Will Online Remarketing Help Increase My Sales?


Online Remarketing

Popular Practices

Remarketing itself isn’t new, but online marketing through email and websites has only become popular in recent years. It is the practice of serving ads to potential customers based on prior engagement. Regular marketing involves bringing visitors to your website, and remarketing involves bringing previous visitors BACK to your website for the purpose of increasing conversions.

Common Online Remarketing Practices

  • – Website retargeting
  • – Search retargeting
  • – Facebook and other social media remarkeing
  • – CRM remarketing
  • – Dynamic remarketing
  • – Email retargeting

The tracking codes used for retargeting can not only be placed on your website, but your Facebook profile, Twitter profile, emails, and more. You get to choose how long you wish for your ads to continue showing in front of prospects that have already visited your site/profile or read your email.

Making More Sale

Online remarketing can potentially help your company make more sale in the following ways:

  • – It allows your ads to stay in front of prospects as they continue browsing the web. Converting first-time visitors isn’t easy – especially if your industry is competitive. Internet shoppers are more likely to browse several sites before purchasing any product or service. In many cases, whenever a user leaves your site without buying anything, it’s because they want to check out your competitors’ sites. You increase their chances of coming back to yours if you keep your brand and ads in front of them.
  • – It boosts brand awareness by displaying your ads to people who have read your email or visited your site, but are not yet ready to trust your company. The dollars allocated to branding is currently growing. It is common knowledge that consumers buy from brands they trust, so it’s your job to keep putting your brand out there with retargeting methods.
  • – It increases your ROI by delivering focused ads to qualified internet users.
  • – If you have an established mailing list but are not seeing very many sales through your email marketing campaigns, you can insert the tracking code into the email. Even if they just open the email up for a second, the recipient will still end up with a cookie that will follow them and display your ads to them as they do other tasks, such as browse the web.
  • – The ads you use for retargeting can be more specific than the ads you use for regular marketing. This is a way to showcase a product to a potential buyer who looked over your product page but didn’t complete a purchase. Show them an ad that provides additional information about the benefits or characteristics of the product.
  • – Use remarketing as a way of getting the word out about your promotional offers and discounts.

Choosing the Right Remarketing Partner

In order to get the most benefits from retargeting, you need to choose the right platform that can handle your business needs. Most online businesses are going with Google, although Bing offers remarketing now as well. Other platforms include Facebook Exchange, AddRoll, RightMedia, and OpenX. These platforms can get your ad in front of 90% of the available ad spaces across the internet. This includes social media platforms.

Online remarketing can definitely help you to increase sales, just as long as you know how to create the right retargeting ads and when/how to use them.

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