What Are Some Good Google Remarketing Practices?

Google Remarketing Practices

Powerful Advertising Tool for Businesses

If you’re not involved with Google remarketing, it’s something you should really consider. It’s a powerful advertising tool for businesses of all sizes. It gives you the chance to refresh a lead’s memory of products and services that they are interested in. If prospective buyers leave your online store without making a purchase, don’t just let them go – try to bring them back!

Here are some of the best remarketing practices to help you do just that:

Create remarketing campaigns for specific audiences.

Platforms such as Google Dynamic Marketing allow users to segment specific audiences. You can set up metrics that evaluate specific types of visitors to your site and to set up targeted groups that you can market to later on if you wish. Examples of traffic segments include everything from general visitors to people who spend a lot of time on a specific product page, but don’t make a purchase.

Make sure you’re using the right ads to retarget previous visitors.

If a visitor added an item to the shopping cart but exited your site before checking out, retarget them with enticing shipping and handling discount advertisements. If they spent several minutes looking at certain products but didn’t add them to the shopping cart, retarget them with ads offering a promo code for those specific products. These are just two examples of the types of remarketing you should do in order to get visitors to finally make a purchase.

Establish a naming strategy

If you only plan on making two or three remarketing lists, they should be easy to keep track of. However, if you plan on creating multiple targeted lists, you need to give them relevant names so that you will have a clear understanding of what each one is for in the future.

When creating names for each list, include the duration in the title. A couple of examples include All Visitors – 1 Day and Users Who Did Not Complete Checkout – 30 Days.

Try to sell more to existing customers

Google remarketing can also be used to reach out to people who have already bought from your store. If you establish a list for converted customers, you can create ads that will encourage them to buy an item that goes with the one they already bought.

Limit the number of ads you have displayed

Don’t keep bombarding people with the same ads over and over again. You don’t want to annoy your audience, or they will consider you to be a spammer. Google allows you to set up the number of retargeting ads you want to be displayed each day. You can also limit the types of websites on which your ads show

You can decide on the frequency of certain ads that you want to be displayed for a specific amount of time. For instance, suppose you decide that if someone visits your site you want to show them ads for the next 60 days – you can decide the number of ads you want to show them for the first week, second week, third week, and so on. Your remarketing service providers will help you decide how many to display and for how long.

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