Why Faceted Navigation Is Not Good For SEO

Why Faceted Navigation Is Not Good For SEO

Undermined SEO Efforts

Ecommerce Faceted Navigation

Most large websites like ecommerce shops and listings use faceted navigation to filter or sort results that are based on attributes which aren’t related. Faceted navigation can provide users with an easy way to filter their desired results quickly. What most people don’t know is that this type of navigation can undermine their SEO efforts. It can generate millions of URLs that are indexed and crawled by Google and live when they shouldn’t be.

How Faceted Navigation Undermines SEO

With faceted navigation, every possible combination of attributes (which may or may not be related to each other), is a unique URL. Therefore, you are likely to end up with duplicated content. Similar content on multiple web pages is bad for SEO Toronto. Additionally, all these extra URLs are crawled by Google. This means that the search engine will spend valuable crawl budget on less important pages. Other than that, Google can also receive incorrect signals after crawling all those pages. More importantly, having multiple URLs that you don’t even want to be indexed dilutes link equity by passing equity to pages that are less critical.

What’s The Best Solution?

If you approach a SEO company in Toronto and insist on faceted navigation to improve user experience, you may be presented with a few solutions that will ensure it doesn’t hinder your search rankings.

Using The Noindex Tag

First things first, you need to decide what you want search engines to index. Using a noindex tag, you can let search engine bots know which pages to index and the ones to ignore. Using the noindex tag, you can remove a lot of the pages with duplicate content easily. Even after using the noindex tag, remember that the pages will still be crawled and receive link equity. Therefore, this solution still doesn’t deal with the issue that faceted navigation wastes crawl budget and link equity.

Using Canonical Tags

Canonical tags allow you to select from a list of preferred pages the ones that you want to get the most credit. These tags are primarily used to deal with duplicate content issues. However, just as using noindex tags, they do not solve the wasted crawl budget on pages. This solution is better since it allows you to safeguard link equity to only the page versions that are important to you.

Using robots.txt To Disallow Sections Of The Website

Another solution would be to disallow certain sections of your website. Applying this change is very simple and can be personalized to suit the needs of each page. However, the major drawback is that Google bots can still index the section or page.

There are many other solutions that can address the issues that come with faceted navigation but the best approach would be to avoid this if you can. If you can design your own faceted navigation that doesn’t change the URL (this is usually done using JavaScript), it will avoid the SEO issues mentioned above. However, you may be required to do some manual checks to ensure all your critical landing pages are indexable.

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Is Your Page Considered Low-Quality By Google?

Is Your Page Considered Low-Quality By Google

Effective SEO Strategies

Web Page Quality

There are certain factors that Google checks to determine if your page is high or low quality. Understanding these aspects will help you to make significant changes that boost overall site performance by using effective strategies in SEO Toronto. Search engines look at factors such as page load speed and searcher behavior in order to weigh the quality of the page. We’ll look at this in more detail below.


First and foremost, Google wants to ensure that they present the best content to searchers. The best content in this case is unique, relevant and credible. Search engines want to ensure that the content on the page provides valuable information to its users. To improve your content, come up with a strategy that is focused more on important topics instead of keywords.


Search engines want to see if there are a lot of external sources that are linking to your page. This is a sign that your website has high quality content and that’s why it is reference-worthy. However, don’t just focus on the number of backlinks. Remember that their quality is far much more important. High quality domains and pages should be linking to your site. You also need to improve your internal links and provide content that answers the searchers’ queries.

Page Load Speed

Google also looks at the page load speed as a key factor when weighing its quality. If the page takes too long to load, most users will click away and choose a different search result. This means that it did not answer the user’s query and hence will not appear often on similar queries. The result will be moved down as it is perceived as low quality by Google simply due to its slow loading speed.

Mobile Responsiveness

Google wants to see web pages that are accessible for mobile, tablet and desktop searches. If your site is not mobile friendly, you risk losing out on traffic. This is because Google places special importance on user experience and with a spike in mobile traffic in recent years, every SEO company in Toronto is insisting on responsive web pages.

Proper Grammar And Spellings

This may come as a surprise but indeed Google wants to ensure that the web pages that it favors have proper grammar and well-spelled content. If you want your pages to appear on featured snippets, the grammar and spelling must be perfect. Take time to review your pieces of content before publishing to ensure it’s up to standard.

ALT Attributes On Non-Text Content

If you have non-text content on the page such as images make sure you use alt attributes. For videos, you need to provide transcripts below so that users can access the content without having to listen to the video.

Well-Organized Content

The way you present the content on your web page is also important to Google. The search engine wants to ensure the page’s content is easy to consume, readable and understandable.

External Links

Pages that have content which points to additional sources are also regarded highly by Google. It’s a way of building credibility and making sure users get as much information as possible on a subject topic.

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How To Use Google Tag Manager For SEO

How To Use Google Tag Manager For SEO

Google Tag Manager

Tag Management Systems

Tag management systems allow marketers, SEO experts and webmasters to add or amend tags without having to make any changes to the page itself. A widely used tag manager is GTM which stands for the Google Tag Manager. In many cases, SEOs use tag management systems to implement tracking and remarketing tags such as Google Analytics and Facebook tracking. You may also define rules to amend the HTML code of a page.

Using GTM To Make SEO Changes

The main benefit of using Google Tag Manager in SEO is that it can allow you to apply simple changes to all pages on a website by using a single tag. Using GTM, you can apply changes to page titles, on-page content and canonical tags in order to make the web pages better optimized for search engines. In the past, tag managers were designed using JavaScript to implement the tags. As a result, most webmasters did not consider them as a reliable tool to make SEO changes since search engines like Google do not effectively execute JavaScript.

Most search engine specialists would not use tag managers because any changes they made with JavaScript would not be indexed and crawled by search engines and therefore have a negative impact on page rankings. However, this is no longer the case. Google is continually making significant changes in its algorithm. Recently, the search engine is now learning to implement or pick up SEO changes that were made through tag managers.

How To Make SEO Changes Using Tag Manager

Many of the changes that you can make using GTM for SEO purposes involve amending attributes of elements, adding new elements or adjusting content on a page. You may also use GTM to remove certain elements from a page. To do this, you need knowledge in CSS and HTML as well as JavaScript. If you’re not confident in your ability to implement changes with GTM, your SEO company can help you achieve this. GTM is particularly useful for ecommerce websites with multiple products and categories.

How Effective Is This?

It’s important to understand that there is still uncertainty as to whether Google, among other search engines, will execute or rather see and index the changes made using GTM. The fact remains that Google doesn’t index and crawl content that is implemented using JavaScript as easy as it does HTML content. However, webmasters all over can show examples of changes made using GTM that were indexed and crawled by Google.

When To Use GTM?

You may use GTM to add a tag that inserts mobile switchboard tags. This is especially useful if you have a mobile site that has the same URL structure. It works by replacing the www with an “m” at the front of the URL. You may also use GTM to add noindex tag which will automatically eliminate existing meta robots tag. This tag can be used when you want to hide products that are out of stock in a particular element on the page.

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How To Use Competitor’s Top Pages Data For SEO

How To Use Competitor's Top Pages Data For SEO

Determine Successful SEO

Data For SEO

There are different tools and online platforms that an SEO company can use to obtain reports that provide important data from competitors’ top pages. What you do with this data will determine how successful your SEO efforts will turn out.

What To Look For In Your Competitor’s Top Pages

First and foremost, you need to determine the kind of reports that will be beneficial to you. Top pages may mean different things to different people. For one webmaster, it could mean the pages with the most links or social shares and to another, it could be the pages with the highest search rankings. The good thing is that tools like Majestic and Moz allow you to filter data that you really need.

Which Pages Are Most Linked To?

Get the top pages based on the links. You can further analyze the pages to determine why people are referring to them and make similar changes to improve your SEO Toronto.

Which Pages Have The Most Social Shares?

Tools like Moz can help you narrow down your competitor’s top pages by social shares. However, Moz only provides data from Facebook and Google Plus. If you want to obtain data from Twitter, BuzzSumo is a great tool that you can use.

Which Pages Receive The Most Search Traffic?

If you need to find out which of your competitor’s pages are getting the most search traffic or ranking highly for certain keywords, you can use a tool like SEMrush. This is a valuable report that you can use to improve your own keyword research.

Which Pages Are Ranking For Multiple Keywords?

There could be pages that are ranking for different keywords, even if they don’t appear on the first or second rank. To get this report, you can use SEMrush or Ahref.


Which pages get the highest total traffic?

You can easily obtain this data using Alexa or SimilarWeb. This allows you to narrow down your competitor’s top pages by the total traffic each receives. This total traffic includes what is obtained from email, social media, direct traffic and external links among others.


What Should You Look For In Those Top Pages?

After getting all the reports, it’s important to perform a thorough analysis to help you understand what your competition is doing to succeed in the different sectors. You can also review the top pages by social traffic report to see the kind of content that resonates well with your competitor’s audience. You may realize that the same content is done poorly in SEO. This gives you an opportunity to create better content.

Again, you may want to find out what type of content has given your competitors a great link profile but they’re not really ranking for it. Sometimes you may notice that your competitor is not ranking anymore for a certain type of content because they haven’t kept it up to date. Use this as an opportunity to create better content and rank highly for it.


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Choosing The Best Web Design Company

Choosing The Best Web Design Company

5 Important Questions To Ask

Web Design & SEO Company

When you begin the process of searching for a reliable web design or SEO company, don’t make the common mistake of failing to ask the right questions. You need to interview your potential web designer to determine if they are a good fit. It’s important to make sure you are partnering with the best professional who will help you achieve your brand goals. We’ll take a look at 5 critical questions that you need to ask a web design agency before you hire them.

What’s Your Take On User Experience?

Any good web designer will always want to give users the best possible experience on the site. Therefore, find out if the designer’s approach is to put the users first. Asking about the designer’s approach in regards to user experience will help you know if the resulting product will meet your end users’ needs. Discuss this in detail so that you can better understand whether they prioritize on UX.

How Many Specialists Will Be Working On My Project?

It’s important to find out the team that will be working on your website, and if possible ask to meet them. This will help you to stay clear from companies that outsource their web design services instead of dealing with clients’ projects in-house. You should look for a group of experts who are able to handle your project in-house and deliver as per the agreed timelines.

Do You Have Similar Projects I Can Review?

A reliable web design agency would be proud to show you the websites they have recently done. As you review the websites given by the agency, you can ask why it was built in a certain way and how the project was conducted in general. You may notice that the designers have a specific style that perhaps doesn’t resonate well with your audience or brand. Reviewing the portfolio also gives you an idea of the designers’ capability far from what they claim they can achieve.

Can You Measure My Website Performance?

In order to determine if the design is working for you, it would be nice to measure the results. For instance, the web designer may look at the page views, bounce rate and time on site, which are all metrics available on Google Analytics, to tell if users are responding well to the web pages. A good web design agency will even be ready to explain to you all the important terms in SEO Toronto so that you can always keep an eye of your website performance long after the design was completed.

What Happens If I Want Changes On The Site?

Websites are bound to require changes once in a while even after the design project is completed. Will they be willing to offer fast, free and easy modifications to your web pages once the project is complete? Some design agencies may even offer maintenance services as a value-added service once they design your website. Just find out if you’ll be required to pay extra for these changes.


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How To Optimize Your Web Pages To Appear As Featured Snippets

How To Optimize Your Web Pages To Appear As Featured Snippets

Referral Traffic From Google

Featured Snippets

Webmasters, site owners and search engine experts are finding it harder and harder to gain referral traffic from Google. The reality is that Google has made it even more difficult to get traffic from organic search results. One of the recent changes by Google is the featured snippets.

What Are Featured Snippets Anyway?

At the very top of Google’s organic search results and right after the ads, there’s a small box that appears with some content. This is what is regarded as a featured snippet. The purpose of this small box of content is to answer the user’s question instantly. When your site is featured, you gain brand exposure and have a higher chance of getting massive traffic on that page.

There are three types of featured snippets you’ve probably come across on Google search results:

  • – Paragraph snippets usually provide answers in the form of text which may or may not include an image.
  • – List snippets will give the answer in form of a list.
  • – Table snippets provide a simple table that summarizes what the user was searching for.

How To Get Featured

Research shows that more than 90% of webpages that appear on featured snippets already rank top 10 on Google SERPs. This means that if your web pages are already ranking high on certain search queries, you have a high likelihood of getting featured. However, 70 percent of sites that appear on the featured snippets are not on the first organic position.

There are certain types of search queries that often appear as featured snippets. They include:

  • – DIY processes
  • – Mathematical information
  • – Financial or health related topics
  • – Requirements

Bear in mind that search queries which involve images/videos, local or shopping content do not appear in featured snippets. Therefore, in order to be featured, start by improving your overall rankings especially for the long tail informational search queries. Your site will also be featured in the snippets if your niche is in the financial, health or DIY sector.

Proper Keyword Research Is Key

Take time to do proper keyword research and come up with phrases that users are likely to key in when looking for a product or service that you offer on your website. You can do a simple search and look at the “people also ask” section at the bottom of the SERP to get ideas on topics you should cover in your content.

On-Page SEO Toronto

There’s really no magic that will make sure your site gets featured. You just need to use the best SEO practices. On-page SEO techniques will help you to rank high for queries. The idea is to make your content crawlable and it will rank especially if it is properly optimized. When creating content, aim at answering each question concisely. Featured snippets usually cover 45 – 97 words so this should act as a guideline on how long your answers need to be in order to be featured. Most importantly, take time to create unique and quality content or hire a SEO company that will help you make the most of on-page site optimization.

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Understanding The Difference Between SEO And SEM

Understanding The Difference Between SEO And SEM


Direct Traffic To Web Pages

Some people use the terms SEO and SEM interchangeably. However, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are somewhat distinct even though both are strategies used to direct traffic to certain web pages in order to generate leads and boost sales.

What’s Search Engine Marketing Anyway?

Search Engine Marketing, commonly regarded as SEM, is more of a paid form of advertising. Search engines allow websites to advertise by targeting certain keywords. For instance, you can use Google Adwords or Bing Ads to ensure your website appears among the first listings on SERPs. When someone searches for a keyword, your ad will appear and Google will charge based on the clicks obtained, which is why it’s referred to as pay per click advertising.

When To Use SEM?

An SEO company in Toronto may recommend SEM if you have a good budget so that your ads can be displayed as often as possible for the list of keywords you choose. If you don’t have a big enough budget, you may not be able to reach as many potential users and therefore find it hard to analyze results and end up paying for the wrong keywords for a long time. Additionally, paid search engine marketing requires frequent analysis so that you don’t end up wasting money on keywords that don’t convert.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves thousands of strategies that can be used to help websites gain top rankings on organic search. Search engine optimization can be divided into two. The first is on-page which is where adjustments are made within the website such as including relevant keywords in order to make the pages rank for relevant searches. The other is off-page which is optimizing the website using inbound links on a different platform that target a specific page on your website.

When To Use SEO?

When done properly, search engine optimization and help you pull relevant traffic to your website with a small budget and great long-term results. Unlike paid search advertising techniques, SEO doesn’t end when you stop optimizing your pages. If you work on relevant keywords, quality content and stay away from poor SEO, you’ll reap great returns in the long run.

The main advantage of using search engine optimization is you never have to pay for click to your website. When done well, your pages will appear on SERPs and people click on them depending on what’s relevant during their search. One thing you have to understand is that organic search optimization can take a long time before your website is listed on search results. It can take months for your pages to rank well for popular keywords and phrases. The beauty of SEO Toronto is that, once they do you will begin to reap the benefits at no extra cost.

Most companies use a mix of SEO and SEM in order to get the best results. They start with SEM to understand which keywords have the highest returns or conversions and use SEO to optimize their pages for those keywords. With the right strategy, your web pages will soon be listed on organic results and you’ll get many visitors at a fraction of the cost.

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Should You Focus On Page Rank Or Domain Authority?

Should You Focus On Page Rank Or Domain Authority?

Page Rank & Domain Authority

Boost Website Performance

Page rank and domain authority are two critical metrics that an SEO company may use to boost website performance. Page Rank is created and measured by Google whereas domain authority is metric developed by a third-party known as Moz. There’s a lot that goes into measuring your page rank and domain authority. We’ll look into these in detail below.

What’s a Page Rank?

Page Rank is a metric that is calculated by looking at the number of links pointing to a site as well as their quality. This simple metric can be used to identify a site’s authority. If your website has quality incoming links, it will have a higher Page Rank. This measurement was used by webmasters to determine whether a site is trustworthy though this is no longer the case. It’s utility over the years has gone down.

The main reason why PageRank as a metric, has decreased in value, is because search engines lie Google stopped updating their PR data these recent years. That’s why you may have noticed that your site is neither falling nor increasing in PR over the years. Page Rank data can be updated twice within the year and Google promises to reduce the frequency of updates in the future. Though PR may be valuable to search engines as they are a part of their algorithm, it’s losing meaning as a public metric.

Domain Authority

To determine the value of your web pages, created a metric known as domain authority. As the name suggests, this metric calculates the authority of your website. To check your site’s domain authority, you can use different tools such as MozBar or Open Site Explorer.

How Is Domain Authority Calculated?

There are a number of factors that come into play to determine a site’s authority. They include:

  • – The number of links from external sources and their quality. The frequency in which people link to your site will also determine a domain’s authority.
  • – The number of links going out to different sources and their quality. Outbound links to authority sites can help your DA to increase.
  • – Your DA will also be affected by your domain registration details. For instance, if you own 12,20 or 30 more domains that are linked to your site and they are regarded as spammy or black hat, your DA will be affected.
  • – The age of your domain will also influence its DA. If a site is older, it is considered a more credible source and hence given a higher domain authority than a new website.
  • – The other critical factor is the diversity of your links. For instance, you’re better of having a smaller number of links from a wide range of high authority sites than a large number of links from a small number of sites.
  • – Your Page Rank will also be used during DA calculation. The higher the PR, the higher the DA.
  • – Another important factor is how content and traffic on your website has been distributed over time. For instance, if your site has a sudden spike in traffic, it has to be considered if it’s purchased traffic or organic.

Both domain authority and page rank are important metrics in SEO Toronto that you can use to determine the performance of your site and work on improving your rankings.

There are three main options when it comes to international domains:


  • – Subdomains
  • – Subdirectories
  • – Country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs)

The prevailing wisdom is that ccTLDs (such as are the best way to go. In fact, Google uses the ccTLD as a primary means of country targeting; they give it more importance than even the server location or the Geotargeting settings in Webmaster Tools.

If you’re wondering where the HREFlang factors into this list, the short answer is that it doesn’t. Rather, the HREFlang does not come into play until after Google has already assigned the domain to a particular location and decided where to rank it. At that point, Google uses HREFlang to prioritize various pieces of content.

Another benefit to using a ccTLD is that it caters to the human user experience. The fact that a website ends automatically indicates to the person using the Internet that the site is either based out of or related to the U.K. Even for a web-only transaction, users tend to be more comfortable dealing with businesses that are more local to them.

Are There Disadvantages Of Using ccTLD?

So are there any disadvantages to employing the use of ccTLD? For starters, the cost of purchasing a plethora of international domain names can quickly add up. In fact, some international domain names can cost upwards of $1,000/year for the registration alone! On top of that, for each country-specific domain name you’ll need to register as a local corporation and establish a local presence. So if you’re considering ccTLDs, you’ll need to weigh the cost-benefit analysis of using them.

After you’ve made the decision to get a ccTLD (or more than one!), you must narrow down which TLD to use. In the United States, there are specific domains for education, government, etc., as well as multiple generic domains like .com, .net, .biz, etc. The same is true of other countries – Mexico, for example. It has and .mx. The ideal approach would be to purchase them both, but how do you know which to use as your primary domain?

The easiest way to do this is to research what the prevailing trends in each particular country. Alexa has a top domains by country report that reveals this information, but an even more simple approach would be to look up what the local media, the local telecoms, and big global brands are doing. Interestingly, only a handful of the top 500 domains listed on Alexa actually employ ccTLDs. Some of this may be due to the fact that brands like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that already have a massive global presence don’t really need ccTLDs because they are so well-known. For these companies, subdomains and subdirectories are sufficient to maintain their international presence.

Perhaps the best approach is to mimic what Google itself does. Any domain that they own is clearly one that they value – this can be a shortcut to seeing which domains are most important.

Determining whether or not to use ccTLDs, and which domains to use if you do decide to go that route, can be no small feat, but it will be well worth the research and time spent to grow your brand on a global scale.

Protect Your Brand

You do want to purchase multiple domain extensions to protect your brand. It would be upsetting to put all of your hard work into your site, your branding and your products for your .com only to find out that someone else has purchased the .ca and is now competing with you. Some brands have also been faced with the downside of not purchasing all of their url extensions and finding out that someone has used a different extension to create a site to write about them.

The con of purchasing all of your domain’s extensions is that you have to spend a lot of money. Not only are you going to have to spend money on the initial purchase, but every year you’ll have to renew all of the domains. This will be an ongoing expense for the life of your business.

A good rule of thumb is to pick the most popular url extensions. There are some domains that make no sense to hold onto and continue to pay for year after year. Others are necessities for building a strong brand and protecting your company’s name.

The domain extension .com is still the strongest and most popular one. This is the extension you want to buy above all the others – and if your business is located in Canada, it’s a good idea to get the .ca as well. The extension .co is coming up the ranks as the next popular domain. Next there are .biz, .org, and .info.

Your online reputation should be a priority. Owning all of your domain extensions can be a powerful asset. Having them allows you to create sites and have them rank well in addition to your main site. The more control you have of your online brand the better off you are.

When buying URL extensions it is also important to think about your company’s future. While a television a show or a webcast sounds like something your brand would never need you never know what opportunities will arise as you grow your company. Consider buying the URL extension .tv just in case you someday need it as an unexpected branding tool. Your brand may still be small and it may be difficult to imagine needing an extension such as .tv, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, you should consider the new extensions that have more recently come on the market. Extensions like .jewelry, .company and .shop are gaining popularity. They are the future of domain extensions and if they apply to your business now is the time to consider investing in them.

Purchase endings that best apply to your company. Obviously, if you are a jewelry company purchasing the domain extension .gov isn’t really necessary. Focus on owning the most popular ones and don’t waste money on the extensions that don’t apply to you.

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How To Find The Right SEO Company For Your Business

How To Find The Right SEO Company For Your Business

Brand Positioning & High Conversion Rates

Right SEO Company

Hiring a reliable SEO agency is a critical step for any online business trying to generate massive returns on the web. Search experts will not only help your website to rank organically but can also highlight ways to improve your online presence and get more people to develop trust in your brand. By hiring the right SEO company, you stand to gain not only in terms of improved rankings but also proper brand positioning and high conversion rates. We’ll show you how to find the right SEO agency for your business.

Read Reviews

Before you hire an SEO firm, it’s good to find out what kind of reputation they have on the web. Check if the company has a high ranking for the services they offer. It’s an indication that they are indeed experts at what they do if they were able to optimize their own pages for SERPs. Go through reviews from previous customers and watch out for signs of unprofessionalism or spammy techniques. Stay away for SEO specialists who claim to offer instant results.

What Services Are Offered?

Digital marketing agencies offer a wide range of services that are aimed at improving your website’s rankings. For instance, the agency needs to offer keyword research and analysis service, PPC advertising, campaign planning and implementation as part of their service. Go through the details on any package that you sign up for so that you know what to expect. Partner with an agency that offers comprehensive SEO Toronto.

White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO

It’s very important to understand the strategies that the company will use to help improve your website rankings. There are agencies that are known to use black hat SEO techniques which could put you at risk of a penalty from Google among other search engines. Find out how long they promise to show an improvement in ranking. If the deal is too good to be true, think twice. Remember that search rankings cannot instantly improve when proper techniques are used. It takes time and good work for your rankings to improve.

Do They Have Qualified Web Experts?

Search Engine Optimization involves a wide range of techniques that can be used to improve a site’s rankings organically. Therefore, a good agency will have social media experts, pay per click advertising specialists among other web masters who specialize in different aspects of online marketing. This will ensure that your business gets the most benefit in every aspect of search marketing that you pay for.

Can They Provide Referrals?

It’s important to find out whom the SEO professionals have helped to improve their rankings in the past. Ask for referrals, preferably within your field. For instance, if you need to hire a SEO firm for your law firm website, ask them to show you similar sites that they have helped in ranking high for relevant searches. It pays to hire digital marketing experts with experience in your industry.

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How To Design A Website That Generates Conversion

How To Design A Website That Generates Conversion

Good Web Design

Obtaine Increased Conversions

good web design is important but it has no value if end users do not convert. Websites have become a place where companies display their products and services, interact with clients and reach out to a larger audience. Using your website, you can generate leads and customers to significantly grow your business. There are companies that have made simple changes in their web design and obtained increased conversions. Therefore, your web design should not just be limited to beauty. You need to focus on elements that will help you to generate more leads and greater conversions. We’ll narrow down a few of them in the paragraphs below.

Research On Design Template/Theme

If you’re yet to design your website or are considering a redesign, take time to choose a template that works for your type of business. It pays to look at what your competitors or other successful websites have used. Think of it from a conversions point of view not just the aesthetics. Ensure that the template you choose complements your brand image and the goals you want to achieve as a business. Make sure that it would be easy to implement SEO using the theme you choose. This will help you to achieve top rankings with less effort.

Take Time To Choose The Right Colors

Colors don’t just have to play a key role in the design or beauty of your website, they evoke emotions which can significantly hinder conversion rates. When selecting a color for your website design, try and research on the impact of colors on human psychology. For instance, colors like red are not recommended for financial websites. You also need to be keen on the colors you choose for different elements like the call to action buttons on your website. Use different tools and resources online when selecting a good color scheme for your website.

Study The Latest Trends

There are new trends in web design each year and you need to be aware of them and understand how each will impact conversions. Focus on the trends that are actually proven to boost conversion rates. Sometimes clients don’t really understand the importance of keeping elements in a certain way so you need to be ready to explain how this will affect their conversions.

Place All Your CTAs Strategically

Call To Action placement is a key factor that will influence conversions. First and foremost, the CTA has to be properly designed using the right colors, shape, font and size. Secondly, the CTA button should be placed strategically on the website. If you are designing a landing page, you can test where the CTA button works best by placing it above the fold, below the fold or at the bottom of the page in three different versions of the page. A/B testing really helps you to understand what resonates best with your audience.

Focus On Usability

A great web design is one that offers the best user experience. Work with a SEO company on how to optimize your web pages and still provide users with the best experience. No matter how beautiful your website is, if users find it a headache to navigate or access its pages, you’ll not achieve the kind of conversions you expect. Take time to review the site’s functionality as it will impact on your conversion rates.

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