Why You Must Work With SEO Companies in Toronto That Understand How Google Panda & Penguin Work

How Google Panda & Penguin Work

SEO Companies in Toronto

SEO companies in Toronto must understand Google Panda and Penguin in order to help their clients rank as high as possible in search engine rankings. Google has introduced quite a few characters over the past couple of years in an effort to filter out problematic websites and blogs and bring quality results to searchers. Panda and Penguin are the two that most people are familiar with.

Here is a look at both of these characters and what they were created for.

Google Panda

The Panda algorithm was launched in February 2011 for the purpose of finding high quality web pages and displaying them higher in the search results. Since it demoted content farms, many people called it the “Farmer update”. Low quality sites took a heavy hit from Panda, even if only one or two pages consisted of low quality content.

In order to keep your site from taking a hit from Google Panda, there is a checklist you can look over to determine if your site is low quality or not. Factors on the checklist include:

– Whether the content presents trustworthy information.

– If there are any spelling or grammar errors.

– If the site has duplicate or redundant articles on the same topics with different keyword variations.

– Whether the content appears to be written by an expert who genuinely knows the topic, or if it is generic.

– If a particular page offers substantial value when compared to similar pages in the search results.

– Whether the website is recognized as an authority on the subject.

– If there are too many ads that distract the viewer or interfere with the content.

– If there is anything that users would complain about or find problems with.

There are many more factors, but these should be enough for you to have an understanding of what the Panda algorithm is all about.

Google Penguin

Initially released in April 2012, the Penguin algorithm is designed to filter out websites that are using cheating practices that would fall under the category of “blackhat SEO”. There are several factors that can cause a site to be affected by Penguin, but unnatural link building is its primary focus.

Other blackhat SEO tactics that are detected by Google Penguin include:

– Cloaking

– Content that is automatically generated

– Doorway pages

– Sneaky redirects

– Participation in an affiliate program without adding any sufficient value

– Hidden links and text

– Rich snippets markup abuse

– Harmful pages with viruses, phishing schemes, badware, etc.

– Any trick intended to deceive users and manipulate the search engine crawlers

A Penguin penalty is difficult to recover from – especially when there are a lot of bad back-links. The unnatural links must all be identified and removed. If there is difficulty in having them removed, a webmaster can ask Google to stop counting those particular links by using the disavow tool. Even still, the use of the disavow tool doesn’t always guarantee a full recovery.

Whether your site is already penalized by Panda or Penguin, or you want to prevent it from being penalized in the future, it’s important that you work with trusted, experienced SEO companies in Toronto. They will help you improve your search engine rankings the right way.

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