Meet Our Clients: Mantras Staging | Video Production

Nova Solutions is so fortunate to have clients like Staging Mantras who share a customer first philosophy to doing business. They are laser focused on who they are trying to reach as customers and collaboratively work with us to build their brand, sales and profits. The owner Archana brings her passion for Space Design and... Read more »

Meet Our Clients: Escape Games | Video Production

Working with a client that specializes in creating mind blowing, pulse racing entertainment experiences for its clients has been an incredibly fun experience for the team at Nova Solutions. Our challenge was to take a holistic view of the business to uncover opportunity gaps in this competitive entertainment industry category. We have been thrilled with... Read more »

Which Platform is The Best For Your Ecommerce – Magento or WooCommerce?

Ecommerce is no doubt the fastest growing industry today. Whether large scale or small scale, every online business is making best efforts to get higher pace on the web. If you are planning to build your online store, there are several decisions to be made. The most crucial one is, Which Platform is best suited... Read more »

Nova Solutions Supporting Young Entrepreneurs In The City of Toronto

Recently we got an opportunity to present to a group of young entrepreneurs who are part of City of Toronto’s employment program. Our team of consultants was glad to participate in such a seminar and give something back to the community. We were pleasantly surprised with the warms and interest we were greeted with. Not only... Read more »

3 Common Problems with Architecture Websites and How to Avoid Them

Architects are notorious for having awful websites. Whether it’s for architects, architecture schools, or architecture associations, there seems to be an endless number of hard to use, confusing, and downright ugly architecture websites out there.  Architects take pride in their work. This often translates to websites that feature their designs prominently, but sometimes this means... Read more »

Seven Trends You Should Be Watching in 2016

Not long ago, smartphone owners were introduced to in-text offers, app-based purchases and social media chat. In 2016, mobile marketers will need to enhance their strategies to remain relevant. While mobile was viewed as a “sub-digital” platform in recent years, it’s now become a preferred option for buyers and sellers alike.Now, brands are differentiating themselves... Read more »

Nova Solution Among Top SEO Firms in Canada – Because We Get Results

At Nova Solutions, we focus on maintaining the highest level of expertise amongst our team and providing the highest level of service to our clients. And while our motivation is to help our clients achieve SEO success and improve their bottom line rather than receiving accolades from third parties, it is still really nice when... Read more »

What Are Live Banners?

HTML 5 banners, or how they are commonly referred to as live banners are a new wave of advertisements that hope to change the world of digital marketing. Their overall function is similar to that of regular web banners as they primarily used for the promotion of a brand, product or service. However, the key... Read more »

How Your Slow Website Burns A Hole in Your Pocket

Nearly half of your visiting population would think of abandoning your web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is in integration with more disquieting stats, which seriously calls for making an imperative assessment of how your website speed, levels with the best performing benchmarks. With high speed data connectivity and... Read more »

6 Keys To Event Promotion on Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic, and creating a promotional buzz or attention through a variety of social media sites.People are constantly talking about your business online. From Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn are new social media tools that are used by many individuals on a daily basis. Gone are the... Read more »