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What to Look For in a Law Firm Website Design?

Simply having a website for your law firm isn’t enough these days. You will need a nice design and advertising plan. It should be optimized for the search engines so that more targeted, potential clients will be able to find you. Most internet users are still looking for lawyers via search engines such as Google rather than looking through directories.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your website design and development.

Understand that there is much more to a website than just the layout

Your site should be more than just an online brochure of your firm. It needs actual visitors in order for it to be effective. They can’t be just regular visitors, either – they must be genuinely interested in learning about legal matters and what you have to offer, and your site should provide them with the answers they are seeking. If they feel as if they can’t get anything useful from you or your site, they will leave it and chances are, you will not get their business.

Your site should be unique

What makes your firm unique? What do you have to offer that other firms do not? These questions should be answered in your design. Look at other lawyers’ websites for some ideas, but don’t copy off of them directly. Use a unique layout. Hire your own photographer and work on developing your own content. If it’s YOUR message, it needs to be in YOUR words.

Make sure your site has a focus

While you don’t want the site to be too basic, you don’t want it to have so much information that your message gets lost. Let potential clients know why they should hire you without giving them any fluff. Assume that the average visitor will have a short attention span.

Consider doing videos

It might be a good idea to provide video bios of your legal team so that visitors can get a glimpse of their demeanors. You’ll still want to have a written bio for each lawyer as well for visitors who are using older PCs or who would rather read than watch a video.

Employ good SEO practices

Search engine optimization is more than just throwing keywords here and there throughout the site. You’ll need to know which keywords and phrases to use and where to implement them. This is a never-ending process since search trends come and go. For this reason, you can’t afford to simply guess. It’s worth it to invest in professional SEO services.

Be prepared for an increase in phone calls and emails

Don’t make improvements to your site until you are ready to handle the increase in traffic. More visitors means more incoming phone calls and emails. If you want more people to contact you, be ready to answer them as quickly as possible.

Understand that social media is a must, and that you should be doing it

Use social media outlets as a way to spread your message further. Use your website as the center for your online marketing. Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Use them as a means to prove you are an expert who can be trusted. You should also consider starting a blog about legal areas that you’re an expert in. Tie it in with your website and share the posts with your social media profiles.



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