Why We Should Build Links From The Same Website

In most cases, SEO’s do not give much importance to the number of backlinks they get from every website. More importance is given to the number of websites that link to them. This was proven when Michal Pecanek carried out voting research on Twitter. He asked people if they ever contacted websites that they already linked to before to get more links. The answers were that 41.6% of people voted I do 58.4% people voted No, I don’t. There are many reasons why more people voted no, but the two common reasons are as follows:

1) Many of the studies show a very strong link between the number of backlinks from special websites and organic traffic. This is why content creators tend to pay more attention to them.

2) Some people also show concern that if they have a lot of backlinks from the same webpage. It doesn’t seem right because it may come off as unnatural.

These views are not very accurate and are questionable. A recent study shows how 79.23% of referring domains link with the same website many times.

What needs to be understood is that studies have also proven that it is okay to link to the same website two to five times without any issues. Doing so can prove to be good for content creators as it brings forward some great opportunities.

Below are four reasons that show the driving factor for people to have many links from the same website.


All websites have “Authority,” also called “PageRank.” It is the base of Google’s ranking system. It works by going to other pages through external and internal links. The flow of PR from one page to the other is the reason why getting links from various WebPages aids in boosting “Authority.”


To boost organic traffic on their website, people need to keep in mind that they have to work on building links with the pages they want to rank in Google.

That is not always the case because people do not always link to the desired pages that the content creators wish to rank. It is possible to use websites that link to a page by distributing that authority to significant pages through internal links. The better option, however, will always be to get links through the desired pages.

Recieve More Referral Traffic

Sometimes backlinks coming from pages with high traffic can send more referral traffic to your website. This is always great as it indirectly helps the website get exposure. This can have a very good effect on the other posts present on that page. When people come to the website, they might get attracted by more links and start visiting other posts created by the same content creator.

Suppose content creators pay attention to the amount of referring domains their pages attract. In that case, they will be shocked because the number of referring domains will likely be more than their expectations. It all comes down to the kind of pages that link their work. The reason why is that if those pages have a good amount of organic traffic, then that will result in high amounts of referral traffic for the content creators.

This is why it is always favourable to get links from pages with high traffic even if you already have links from that webpage because it will help you boost the referral traffic.

Another great tip to boost the referral traffic on a website is to go to Google Analytics and analyze which websites are sending the most referral traffic your way. After doing so, Ahref’s Site Explorer can be used to study the top pages report and pinpoint it for webpages where it will be more favourable to put a contextual link.

Making Link Building Easier

Getting links from individuals you have linked to before is easier than getting links from individuals you have not linked to before. To find the people who have linked to a website before what can be done, that backlinks report in Ahref’s site explorer needs to be accessed, and “One link per domain” options need to be selected. The “do follow” filter needs to be applied; this will show the links bar where websites linked to a website can be spotted very easily.

It is a smart move for content creators to contact people who have linked to them multiple times in the past because if they have liked their work various times before, then it is very likely that they will like more of their work, and if this is the case then they might link to it.

Another method to get links is to search for the contextual link on the person’s site who has linked with the content creator’s work before and find other link opportunities. It is always great to try and make an outreach email better and appealing. People who have linked to you previously deserve that as it is always great to give frequent customers special treatment.

Expert Tip

By copying the link of websites referring domains, you can compare them to the list showing the link prospects. By doing so, you will get an edge when making the pitch. That information can be used to learn about the background of their previous links and make the pitch more appealing.

For content creators, doubts and misunderstanding around SEO can be damaging. Those doubts might be stopping them from taking actions that may prove to be favourable for their work. So, it is always great to address those misunderstandings. This helps ensure that more improvements can be made to their work. When it comes to SEO, link building plays a huge role. This is why it is time that more attention is paid to figuring out methods for the betterment of the approach to link building.

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