Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic, and creating a promotional buzz or attention through a variety of social media sites.

People are constantly talking about your business online. From Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn are new social media tools that are used by many individuals on a daily basis. Gone are the days of calling friends to tell them about your experiences with a variety of businesses. Technology has continually evolved and advanced to the point where it’s as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of your smart phone, simply tap a few keys and share your experiences with numerous people across all social media networks. Essentially, you reach so many with little to no effort!

Having the right strategy and tools in place, business event organizers can harness all social media avenues to attract more attendees, cultivate engagement, and engage response and extend the lifetime expectations of such events.

Businesses use social networking sites as a promotional technique. Businesses can follow individual social networking sites in the local area and advertise any special deals and offers. This type of initiative encourages other locals to follow the particular business on the website and receive the promotional deal. In the process, the business is getting seen (viewed) and promoting itself, in the business landscape this is referred to as Brand Visibility.

One of the main purposes is to employ social media marketing as a communication tool that makes the company accessible to those interested in their products and make them visible to the public to those who have no knowledge of these products. Today, companies across the Toronto marketplace use social media as a way to create buzz, and thus learn from their target customer.

It’s very important to have a social media marketing plan in place. It is equally important to know all the variables and factors such as; gain the knowledge of the audience (customer) needs, and what motivates them and know why they should participate.

Today, event promotion and social media marketing tools go hand-in-hand. Social Media can be a valuable marketing tool when used properly. Essentially, it can boost attendance and influence networking.

Here are about 6 keys to event promotion on Social Media:

Create a Facebook Event page:

– Enticing to all, because it invites a prospective number of followers to attend.

– You have the power to regularly update your events page with important and pertinent information.
– Promote event details on your company page.
– Add promotional images, blurbs to your Facebook company page Banner.
– Consider a small targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

# Hashtag to your hearts content:

– A custom hashtag that is new and never been used is a very good way to post about the event and more importantly, it can boost visibility of the event in social media avenues. It’s a valuable tool, but you need to promote the unique hashtag before, during, and after the event.

Develop a tweet for attendees on Twitter:

– For larger events set-up a dedicated twitter account.
– Identify a designated # (hashtag) for the particular event.
– Promote the hashtag in your invitations, registration pages, and all promotional marketing materials.
– Encourage people from different walks of life to tweet about the event experience with the hashtag in place.
– Tweet and tweet use hashtag as a promotional tool.

Create content around your particular event:

– Write up a blog as a press release.
– This is another good way to generate event-related content and share it on all social media networks.
– It is guaranteed, to engage conversation about the event.

Update your LinkedIn page:

– Incorporate different and promotional marketing materials about your event and update your company pages.
– A very important social media marketing tool, and valued because of direct messaging to all your particular connectors and you engage them to attend.
– Consider initiating a small targeted LinkedIn ads campaign- promotional advertising.
– Engage a unique response.


– Share and tag event videos.
– Create shareable videos about your event- upload to Facebook group of friends and link it to Twitter as well.

But that’s not all folks!


– Show highlights.
– Build a loyal community of followers-especially if you’re planning to run the event yearly.
– Instagram and vine all photos of the event.


Create events page, Google+ event page allows auto email invites, day before event reminders and synch your event into attendees Google calendars.

Either or all of these social media marketing and networking tools can be used collaboratively or independently. It’s not black or white (there is no right or wrong answer). Your business is your life, and you need to follow what best suits your overall business strategies, long-term goals and objectives.

A promotional way to boost your business brand … promote an event on a variety of social media networking avenues. It works!

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