Using Pinterest For SEO And Your Business In Toronto

Tips For Optimizing Your Written Content For SEO

Generating Leads And Boost Traffic

Webmasters use Pinterest as a social media channel to generate leads and boost traffic. Pinterest is one of the best platforms for storytelling. Pinners are looking for new ideas on almost every subject matter you can think of. Let’s look at ways to use Pinterest to boost your website rankings and generate more leads.

Proper Set Up Is Key

You need to create a business account as opposed to a personal account on Pinterest. Doing this will allow you to access the different tools such as analytics that you can use to measure your performance on Pinterest. Also make sure you select an SEO friendly username and optimize your profile to reflect your brand. This includes writing a good description of your business in the ‘about you’ section and adding relevant keywords. Make sure you set up at least one board. You can add other Pinterest boards later as you upload more pictures.

Organize And Optimize Pinterest Boards

Your Pinterest boards can help you to get more visibility and attract the right kind of audience. Think about the category of products you have in your business when creating boards and the type of interaction your consumer would want when they visit your business. Don’t forget to include popular keywords when naming your Pinterest boards.

Upload High Quality Pins

The pins you upload on your Pinterest page should have the right proportions, colors and provide users with relevant information. Research shows that pins with dominant colors are more likely to be re-pinned. When uploading pins, don’t just try and push advertising messages. Consider using tutorials and step by step guides to generate pins for your Pinterest page.

Use Proper Descriptions

When uploading a pin, you need to add a description that is optimized. Feel free to add details in the description as this will help other Pinterest users to locate the image when searching for something that your business offers. On the description of each image, write how the product will benefit them, how it can be used or an interesting fact about it. Something that is both SEO friendly and engaging will perform better on Pinterest.

Generate Engagement

Pinterest can also help you to drive traffic to your website. Make sure you add links to every image you upload. This will ensure that when someone clicks on the image, it directs them back to your website. Also, ensure that you have linked your Pinterest account on all your other social media accounts. Not only will this help to increase awareness but also increase the number of followers you have on Pinterest.

Share links to your Pinterest pins on different platforms. You can also invite different Pinterest influencers to collaborate with your brand and help you grow your following. Pin frequently and follow relevant boards. This will help you to maintain an active audience and build a network that is related to your product or service. Most importantly, use analytics on Pinterest to measure your performance.

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