Why Should I Use Landing Pages For PPC And What Should Be On It?

Landing Page For PPC

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

It is highly recommended that you use a landing page when conducting pay per click (PPC) advertising. Think about it – you have a website that women’s fashions and carries products ranging from yoga pants to evening gowns.

Higher Chance Of A Sale

Imagine that someone searches for pencil skirts and, because you wanted to focus on that product that month, your ad comes up. Now suppose the user finds your ad appealing and clicks on it. Wouldn’t it make for a much better customer experience if that click took that user to a landing page where they could purchase pencil skirts – as opposed to your home page where they might have to click several more times to find what they were looking for? Wouldn’t that landing page also give you a much higher chance of making a sale?

Message Of The PPC

Perhaps the most important thing about your landing page is that the message needs to be consistent with the message of your PPC ad. If you PPC ad promises the user that they can shop from a great selection of pencil skirts, the message of the landing page should not be what accessories to wear with pencil skirts.

If your landing page delivers what you promised in your PPC, it is more likely that you will convert the user into a customer.

Call To Action

Next, a landing page must have a call to action. If it does not, you are most likely wasting your PPC dollars. Your call to action whether it’s “register”, “subscribe” or “shop” is the reason that you launched your PPC campaign in the first place.

Not having a call to action on the landing page can be one of the biggest mistakes that companies make. Calls to action should be easy to understand and locate on the page. In other words, make it easy for the user to convert. Generally speaking, people tend to be quite lazy – so the easier and more convenient you make it for them, they more likely they are to respond to your call to action.

Clean And Professional Look

Next, a landing page has got to earn the trust of the user. If the page looks spammy or inconsistent with the rest of you website, it is much less likely that the user is going to follow your call to action – especially if it involves giving personal or financial information.

The copy on the page should be clean and professional without silly errors such as spelling mistakes, and any graphics on the page should be relevant and balanced.

Ad Group Landing Page

Finally, try to have a landing page for each ad group that you have. Remember the pencil skirt landing page? It goes great with the pencil skirt ad but doesn’t really fit if you have another ad for white blouses. Of course not all businesses will have the marketing budget to have scores of landing pages – so this is something you need to consider at the beginning when planning your PPC campaign. How many types of ads – and therefore landing pages can you afford and how many would you like to focus on?

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