What Trends In Web Design Are We Seeing In 2015?

What Is Currently Popular?

Trends That We Are Seeing This Year

Trends in web design aren’t always easy to predict since they are always evolving. Web design is an always-changing industry, and its trends tend to change to reflect the latest developments in IT technology. For example, who could have known ten years ago that mobile-friendly designs would have become so popular? While it’s not easy to predict what will be trendy a year or two from now, we can still evaluate what is currently popular. What are some of the current trends we are seeing this year?

Keeping it simple

It’s extremely important right now to get rid of any non-essential elements on a page. Minimalist websites are becoming more and more popular. The traditional approach to web design, which includes the header, sidebar, footer, and content area is not as important as it used be.

One way many are choosing to achieve the minimalist look is by utilizing a flat user interface. Removing elements such as scroll bars is being seen often. The result of removing such elements is a more focused site.

Enhanced performance

With the rise of mobile devices and large, all-in-one PCs, screens are getting both smaller and larger. People view websites on different size screens every day. This plays a role in website design since webmasters now want to create a site that will load quickly on any type of screen, no matter how large or small. This also goes with the minimalist approach, since putting more than what is necessary on a page will only cause it to load more slowly. Visitors are impatient; if it takes more than five seconds for a page to load, they will most likely either hit the “back” button or close the browser.

Custom photography

Up until recently it was okay for websites to use stock images that are available on the web for free. The problem with using stock, however, is that there is probably at least one other site with the same image.

Now, designers are trying to avoid using stock and opt for unique, custom photography instead. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to have a few creative photos taken, and doing so will add a lot of uniqueness to your brand.

Parallax websites

One of the biggest trends in website design is parallax scrolling. On this type of site, the foreground image(s) moves at a faster rate than the background, creating a 3D effect as users scroll down the page. It can be overdone, so it should be used sparingly. If you wish to try a parallax design, keep the element of depth subtle.

More interactive sites

Static brochure-based websites are long gone. Today, web designers are putting more focus on user experience. UX design takes enhanced performance to another level. An interactive website consists of elements that attempt to engage the visitors by encouraging their participation. This ranges from simple input fields to maps, games, and other advanced functions. Interactive modules are available to help webmasters make sites more intuitive.

Other trends in web design to keep an eye out for include Google Material Design, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and less clicking/more scrolling.

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