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We are Nova Solutions—an Internet marketing firm located in the Greater Toronto Area. We were founded in 2005, and have been serving our clients all over the Greater Toronto Area. We have continued to follow three simple principles that were established at the very beginning—principles that have allowed us to achieve success and continually grow as a company: Listen, Learn, and Do.

We listen—to our clients, to the rest of our team—in order to get a better understanding of the situation. We feel that the best work can only be achieved through proper and consistent communication, both internally and externally. Nova Solutions has many parts going at the same time: Web Design, SEO, Social Media Optimization, Mobile Marketing, PPC Management and many other departments are all constantly working towards improving our client’s online presence. While this is great for our clients who all have different and specific needs, we realize that it only works if we all work as a team. We believe that the combined efforts of our team outweigh that of any individual—and so we always remind ourselves to listen to each other. Only through understanding each other can we continue to move forward.

We Learn
from our Past Experiences

We learn from our past experiences, from the industry, from our clients, from our teammates and from ourselves. Nova Solutions operates as a think tank—every member involved in a project has their input, allowing us to draw from the expertise and experiences of our whole team. We believe that this gives our work the perfect balance of collective synergy and individual detail that helps our clients achieve success, no matter their industry or scale. Every client and every project is different, and we have learned something new from every single one of the 1200 projects we have conducted. This gives us the confidence to know that we’re prepared to handle any task given to us by our clients with confidence and professionalism.

We do what’s best for our clients—helping our clients improve as a company is our first and foremost priority. This means that we keep up–to–date with the very latest in tools and developments in order to give our clients an advantage over their competition. Our results are what separate us from the pack—and this is only made possible by doing everything necessary to satisfy our clients. We are proud of the effort we put into our work, and the quality and rewards that comes from this dedication. Our success is your success.

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