Content Marketing Toronto: Everyone Loves a Great Story

Everyone loves a great story right? Well, stories aren’t just for books and movies. Telling stories is also one of the most effective ways to market your business – it’s called content marketing.

It used to be that a company’s marketing consisted primarily of advertising designed merely to sell products or services. The term “content marketing” was not coined until fairly recently – when people began to use PVRs which could skip commercials, and before the time that consumers were so inundated with every type of advertising that they learned to effectively tune them out. 

But if you have a great content strategy people won’t want to tune you out. Why? Because the information that you are providing is interesting and valuable to them. Imagine how much easier doing business would be if your target customer actually sought you out for information instead of you having to seek them out!

Not only is this a preferred style of marketing for attracting loyal customers, it’s also great for your SEO. As your site becomes more and more valuable to your visitors, Google’s crawlers take notice and rank your site higher in the search engine listings.

At Nova Solutions, our expertise in this specialized field of marketing has made us the content marketing agency of choice for businesses across Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

To help you develop your internet content strategy, we’ll work with you to determine what types of content will be most valuable to your target customers – and therefore to your business. Examples of content may include website content, blogs, expert articles, how-to videos and social media.

We’ll research which keywords your customers are searching for online and incorporate these into your content.

And the entire time, we track your success using analytics tools so we will always know what is working and what may need to be adjusted.

Our content marketing services include:

Article and Blog Writing

Business websites that include interesting and useful blogs and articles get more traffic than websites that only exist to sell. Our team of talented copywriters are experts in creating original, engaging and relevant content. We focus on writing for your target customer in way that is both fun for them to read as well as search engine friendly.

Furthermore, with our articles we strive to provide answers to questions that your potential customers are already asking. So when you target customer’s questions are answered on your website, it helps to establish you in their mind as a trusted expert. That means more potential sales for you down the road.

Video Production

Online videos – especially how-to videos – are another great tool to have in your content marketing arsenal. Whether you have a men’s fashion business, and you wish to show your visitors the many different ways to fold a pocket square, or whether you rent forklifts and you wish to demonstrate proper care and maintenance, useful how-to videos can keep visitors coming back to your site.

Social Media Services

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have also proven useful in content marketing. Companies that leverage these powerful tools to provide useful information can see a significant boost in their website traffic.

And More!

Content marketing is evolving on a regular basis. At Nova Solutions, we are constantly educating ourselves on the most effective ways to help our clients engage their customers and potential customers. Our goal is to provide strategies and resources to help you rise above your competition.

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