Debunking 10 SEO Myths

Debunking 10 SEO Myths

Just like every other industry, SEO has various myths that leave people confused. These myths harm their time, cash, and work quality. So today, let’s take a look at 10 SEO myths and debunk them once and for all.


SEO requires time and commitment, on the surface, it sounds like very repetitive advice, but it’s true if time is not given to a website, in most cases its traffic can start to decline rapidly. This means when neglected, things can take a turn for the worse, fast.

Various factors can lead to a decline in traffic:

  1. The content starts to get old and irrelevant.
  2. Loss of backlinks.
  3. Competitors get ahead of the website because they are putting in extra time to work on their SEO.


In this fast-paced market every other day there is a rumour that SEO is dying. This is a false statement.

SEO is constantly evolving which means that certain old tactics are dying as new tactics make their way into the SEO market.

The truth is that as long as people are using search engines, there is no way that SEO could die.


Duplicate content can be two links on two different websites taking us to the same blog.

Although there is no penalization for duplicate content, it should still be fixed because it can lead to other complications such as:

  1. Unpleasant URLs in the search result.
  2. Squandered crawl budget.
  3. Syndicated content outweighing our content.
  4. Diluted backlinks.

 Crawl with Ahrefs’ Site Audit can be used to clear some concerns about duplicate content on any website.


An increase in social signals is a positive Indicator for any content creator. When their page gets a good amount of likes and shares, it indicates that their work is genuine and entertaining.

People have mixed reviews when It comes to the Correlation between social signals and rankings. Many researchers like John Mueller from Google say that rankings are not directly affected by social signals.

They have come to this conclusion after noticing how easy it is to exploit social signals.

Whereas, other researchers suggest that social signals do have a positive impact on content because:

  1. Top rankings pages get more traffic and shares.
  2. As shares increase the site starts getting more backlinks and exposure.


A popular question people ask is what is the point of optimizing for a single keyword when they are likely to get traffic from hundreds of them?

This thought process is wrong because people fail to understand that keywords altogether are connected to its topics search traffic capability.

Keyword research helps ensure that the most effective method of searching for a topic is being used and it helps in finding the most important information about a topic.


PageRank helps us study the quality and quantity of the backlinks of a page and assists in figuring out its value.

Even though google discontinued public PageRank scores in 2016, In the year 2018 they confirmed that PageRank is still a crucial Ranking factor. Thus it is still very important to get top-notch links to all webpages.


People think that just because they are paying Google for ads, Google is going to rank them higher. The truth is that this idea is false.

BUT, PPC can help indirectly in achieving higher rankings. Believe it or not, PPC ads help attract backlinks.

By investing in Google Ads the results can be shocking because as a result of PPC people are able to get backlinks from new websites.


A common misunderstanding is that people think that long-tail keywords consist of a lot of words which is not always true as they refer to queries with low search volume. Which means that its word count doesn’t matter at all.

It is not an easy task to rank for long tails as mostly google ranks the same results as it would for the main keyword so the idea that long tails are easier to rank for is not entirely true.

But, one type of long-tail keyword called topical long tails is much easier to rank.


Content creators often tend to republish content without facing any kind of issue which makes people wonder why so many efforts are put into keeping content fresh.

The answer to this is that Freshness is more important for some queries than the others, at the end of the day it all comes down to whether the freshness of the content has any effect on the content quality or not. A great example of understanding this is that freshness would not matter for a query like “how to tie shoelaces” but it will matter for a query like “How is the weather today”.


People assume that the number one result can achieve the most traffic which makes them desire to be on the number one ranking. But, our recent study on 100000 search queries proved that the top-ranking pages achieve 49% of the most searched traffic.

The reason behind this is that most of the pages get traffic from various keywords.

This shows how more focus should be put on traffic rather than obsessing over achieving first-place rankings.
Some tips to do that are:

  1. Start giving more in-depth information on every topic.
  2. Start building more backlinks.

The list of myths about SEO is never-ending but these 10 myths that were debunked today are the most common myths that people come across on a day to day basis, So it was time someone debunked them once and for all.

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Why We Should Build Links From The Same Website

Why We Should Build Links From The Same Website

In most cases, SEO’s do not give much importance to the number of backlinks they get from every website. More importance is given to the number of websites that link to them. This was proven when Michal Pecanek carried out voting research on Twitter. He asked people if they ever contacted websites that they already linked to before to get more links. The answers were that 41.6% of people voted I do 58.4% people voted No, I don’t. There are many reasons why more people voted no, but the two common reasons are as follows:

1) Many of the studies show a very strong link between the number of backlinks from special websites and organic traffic. This is why content creators tend to pay more attention to them.

2) Some people also show concern that if they have a lot of backlinks from the same webpage. It doesn’t seem right because it may come off as unnatural.

These views are not very accurate and are questionable. A recent study shows how 79.23% of referring domains link with the same website many times.

What needs to be understood is that studies have also proven that it is okay to link to the same website two to five times without any issues. Doing so can prove to be good for content creators as it brings forward some great opportunities.

Below are four reasons that show the driving factor for people to have many links from the same website.


All websites have “Authority,” also called “PageRank.” It is the base of Google’s ranking system. It works by going to other pages through external and internal links. The flow of PR from one page to the other is the reason why getting links from various WebPages aids in boosting “Authority.”


To boost organic traffic on their website, people need to keep in mind that they have to work on building links with the pages they want to rank in Google.

That is not always the case because people do not always link to the desired pages that the content creators wish to rank. It is possible to use websites that link to a page by distributing that authority to significant pages through internal links. The better option, however, will always be to get links through the desired pages.

Recieve More Referral Traffic

Sometimes backlinks coming from pages with high traffic can send more referral traffic to your website. This is always great as it indirectly helps the website get exposure. This can have a very good effect on the other posts present on that page. When people come to the website, they might get attracted by more links and start visiting other posts created by the same content creator.

Suppose content creators pay attention to the amount of referring domains their pages attract. In that case, they will be shocked because the number of referring domains will likely be more than their expectations. It all comes down to the kind of pages that link their work. The reason why is that if those pages have a good amount of organic traffic, then that will result in high amounts of referral traffic for the content creators.

This is why it is always favourable to get links from pages with high traffic even if you already have links from that webpage because it will help you boost the referral traffic.

Another great tip to boost the referral traffic on a website is to go to Google Analytics and analyze which websites are sending the most referral traffic your way. After doing so, Ahref’s Site Explorer can be used to study the top pages report and pinpoint it for webpages where it will be more favourable to put a contextual link.

Making Link Building Easier

Getting links from individuals you have linked to before is easier than getting links from individuals you have not linked to before. To find the people who have linked to a website before what can be done, that backlinks report in Ahref’s site explorer needs to be accessed, and “One link per domain” options need to be selected. The “do follow” filter needs to be applied; this will show the links bar where websites linked to a website can be spotted very easily.

It is a smart move for content creators to contact people who have linked to them multiple times in the past because if they have liked their work various times before, then it is very likely that they will like more of their work, and if this is the case then they might link to it.

Another method to get links is to search for the contextual link on the person’s site who has linked with the content creator’s work before and find other link opportunities. It is always great to try and make an outreach email better and appealing. People who have linked to you previously deserve that as it is always great to give frequent customers special treatment.

Expert Tip

By copying the link of websites referring domains, you can compare them to the list showing the link prospects. By doing so, you will get an edge when making the pitch. That information can be used to learn about the background of their previous links and make the pitch more appealing.

For content creators, doubts and misunderstanding around SEO can be damaging. Those doubts might be stopping them from taking actions that may prove to be favourable for their work. So, it is always great to address those misunderstandings. This helps ensure that more improvements can be made to their work. When it comes to SEO, link building plays a huge role. This is why it is time that more attention is paid to figuring out methods for the betterment of the approach to link building.

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How To Optimize Your Law Firm Online Presence

How To Optimize Your Law Firm Online Presence

A high ranking on Google can give your law firm a consistent flow of clients one month after the other. But in order for you to attract that traffic, optimizing your law firm website is a must. Because people will be looking for this information for example when searching for a criminal lawyer in Toronto – Costa Law Firm . We’ll share with you 4 practical tips on how to get new clients for law firm by improving your online presence

Keyword Research

With numerous law firms in your locality, the best way to capture relevant traffic is to market your business to those in your immediate location. You can do this by targeting local keywords. There are obviously terms that are highly competitive. For instance, you cannot expect to start ranking for “Chicago law firm” immediately if you’re just starting with SEO. In fact, it can take years to rank for such a highly competitive term.

Start with locations that target clients in your immediate location. Let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer serving clients throughout Chicago but you are based in Boystown, a city in LakeView town. Though you will still target “personal injury lawyer Lakeview” and “personal injury lawyer Chicago”, when you start optimizing your law firm website, we would recommend optimizing keyword phrases such as: Boystown personal injury lawyer, Boystown law firm and personal injury attorney Boystown. There’s a high chance that you’ll capture traffic for phrases that target your immediate city or town faster than targeting the more competitive regions. For those competitive areas, have a long-term SEO plan to target them.

Is Your Law Firm Listed In Google Maps?

Secondly, find out if your law firm is listed in Google Places. These local listings are important and can drive relevant traffic to your law firm website. When someone is looking for a lawyer in your location, your listing can appear on SERP within Google Maps. This is one of the best sources of traffic you can ever get. Therefore, take time to review your local listings and ensure the right information is displayed across the board.

Offer Relevant Information

Most people who are looking to hire the services of an attorney are also looking for information. Therefore, ensure your website has relevant, updated and quality content on your area of practice. For instance, if you are a family law attorney, provide content on child support, child custody, divorce and emancipation on your website.  People are more likely to hire you if they find valuable information on your website.

Work On Your Website Design

Is your site professional, easy to use and impressive? Directing traffic to your law firm website is one thing but making sure the users convert is another. Many will land on your website after searching on Google and others after receiving a referral from people in their circles. They will want to vet you so you need to ensure you have a high-quality site with valuable information to avoid losing out on potential clients.

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The Strengths & The Weaknesses of Infographics

The Strengths & The Weaknesses of Infographics

Importance of Infographics in SEO

Ahhh, Infographics. That ubiquitous sweet spot between informational and entertaining content made possible by the Age of Content. Infographics allow webmasters and bloggers to condense large amounts of information into an interesting, easily digestible, and nice looking form. Through graphics, they have the power to transform raw data into useable, compelling, and sharable content, and are extremely popular for that reason. But are they right for you? Here we’ll go over some strengths and weaknesses of using them for your blog. Read on!

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Nova Solutions Supporting Young Entrepreneurs In The City of Toronto

Nova Solutions Supporting Young Entrepreneurs In The City of Toronto

Recently we got an opportunity to present to a group of young entrepreneurs who are part of City of Toronto’s employment program. Our team of consultants was glad to participate in such a seminar and give something back to the community.

We were pleasantly surprised with the warms and interest we were greeted with. Not only were we able to address the questions posed by the participating individuals, but also create a fascinating discussion on the various aspects of internet marketing.

As a Toronto based company, we look forward to working with the city further to do our part in improving and educating the growing number of entrepreneurs.

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Google Rolling Out The New Rounded Search Results Layout

Google Rolling Out The New Rounded Search Results Layout

Have you noticed a change in Google’s mobile search result interface? Well, you’re not alone. It’s now confirmed that Google is introducing the new curved mobile search results interface. The new design features results cards with beautiful rounded or curved corners. This design has been tested for a couple of months now and so it comes as no surprise that Google is now rolling it out to majority of its users. Most searchers, who have noticed this amazing new look, took notice just a few hours ago.

This new redesign to Google mobile search result is considered one of the biggest since 2013 when the unified card design was launched. Though Google did not make a formal announcement before rolling out this particular feature, it’s apparent that there have been changes to its mobile search results. Perhaps these changes are being done as a result of the skyrocketing number of mobile users globally. We know more and more people prefer to use their mobile devices to search for items online. This growing number is forcing search engines to work effortlessly in order to give users the best mobile experience.

Who Will Be Affected?

The new mobile interface that appears curved or rounded has been in testing mode for a while now. But what it appears today for many users is that it’s currently being launched. What we cannot confirm is whether the interface will be rolled out to only a few people or everyone at once. Since this is not an algorithm update, it is surprising that Google did not make any formal announcements beforehand in this regards.

However, a Google spokesman confirmed this major change in mobile search results interface last week. We’re looking forward to see how people will respond to this new design feature. The curved or rounded edges certainly make the page look more modern. Although this particular change doesn’t affect SEO results in anyway, it is one of the efforts made by the search engine to boost mobile search experience.

An Enhanced Look And Feel

It’s certainly not the first time for Google to make changes to its search results design. There have been numerous changes rolled out in the past that have gone a long way to give users the best mobile search experience. From changing the background colors to increasing font and so much more, we’ve witnessed numerous design elements added and removed from the search results page layout over the years. It’s safe to say that Google will continue with changes that boost the design of search results. We’re glad that the search engine is not just paying attention to algorithm updates that result in penalties. Perhaps the best news for webmasters is that they don’t have to worry about their search rankings dwindling after this major design update.

Key Features To Take Note Of

First things first, you’ll notice the search bar where you enter your query is now wider than it used to be. This wider bar allows users to easily type in the query and make changes or edits when necessary. Another design update that stands out is the white background. The simplicity of this white background is that it helps to focus more on the content. It also declutters the search page results so you can easily click on a link you want.

Overall, the changes have made search results cleaner and we love the new look. The curved mobile search results tend to make the page look more organized and users can easily filter the content and select what’s relevant for them. The page titles also stand out really clearly in the blue color with this new layout.

Google performs testing of hundreds of layouts every so often in order to determine whether the design has any influence on user experience. This means a lot of work for webmasters who have to constantly keep checking what’s new. What makes it even more difficult to follow through is the fact that Google doesn’t roll out these changes to everyone at the same time. However, this time round, the guessing game is over since Google’s spokesman confirmed the changes in search results cards witnessed these past few days. So far, the new design layout looks quite impressive, don’t you think?

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Meet Our Clients: Escape Games | Video Production

Meet Our Clients: Escape Games | Video Production

Working with a client that specializes in creating mind blowing, pulse racing entertainment experiences for its clients has been an incredibly fun experience for the team at Nova Solutions. Our challenge was to take a holistic view of the business to uncover opportunity gaps in this competitive entertainment industry category. We have been thrilled with the open reception that the Nova Team has received from our Escape Games Canada client who is very collaborative and forthcoming when it comes to marketing strategy development. The focus has been to leverage a multi-pronged approach to increase awareness for Escape Games Canada and its unique product offerings to build their sales and profits.

A Targeted Lead Generation Campaign Was Implemented

A comprehensive lead generation campaign was used to improve visibility online in both paid and organic search rankings. A combination of Search Engine OptimizationPay-Per-Click ManagementVideo Production and Blogging were used to create on-line awareness for the world’s largest reality entertainment facility with its nearly 10,000 square feet of recreational space. Their aim is to create memorable experiences for their guests and to challenge them to use their team’s strengths in critical thinking, communication and working together to find solutions to challenging problems.

Six Pulse Building Missions

One size does not fit all at Escape Games as they have 6 very different themed group missions to keep you challenged like; The Mayan Curse, Escape From Bleak Prison, Haunting of Noriko, Crossroads, Syndicate Relic Heist and The Unknown. With the variety of missions to choose from you will never be bored which keeps groups coming back for more.

Guests Love The Experience

Here are some Google review snippets from our guests over the past few months:

– Definitely the best Escape room I have been to yet (5 star review).

– Top notch escape scenarios. The storylines and themes are well thought out and executed (5 star review).

– Very fun and exciting! Staff is awesome, very helpful and polite. Had a great time and definitely would recommend (5 star review)!

– This was by far one of the best escape rooms I’ve been to (5 star review).

Escape Games Canada prides itself in building the most immersive and realistic missions out there and promises incredible service and an exceptional experience that can’t be matched. If you are looking for a pulse racing, team building one of a kind experience look no further than Escape Games Canada where the excitement never stops.

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Meet Our Clients: Tutor Bright | Video Production

Meet Our Clients: Tutor Bright | Video Production

At Nova Solutions we are very proud of the results we get for our clients by creating custom client specific digital strategies that by design, help them build their brand, sales and profits. We truly value each of our client relationships however in this article we will be talking about a national provider of in-home mentorship and education, Tutor Bright. Our business relationship with them for over a year and started with a custom built website project that turned into a full blown lead generation strategy which includes Search Engine OptimizationPay-Per-Click Management and Optimized Video Production that was designed to increase digital exposure and generate leads. This story of one project turning into many is quite common at Nova as a number of our clients start with a project or two and then discover the value of the quality work that is done and that generates results and a strong return on investment.

The relationships we build with our clients is second to none and because of the mutual respect we have developed with them over the years. They gladly participate in video testimonials to not only showcase their business to the world but as well to talk about how they enjoy working with Nova Solutions. Tutor Bright is a special client as not only do we enjoy working with their team but their in-home mentorship and education programs truly help students realize their educational potential. Their mission is to “Brighten Every Child’s Future” and they do this through proven programs with processes and curriculums designed to get the most out of every child’s interaction.

A Nova Solutions we are thrilled to have Tutor Bright one of the Nation’s leading in-home mentorship and education companies as a client and look forward to helping them to continue to expand their successful digital strategy.

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How Healthy is Your Magento Store?

How Healthy is Your Magento store?

Magento undoubtedly is one of the best platforms one can opt for their ecommerce business. Designed for a user friendly interface, easy installation and ability to incorporate endless add-ons and Magento plugins, it provides for a complete shopping package of an ecommerce store.

However, the overall performance of an e-store is not just restricted to the initial setup or layout, but it majorly depends upon the continuous maintenance of the hosting platform.

Apart from the imperative security features in place, a lot needs to be done to ensure a pleasant user experience from a long term perspective and in the interest of your business.

The following infographic displays some of the most obvious symptoms you may have noticed while running your Magento store but perhaps you may not have taken them seriously or measures to fix them

It is important for you to understand what causes them, so that you can concentrate on resolving and retaining the smooth functionality of your store.

Sometimes, something as basic as a software upgrade or content optimization can make a difference. Needless to say, with a couple of tweaks here and there, the user experience can be enhanced almost to its optimum level.

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