Do People Really Click On The Internet Ads And What Is It Going To Cost?

Do People Click on Internet Ads?

Most Clicks In Google AdWords

The short answer is YES, people really do click on internet ads. Statistics however on which ads they click on vary greatly. It is no surprise, that since Google is by far the most widely used search engine that Google AdWords gets the most clicks.

In fact, when it comes to Google, paid search listings beat organic search listings in clicks by 2-1 when the user is looking to buy an item online ( although organic searches still beat paid searches when the user is not looking to buy ).

Do I Really Need To Bother Win An Ad?

Now you may ask the question, “if the user was already going to buy, then do I really need to bother win an ad?” If you’re already in a good position organically, through your SEO strategy, then perhaps you do not. But since most users never get much farther than then fourth or fifth listing, using PPC advertising will be important to most businesses.

Clearly the more popular the platform, the more you will be charged per click. Google AdWords, therefore will usually be the most expensive while Bing and Facebook tend to be less expensive.


Out Of Range For Many Businesses

It is easy to see how a business owner may get discouraged with the cost of PPC advertising. After all, it is likely that the keywords that they really want for their campaign will cost them between $2 and $5 per click – a price that is simply out of range for many businesses.

One way to deal with this problem is to bid on lesser searched keywords which can often be bought for pennies. You may get less clicks per word, but if you win one hundred of those words, your PPC campaign can still result in significant traffic for your business website.

Bing and Facebook

If you find that Google AdWords is still out of your marketing budget, you can look at other platforms like Bing and Facebook. These sources tend to generate a lower amount of traffic, but it is still high quality and since less advertisers are using them, the price for your keywords is usually lower.

A nice thing about PPC advertising is that you have the ability (and this applies to almost all the platforms) to set a daily budget. Marketing budgets in PPC advertising can be as low as $50 per month and can extend into the millions for larger companies. By setting daily limits, you can be sure that you will not go over your daily limit regardless of which platforms and keywords you go with.

No Reason To Limit Yourself

Also, if you find you are getting great return on your investment, there is no reason to limit yourself – you can always increase your budget, if your conversion is greater than you expected. The scalability of AdWords and other PPC tools is one of the main reasons that some businesses spend millions of dollars on PPC every year.

A note of caution however, is that in recent years there has been an increase in the amount of invalid clicks. It is important therefore that you monitor your PPC campaign and make adjustments as necessary.

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