Want to Create an Ideal Ecommerce Site? Here is What NOT To Do!

Dying Design Trends

Avoid This On Your Site

If you are creating a new ecommerce site or redesigning a current one, it’s important to know which design trends are going away. The idea is to make your digital storefront as user-friendly and appealing to consumers as possible. The more responsive it is, the better your chances of getting conversions.Any trend that people might have considered “annoying” in the past is now dying. You might not have ever realized that some of these are “annoying”, but consumers certainly have. Here are some of the dying trends you will want to avoid using on your site:

Parallax scrolling

While many companies are still going with this design, its use is starting to decline, as research has shown that it can actually cause motion sickness for users if not used correctly. Parallax scrolling is, of course, a design that features a background and foreground moving at different speeds. The idea is to create a 3D effect as the user scrolls down the page. While it does look neat, it can be overwhelming for some users.

Autoplay music and videos

It’s surprising that so many web designers don’t realize how annoying and obnoxious autoplay can be. People don’t want to be forced to listen to something or to watch it. What if they are at a library, classroom, office, or other quiet setting when they access your site? They will immediately leave it if audio starts playing. It’s okay to have a video on your page, just give users the option to hit “play”.

Popups forcing human action

Also known as modals, these popups require that the user click on something before they can actually read the page. An example would be forcing users to click on either “I want to learn how to make a thousand dollars a week!” or “That’s okay. I’m already rich.” Why should they bother to stick around on your page if you make them click on a silly popup before allowing them to actually see it?

Methods of getting more page view

Making multiple pages when it is not necessary to do so is a very annoying trend that needs to go away. Having each item on a “top 10 list” be a separate page and making people click “next” over and over again is an example of this. Trying to manipulate page view numbers in such away will only hurt you more in the long run as it increases bounce rate.

The use of flas

Avoid putting flash on your site. There really are users out there who still have old computers or slow internet speeds. They won’t be able to view your page at all if it has flash. Also, flash isn’t all that compatible with mobile devices. It won’t even run on some tablets. Since there are so many people out there who access the internet via smartphone, tablet, or old PC, it’s best not to use flash at all, whether it be in the form of a video, game or any other page element.

Now that you know which trends to avoid, you can begin creating the kind of e-commerce site internet users enjoy!

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