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Founded in the Early 2000s – we have been
building brand awareness and search engine optimization
strategies for marketing local businesses &
companies throughout the US & overseas.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Web Design

You need more than a beautiful website. You need a complete online strategy, designed to convert. Build your new website with us today.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Improve your search engine optimization local ranking on Google. Show up on results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their location.

PPC | Google Advertising

Get more calls to your business or visits to your website. Online ads on Google can help you reach more customers today!

Social Media

Improve your online presence with social media

Conversion Optimization | CRO

Increase the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website after acquiring them through search engine optimization

Video Production

Produce your unique Video Content with us.


Search Engine Optimization Toronto Agency

Nova Solutions was founded in 2005, giving us more than 10 years of
experience in Internet marketing and search engine marketing. Our Search Engine Optimization Toronto Agency
base has given us great exposure and opportunities to work with a variety
of clients – providing invaluable experience for us to learn and grow as a
company, all while helping our clients achieve their search engine optimization goals.

In this time, we have watched the landscape of Internet marketing shift and change right before our eyes—the tactics we were implementing a few years ago are no longer relevant today. Thankfully, our experience allows us to adapt and alter our strategies according to the needs of our clients—we strive to stay ahead of the curve to give our clients a distinct advantage over their competitors. From pay–per–click marketing and social media optimization to mobile platform advertising and ad retargeting, Nova Solutions is committed to providing solutions that will help our clients grow their business—their success is our success.


Our people are the core of our

We believe that a Toronto SEO search engine optimization firm should be as diverse and multifaceted
as the city itself; we are proud of the diversity in personalities and skillsets
that our associates bring to our operations. Within our team, we have
outstanding talents that hold degrees in economics, internal relations,
computer science and legal studies; our SEO search engine optimization manager has over 6 years of
experience working for a commercial law firm.

We also offer search engine optimization consulting services. The majority of eCommerce stores, medium size companies, and other enterprise companies turn to Nova Solutions for advising services. SEO is not always the process of implementing, and you also have to have the correct SEO Strategy to be successful in ranking on the first page of Google. When interviewing other SEO companies in Toronto, or globally, you find very few answers and a lot of excuses.  Companies are continuing to become victims of search engine updates which leaves companies struggling to find concrete solutions to the underlying problem.  Google has released a ton of new updates such as the Penguin and Panda update which you can find more information about on our blog.  When looking for a local SEO service provider, Nova Solutions provides you with a comprehensive SEO strategy, including all facets of getting your website in front of real people. None of our search engine optimization work is outsourced, overseas, or automated.  We offer transparent reporting as well as weekly meetings with our creative team and project management to review your account and give you the specialized attention that you deserve.


Track Your SEO search engine optimization results. Convert Your VIsitors
to Customers With A Beautiful Web Design

Our search engine optimization team will increase the traffic to your site, raising the awareness of products or services by advertising. To achieve this, we hire highly qualified specialists in their respective fields that not only meet our specifications but also bring something extra to the table; we feel that only through hiring people who can improve the company can the quality of our service continue to increase.

We understand Internet marketing and continuously evolving and improving, and so we work hard to keep up–to–date with the latest tools and developments in order to give our clients an edge on the competition. We are prepared to work with our clients to maximize their potential, and let the ensuing results speak for themselves. Nova Solutions continues to be motivated by the satisfaction of our clients—we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the results that they bring. Let our success become your success.

We have developed the 360 marketing program for your business

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Nova Solutions operates as a think tank. Our diverse team at Nova Solutions brings many opinions, and with it, many different approaches to the work that we do for our clients. Our Toronto SEO division see this as a positive, not a negative—a committed team approach is only effective when everyone has an equal understanding of the work that needs to be done. Each marketing endeavor is a team effort which brings together technical knowledge, graphic design, and marketing techniques, as well as invaluable past experiences that we have gained from previous clients.


Nova Solutions, SEO Toronto Agency prides itself on contributing creatively to your overall strategy and project; we look forward to making suggestions and improvements to initial plans in order to increase their ability to succeed and prosper. We showcase our ability to help our clients by thinking critically to refine our strategic approach, and by suggesting a plan of action—not by just doing the bare minimum. We use the all the available skillsets at our disposal to create the best content for our clients. The result is a customized Internet Marketing SEO Toronto strategy that addresses your business goals, appeals to your target market and fits your marketing budget.


Nova Solutions Has Been Proudly Providing SEO Services In Toronto And The Surrounding GTA Area Since 2005

Nova Presentation

Technical SEO

As opposed to focusing on content, technical SEO services optimize specific technical aspects of your website, including mobile friendliness and URL structure, which are two top entities that search engines consider when creating their rankings.

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO services seek to make your company’s website more user-friendly and relevant to the search query. This is done by optimizing visual content and HTML source code that not only make your site more visually appealing to users but also help boost your site’s ranking in organic searches.

Building Backlinks

When it comes to achieving a high rank in major search engines, it’s important to consider off-page SEO factors such as social media advertising and link building. Since search engines only want to give users results that provide them with the most value, search engines consider these entities in algorithms used to rank sites. Having a solid off-page SEO strategy not only increases your site’s rank, but will also attract new users to your site from blog post references and mentions on social media.

With the almost complete elimination of link building, it takes a substantial effort which not only includes updated On-Page (on the website) techniques, but a far more complex Off-Page strategy which heavily relies on content marketing and Social Media exposure. For some, it might not make ROI sense to undertake such a strategy when considering the time it takes, the expectancy of results and industry-specific factors.

Keyword relevance

We at Nova take into the account the competition of most relevant keywords; the ability to use the age of the domain or the need to purchase a new one; customer’s long and short-term marketing goals; existence of long tail keywords; existence of resources to support a Search Strategy with a Social Media Campaign etc.

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “content is king”, and when it comes to SEO, that’s exactly right. Having consistent, in-depth content on your site is essential to increasing your ranking in organic searches. JH SEO will not only determine which phrases and keywords will be most effective in driving traffic to your specific site but also work with a team of writers who create content that educates your user-base while naturally incorporating your personalized target keywords into each piece.

Miguel Nguyen
Miguel Nguyen
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I own a small medical practice outside of Toronto and was in search of someone to create content and videos for my clinic. I hired a private video maker and it turned out just horrible. I spoke to some colleagues that have had video production done and they recommended the team at Nova Solutions. I’ve been working with them for a few months now and the videos they have been able to produce for me a different level. They make such a noticeable difference for my YouTube. The videos are very informational and professional, and they have helped so much with my clientele. I will pass on this recommendation to anyone in search of videos and marketing.
Sol'exotica Tanning Spa
Sol'exotica Tanning Spa
Read More
Nova Solutions really transformed our website from something no one wanted to visit into something that was fun, informative and modern!! They really took us to the next level with their creative design and ideas. While we mainly dealt with Patrick, we were impressed with the dynamic of their whole team and the great camaraderie we were able to engage in. It was a really great experience overall and highly recommend their services.
Smthng New
Smthng New
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Nova Solutions is outstanding. I have referred numerous of my clients to them , with exceptional outcomes. As a marketing and branding consultant agency I am very pleased to be working with them on my clients web and social media presence. Highly recommended!
Sunny B
Sunny B
Read More
I am extremely satisfied with the Nova Solutions team! From the moment I walked in I knew the professionalism, dedication & knowledge would be a perfect help to build our portfolio. They have definitely brought forth valuable business leads to help our business grow.
Read More
These guys provide great quality work and service thankfully because of them I was able to hire employees and expand my business thank you very much guys
Stone Masters
Stone Masters
Read More
Professional team, fast,expedient. So far so good. Project still in progress, not complete yet. We will review once again once the project is complete.
Tri T
Tri T
Read More
Outstanding customer service and attention to client's needs - that's what defined our experience with Nova Solutions' team, while they run a successful PPC campaign for us. Very professional support team: ready to answer any question and provide guidance along the way. Pleased with the results - Noticeable increase in traffic!

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