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Case Study

Just Jeeps, a Toronto-based Jeep parts and accessories online retailer, was seeking a way to further brand awareness in the automotive marketplace, improve search engine rankings, website convertibility and ultimately increase their website’s sales.

The objective was to further promote Just Jeeps as the premiere authority in Jeep parts and accessories field in Canada, promote the used car dealership and full service garage locally, as well as set the basis for an extension of online sales in the United States. To accomplish this, we were tasked with improving website traffic, extending brand reach, improving user experience and conversion rates of the website, and expanding the social media reach through content marketing that could be converted into major revenues. After surveying the market and researching different strategies, Nova Solutions and Just Jeeps team decided to switch the existing ecommerce platform to Magento and thus extend the organic reach, conversion rates and streamline marketing efforts with various automation extensions.


Develop the Strongest E-commerce Platform Possible

After consulting with Nova Solutions, the decision was made to develop the strongest e-commerce platform possible. The attention and focus were put on designing a system whereby over 25,000 SKUs could be managed. The implementation of this endeavor was also centered on pairing it with WordPress blog integration for ease of use and search engine optimization.

This type of strategy has been successfully used with similar parts and accessories sales companies. Through a comprehensive, all-encompassing platform design, there were a number of factors to keep in mind as they related to online brand development, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Below is a thorough case study that details lead generation for jeep parts and accessories companies, with specific attention placed on the various aspects of website design and e-commerce that constituted a thorough plan.

First Phase – Magento E-commerce Development

To attract the most clients and to promote the Just Jeep brand, it was crucial to ensure that the website was optimized with an easy-to-use Magento e-commerce platform forming the ultimate objective of getting customers to click.

Developing Magento e-commerce websites involves creating a definitive strategy to increase traffic and then successfully convert that traffic into sales. A successful strategy, in this context, requires a variety of efforts working in tandem to generate qualified leads.

Part 1 – Finding the Right E-commerce Platform

A successful e-commerce site for Jeep parts and accessories sales and services will drive sales while simultaneously reducing the complexity and time required to manage it.

On-Page Strategy

With over 25,000 SKUs to consider, how website content is positioned and the way it is presented is highly important. This part of the process involves changing, optimizing, and creating content to drive users to the company’s e-commerce, thereby leading to improvements in product and services visibility.

Off-Page Strategy

To achieve the jeep parts and accessories sales firm’s business goals, the use of an off-page strategy was also required in order to improve site visibility. This involved devising strategies to increase the number of custom links to the company’s website from relevant partners.

Social Media

Once an ecommerce platform is in place, it is important to use the available tools to drive relevant, qualified traffic to these sites and therefore, social media is not an aspect that can be ignored. Through this type of internet marketing, jeep parts and accessories sales companies can improve their reach online, get their brand heard by a larger audience, and generate links and traffic to their websites via social media platform.

Just Jeeps Social Management


Blogging helps significantly with search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation. The regular posting of content on a blog gives search engines a reason to come back to your website, ranking the site higher over time and getting more relevant pages to index.

Also, a blog helped to establish Just Jeeps as an expert in jeep parts and accessories sales. When it comes to online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), a technique such as a blog works wonders in boosting credibility and reach.

Just Jeeps Blog

The WordPress blog employed gave the company an opportunity to discuss and explain many aspects of Just Jeeps’ brand. Just Jeeps became not only an online store, but an epicenter for the Jeep community, integrating upcoming events along with Jeep specific social media feeds, a database of Jeep manuals and parts catalog, and was a turn-key resource center all under one roof.


By creating informational videos for online publication via YouTube and similar social media platforms, a company can reach a new audience and showcase their knowledge in a creative, detailed and interesting way. This helps build a network of dedicated followers who will subscribe to and follow a brand’s videos.

Video Production


To avoid wasting time and money on traffic that does not convert, one of the most effective ways to do this is via pay-per-click advertising (otherwise referred to as PPC).

Through PPC, an advertiser such as Just Jeeps only had to pay when an ad was clicked on. The most common program that offers pay-per-click is Google AdWords. Through AdWords, a user can bid on specific keywords and phrases to ensure that when someone searches for that term, a user’s website shows up as a ‘sponsored result’.

PPC November

PPC Augusts

First Phase/Part 2

Getting the Word Out via Organic Paid Search

After the brand new Magento based e-commerce website has been set up with over 25,000 SKUs, a WordPress blog integration for ease of use and organic SEO purposes, and a vehicle series categorization for ease of navigation, the next step is getting the word out.


Remarketing is designed to target those who have visited a website in past, but who did not convert to customers. Ad clicks can be boosted through ‘dynamic remarketing’ which includes details of the specific services that a person viewed on the website in the ads.

Ads can also be shown to past website visitors ads as they do follow up searches online. Remarketing improves focus by only showing ads to those who have previously shown interest in the auto part dealership or the specific Jeep detail.

Social Media Remarketing

Social media remarketing is a similar concept to general remarketing, but it targets those who previously interacted with social media campaigns. This makes it possible to narrow the advertising scope and use specific criteria to improve ROI.

Facebook Ads

Depending on the intended audience, Facebook ads can be a helpful form of paid advertising – not only significantly increasing brand awareness but also provide the opportunity to create targeted ads to reach different audiences.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube offers several unique ways to advertise including allowing companies to bid on specific keywords, providing companies with the opportunity to be featured on top of YouTube search results.

There’s also the opportunity to play video ads, to be played before similar, relevant videos on YouTube. More than ever before, YouTube is being used to grow and maximize companies’ online presence.

Second Phase

Website Conversion

It is a mistake to think that generating an increase in traffic is enough. If a site is not optimized correctly and is not arranged in an easy to use manner, a visitor will arrive on a site and leave not long after. If this happens, a company does not succeed in its objectives of increasing business, generating high-quality leads, or acquiring new customers. To accomplish these business goals, steps need to be taken to increase website conversion.

Be Mobile Friendly

More than half of all Google searches happen on mobile devices – a percentage that continues to increase with each year that passes.

If a visitor arrives at your website and cannot properly read or navigate it from a mobile device, they’re bound to leave for a competitor. That’s business that you could have had and that you let slip away. To ensure that this wasn’t a problem, the Just Jeeps site was designed to be just as functional and easy to navigate on mobile as it is on a desktop platform.

No matter the device, the Just Jeeps website is always a very controlled, easy to navigate browsing experience.

Loading Speed

No visitor is going to sit around and wait for your site to load. If it takes too long to view a page, a visitor will likely never return.

Conversion Optimization of Visitors

Conversion optimization involves changing aspects of a website in order to convert more visitors into clients. It can involve A/B testing, changing the content or location of call to action buttons, and much more.

Importance of Content

Visitors need to be able to find the content that they want. Finding the easiest pathway to this information should be a primary objective in any site design.

The encouragement to explore and read this content is key to help convert visitors as well. Direct visitors to key content which, in turn, increases conversions.

Ongoing Strategy

Different aspects of online marketing

There are many different aspects of online marketing for jeep parts and accessories sales and service companies. Creating a comprehensive and unified strategy for companies such as Just Jeeps are key to being able to improve the company’s online presence, attract more potential clients, and to convert more of these visitors into clients. This began with building a brand new Magento based ecommerce website that is able to feature over 25,000 skus, WordPress blog integration for ease of use and search engine optimization (SEO), MailChimp integration in the Magento platform to allow for outbound email marketing efforts, and Google+ Business integration.

The development of this Magento-based ecommerce site included finding attractive ways to feature vehicle series categories for ease of navigation, the integration of hot products and new arrivals, navigation by brand and general parts categories, and a classified section for buying and selling jeeps.As Just Jeeps continues to develop its brand, Nova Solutions takes pride in being able to provide the guidance to help this Canadian-based enterprise expand its online presence in Canada and in the United States, build its audience, and meet its objective by providing the best jeep buying experience possible.

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