Magento Imagine 2016: The Cutting Edge of E-Commerce

Magento Imagine 2016

In April, Magento held its annual Imagine customer event. This year’s event was held in Las Vegas, and it marked the first conference Magento put on since becoming an independent company. Magento made a number of important announcements at Imagine 2016. Read on to learn about new product releases and how they’ll affect you.


Enterprise Edition 2.1

At Imagine 2016, representatives from Magento announced the release of Enterprise Edition 2.1. The latest version of the Enterprise Edition offers a number of improvements for e-commerce sites.

One of the features included in Enterprise Edition 2.1 is enhanced staging and preview capabilities. LOB users can now create, preview, and schedule content updates without involving the IT department. Users can manage all changes through a timeline dashboard to reduce the impact of site updates. Moreover, they can automatically deploy updates at particular times to maximize efficiency.

Another feature in Enterprise Edition 2.1 is Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch improves customer search results by offering suggestions for misspellings, support for stop words, attribute weighting, and synonym management. This feature supports 33 languages out of the box.

With the Enterprise Edition 2.1, PayPal users can complete the purchase process without leaving the merchant’s site. Furthermore, vendors can save credit card information with PayPal, making repeat purchases easier.

Magento Marketplace

Magento also revealed the launch of Magento Marketplace at Imagine 2016. Magento Marketplace is the official extension store for Magento.

Through the Marketplace, merchants can find products and services that extend the functionality of their Magento stores and improve their customers’ experience. A vetting process ensures that only extensions with high business, technical, and marketing value make it into the marketplace.

Magento users aren’t the only ones who benefit from the Marketplace; developers now have access to a larger customer base.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

The third announcement at Imagine 2016 was about the release of Magento’s Enterprise Cloud Edition. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment for the Magento 2.0 e-commerce platform.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud. It enables merchants to rapidly deploy customizable, secure, and scalable Internet storefronts in combination with a hosting and managed services infrastructure.

The advantage of PaaS is the ability to create unique, cloud-based, cloud-native business applications. PaaS offers merchants many of the same features as SaaS: elastic scalability, high resilience and availability, PCI compliance, global availability, and automated patching. For current Magento customers, the Enterprise Cloud Edition provides other benefits. They gain the flexibility of Magento’s extensible architecture and access to a global ecosystem of partners and developers.

Magento partnered with, New Relic, Fastly, and to develop its Enterprise Cloud Edition. The Enterprise Cloud Edition is architected and optimized for Magento 2.0.5.

Since its founding, Magento has continuously developed cutting-edge e-commerce solutions that satisfy merchants and vendors alike. Imagine 2016 marked yet another round of innovations from this company. With these new products and services, Magento yet again demonstrated its commitment to merchants and consumers.

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