. This includes credit/debit card logos, the Paypal logo, etc. Also, make the shopping process user-friendly. It should be easy for customers to select the size, color, and quantity they want for each item. Have the prices for each item displayed clearly, as well as the total cost of the items in the shopping cart (including taxes if necessary).

Keep these tips in mind when working on your online store website design, and you will be increasing your sales potential.

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