Changes In The Web That Are Important To Note

Changes In The Web

Elements that have stood out

The web has changed dramatically in recent years. There are elements that have stood out more than others. In fact, you can quickly tell that a website was designed in the 80’s without looking into the details. Let’s look at a few ways the web has really changed.

Changes In Screen Sizes

Gone are the days when people used only their desktop computers to access the Internet. Today, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have taken over the web.

For this reason, web pages had to be designed to fit different screen sizes. In fact, website owners are now paying attention to responsive website design more than any other aspect. Perhaps it’s due to the ever-growing number of mobile search.

Interacting Without A Mouse

In recent years, web pages have had to be designed to make interaction simple and effective for users who don’t rely on a mouse to navigate web pages. With many people now using touch devices to browse, web designers have had to re-evaluate their priorities and ensure elements do not become dysfunctional because someone is not using a mouse.

Web Pages That Respond To Poor Internet Connection

The assumption that everyone has fast Internet connectivity can really interfere with how web pages have been designed. There is still someone somewhere who is relying on very slow 3G connection to access different web pages. It’s important for websites to be designed with the needs of such users in mind.

Processor Speed Is Not Always Increasing

For a number of years, computers were getting faster and faster. The increase in processor speed was dramatic especially for desktop computers. But this is not the case especially for mobile devices. Users are focusing on different priorities other than just processor speed. People nowadays prefer phones that have a longer battery life and are cost effective. Manufacturers no longer focus on increasing processor speed because it may undermine these factors.

More Focus On Content

Today’s web pages are created in such a way that they place special emphasis on the content that is being displayed. Rather than placing multiple links on the web page to get people out of the website, designers are making sure content looks good, is readable and useful.

Different Forms Of Interaction

Different devices have been developed with different solutions

Modern devices are designed to offer users options as to how they can interact. With a touch device, you need to tap in order to trigger a button. With a mouse, you’ll have to click and a keyboard requires you to press the enter key. These devices are designed to offer users different forms of interaction. Most of them are designed with features that allow users to do many other things.

Website designers have to be very careful when thinking about elements and the devices used to interact with them. For instance, when a design element reveals content after hovering a mouse, what would it do when the user has a touch screen device? Different devices have been developed with different solutions to provide all users a great experience.

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