Techniques For Good Website Development

There is nothing constant with technology.This is particularly true when it comes to web design. Just take a look at a typical website template from the 90s; it looks so archaic, doesn’t it? Today’s trendy web designs will be archaic ten years from now. Less than a decade ago, no one could guess that responsive web design for mobile phones and tablets would become so important.Webmasters have no choice but to adapt, as designs and technology keep evolving in order to keep up with demands and expectations.Here are some website trends and elements that are either going out of style or will be very soon.

“Mobile” style web pages

Mobile versions of websites are going out the window. The trend that is replacing it is the responsive design. Whether the user is on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, the website should load seamlessly.

Clicking elements

More and more websites are implementing scrolling and eliminating clicking. Scrolling designs tend to load faster since there aren’t as many links or buttons to click on. This makes things easier on mobile users who dislike having to “click” on a small screen with their fingers.

Complex designs

Designs featuring image carousels, slideshows, colourful fonts, etc… are going out, and simpler designs are coming in. Ever since Apple went with the minimalist approach for iOS7, web designers across the globe followed. How long will the minimalist design trend last? Only time will tell.

Simple fonts and typography

Even though simple designs are all the rage now, the same can’t be said about the typography. Boring font elements are getting less and less attention, and bolder fonts are gaining more attention. Not only does attractive typography look better, it also allows web owners to convey a message by choosing colours and styles that best reflect their personality.

Multiple pages

For structural and SEO purposes, it was the norm for websites to have an endless number of pages. Search engines are now putting an emphasis on page relevance when it comes to rankings, and many archived pages are outdated. As a result, one-page websites are now becoming popular. More content loads as the user scrolls down. This also makes things easier on the aforementioned mobile users who don’t like doing a lot of clicking.

Designs heavy in text

Text based design was popular for a while, as webmasters did not want to use very many graphics out of concern that the site might take longer to load. This is no longer the case as most PCs these days can handle demanding graphics with relative ease. Smartphones and tablets can as well.

Also, videos are easier and less costly to produce than they used to be, and a large number of business sites are incorporating them in the web design now.

The use of cheap stock photos

It’s time to stop using generic stock photos. For a long time, web designers were grabbing images from “free use stock photo” directories. Today, that is no longer a viable option. In order to relate to audiences better, companies must use authentic, high-quality pictures that express the personality of the business.

These are just a few examples of trends in web design that are fading away or evolving into something else.

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