Using Social Media Marketing!


In today’s world, brands and industries are continuously pushing towards using social media as a marketing outlet, but there are fears that the investment returns from social media marketing cannot be strategically measured. So the real question is, should all the industries be pushing to use social media for marketing purposes and more importantly, does it really provide your business with a return on your investment?

The move towards social media marketing makes total sense. It is a fact that more and more people spend increasing amount of time in the social networks. The truth is that it is hard to measure just how much return it can bring you. This is the prime argument of business owners who do not see a correlation between Social Media Presence and ROI.

Even though it may be hard to measure, one cannot refute the fact that using social media is a promising tactic, yet you must have a plan and it must be done right!

Social Bookmarking and Organic Search!


What are social bookmarking websites?
The basic principle behind social bookmarking websites is to be able to have your own favourites section that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, such online based services integrate the social component that allows interactions between individuals with the ability to view each others bookmarks. The various platforms available have their own individual add ons, such as category based browsing, rating the bookmarks, community commenting etc.

The key is the social component of managing and browsing content. Virtually, someone else, who you might even know, has found this content relevant. Often enough some sort of statistical information is kept regarding how many people have accessed the piece of content or bookmark with ability to comment and further share the relevant information, spreading it throughout the Social Web.

SEO vs PPC: an Ancient Debate!

The continuous debate of whether to use PPC or go the "Organic" way, has been constantly on the minds of business owners, marketers, and just newcomers to internet marketing. While the Pros and Cons of each are often discussed and debated over. One thing is for certain the notion that double exposure brings more business unarguably carries validity; Yet what if you had to pick?

The fear, that Paid results will somehow negatively effect organic rankings, which is often or not reinforced with the assumption of overpaying for already organically achieved keywords, is widespread in the minds of many. This however does not make it any more legitimate.

While Organic results carry a notion of trust behind them and often have no "pay-per-click" cost associated with them, they are difficult and time consuming to achieve. Furthermore, with the presence of even mediocre competition, guaranteeing first three positions is difficult thus leaving your exposure in the visual range of the second screen. This significantly reduces visibility and thus traffic to the results. Additionally, in reality marketing efforts of 90% of internet marketeers are "grey-hat" at best, thus leaving your "organic marketing" open to Google Algorithm changes and penalties.

Some Humour for Everyone: SEO Consultants Found Casket From The Movie “The Best Man Holiday”

Some Humour for Everyone. Casual Friday at Nova Solutions. SEO Consultants at Work Found Casket From The Movie “The Best Man Holiday”

Google’s Hummingbird & SEO Today


With mobile searches on the rise, wearable computers are becoming an everyday reality; people’s search queries are also fundamentally changing. These basic principles, as well as Google’s continuous desire to appease the never tiring “average searcher” is the motivation behind Google’s latest whim, Hummingbird Update.

While there is some logic behind Mobile penetration effecting search phrases and types of searches, the major effect of Google’s Search Engine Update is still fighting the efforts of Search Marketers and forcing an even wider integration of Pay-Per-Click advertising.

This most recent SEO algorithm update is more of a revision of tactics, ultimately resulting in a move to a more Semantic search. The official reasoning is the overwhelming penetration of mobile devices, as well as the introduction of Wearable computers in the form of watches and glasses.

There is no question this technology is coming, and sooner instead of later, yet from a marketer’s point of view most of the buying power still lies in your desktop/laptop searches, at least for most industries. Some so called SEO experts are all mentioning the same thesis. (mentioned above) Google’s new algorithm is giving priority to semantic search queries, yet in reality Google has made a tiny step in the direction of a system that comprehends actual questions.

Search Engine Marketing Basics


Getting your business website noticed is one of the most arduous and difficult things to do, yet its one of the most Paramount. There are several ways to go about making your website famous in the targeted niche; you need to implement some important traffic pulling techniques.

Submit your site and sitemap to popular search engines

The first and most obvious in the list is to submit your site in the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. After submitting your site, make sure to submit your sitemap as well.

Using keywords

The second way to attract visitors is with the use of keywords If you want the content in your website to be indexed and well ranked in the search engines then focus on the keywords. With Google’s recent Hummingbird update, the way keywords function has changed.

Google’s Hummingbird is here, will your website be ready?


In today’s market there are hundreds of companies in almost every business, to attract potential customers and stay ahead of the competition. In the modern market companies that have had their websites professionally built and have a strong Search Engine Optimization campaign (SEO for short) to dominate the competition.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest and most prevalent aspects when making a company website, if search engines can't find your website, then how will your customers? By creating high quality content rich websites your website is higher up in Google’s search query and by making your website visually striking and easy to use you are gaining potential customers.

Hummingbird is the name of Google’s most recent update and changes how SEO campaigns are setup and executed. Google’s senior VP Amit Singhal announced the update just a day before the company celebrated its 15th birthday. By putting a lot more emphasis into high quality website content, Google plans on making the searches more relevant.

"Our algorithm had to go through some fundamental rethinking of how we are going to keep our results relevant.”

Singhal said.

Welcome to Nova’s new website


After months of development, including many revisions, and ideas that didn't quite make the grade, we are proud to present our new responsive company website.