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Why Online Lead Generation?

When most people think of the words “Digital Internet Marketing”, they think of flashy or sleek looking websites – preferably with all the latest bells and whistles. And in fact, that is what many Toronto businesses have – beautiful, designer websites. But unfortunately for many Toronto businesses, a great looking website may be the only thing they have in their internet marketing arsenal – and that simply is not enough.

It does not matter how great your business website looks if nobody finds it, and it does not matter how many people find your business website, if it does not convert visitors into customers. Therefore the approach to digital internet marketing is not a single strategy “magic bullet” but rather a whole plethora of strategies and tactics tailor made to your Toronto business.

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But wait, didn’t you just say that a website is not enough? It’s true that that a great website is no longer enough – but it is still essential. Your business website should do a number of things for your business. First, it should be search engine optimized (SEO), so that it will have a higher ranking in the search engines. Remember, it doesn’t matter how nice your website looks if it doesn’t have traffic.

Second, it should provide a good visitor experience. If it is easy for your visitors to read, navigate and locate information, they will be more likely to linger.

Finally, a website should have a clear call to action. Whether the goal of your website is to sell a product, get subscribers or have potential customers visit you in person, you need a website that entices your visitors to do those things.

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If your Toronto business is in a highly competitive field, then good SEO may not be enough to drive traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a technique whereby you can actually purchase your way onto the front page of the major search engines.

Remarketing captures the IP addresses of your website visitors and allows you to follow them around the internet with your advertisement.

Online Lead Generation

On average, websites only convert about 2% of visitors to customers on the first visit. So even if you have great web traffic, and a well-designed site, chances are that over 95% of your visitors will leave your site without buying.

One of the main reasons for this is that the internet has given consumers so much information at their fingertips and therefore makes it much easier for them to research before they buy. A visitor may visit a site several times before they actually purchase anything.

Online lead generation uses a variety of techniques and tools to collect information from those visitors in order to generate leads that can be used in future sales efforts. Techniques include newsletter sign up forms, quizzes, social media demographics and free webinars that may add value thereby keeping your brand top of mind. Well-designed newsletters, offers, promotions and coupons can be the extra incentive for a customer to purchase from you rather than your competitor.

Recently, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has imposed some pretty strict rules about sending unsolicited sales emails, so it is critically important that if you are going to engage in online lead generation that you work with a company such as Nova Solutions that understands the law and only uses techniques that are fully compliant.


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Customized Marketing

As you can see, there are numerous strategies and tools that you can use for your internet marketing plan. Which tools and strategies you use will depend on a number of factors including how competitive your industry is, your target market and more.

Unlike some digital internet marketing companies, we do not have a single kind of digital internet marketing campaign that we run for everyone but rather we consult with you and then tailor our approach to meet your unique needs. It is never our goal to give you internet marketing tools that are as good as your competitors’ – we want to give your tools that are better than your competitors’!

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