Adwords Management: The Effectiveness Of Call Extensions

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Call Extensions and Tools

When it comes to AdWords management, you don’t want to underestimate the effectiveness of call extensions. They are especially useful if you run a service-based business and your initial contact with potential customers is usually over the phone.

While giving customers a chance to call you simply by clicking on an ad sounds wonderful, it can be a waste of money and time if you’re not doing it right.

If you want to receive more calls from your ad campaign, here are some tips on how to use call extensions and tools:

– Keep the callout text short and to the point. Google recommends a maximum of 15 characters per callout, although the limit is 25. Using proper sentence structure is more preferred than capitalizing every word.

– Decide whether it would be ideal for you to install Call Tracking or use a Google forwarding number. If your business has a high enough budget to establish a contract with a call tracking service provider, you should do so. You will receive an immeasurable wealth of data. If you don’t have a high enough budget, you can use Google’s forwarding number service to see which clicks and keywords convert to calls.

– Use enhanced call extensions to target tablets and desktops only, mobile devices only, or all three. Businesses targeting all three can assign one extension to PCs and tablets and the other to mobile devices. The setup for each enhanced campaign differs, so be sure to follow directions.

– It’s recommended that you wait for at least 5,000 impressions making any optimizations. You need to determine whether you need to spend more money on campaigns, keyword bidding, ad groups, etc.

– Decide if it would be in your company’s best interest to use location extensions. This type of extension is worthwhile if you run a brick and mortar business and want to reach out to local consumers. You can even link your AdWords and Google Places account together so that your star ratings will potentially appear right next to your location extension in your ads.

– If your online business is global, you must enter YOUR country and company phone number rather than the country of your targeted demographic when setting up the call extension. Enter this information after selecting the “Google Forwarding Number” in the “Show ad with…” option.

Benefits of AdWords Call Extension

When done correctly, you can experience the benefits of call extensions:

– Through AdWords management, you can specify the times that you want the call ads to be displayed. If you don’t run a 24/7 hour business, you can set the ads to be displayed during business hours only.

– You’ll be able to collect data such as phone impressions. This includes the number of times your forwarding phone number was displayed on devices that are incapable of making phone calls, such as desktops, older laptops and tablets.

– You’ll also be able to collect information about the number of calls made to the forwarding phone number as well as the phone-through rate.

– Call conversion tracking gives you the chance to utilize advanced, custom bid strategy tools such as Conversion Optimizer, ROAS bidding, Enhanced CPC bidding, etc.

– Completed calls through the (free) Google forwarding number are reported to the AdWords interface. You’ll know which ad(s) are generating the clicks and which keyword(s) are used to initiate the search.

By incorporating the right strategies into your campaign along with the best tools available, you will learn a lot about what is working and what is not.  This will enable you to make better decisions with your AdWords management.

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